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Sakurai Reveals The Menu For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS


Super Smash Bros designer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed the final design for the bottom screen on the Nintendo 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. Sakurai says it took a long while to create because the bottom screen now displays images matching each game mode.

Pic of the day. For the first time ever, I present to you…the main menu for the 3DS version!! The icons are even animated. The design concept may look similar if you’ve played other games I’ve worked on. But we had a hard time making this one because…

The bottom screen displays pictures matching each mode! This was quite a task for the UI (User Interface) designers, but they made it happen. Kudos to them! You can tap the screen to look up additional info like how to play–complete with diagrams.

Thanks, Jayden and Dekuplushdoll

77 thoughts on “Sakurai Reveals The Menu For Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Im a sucker for that kinda stuff. Kirby Air Ride, Kid Icarus, Brawl. Playing matches with friends in antisipation of what kind of new character or stage or song really sells it for me.

  1. I think this version is gonna suck balls. Wii U version is the one true version. too bad zelda u is gonna suck

      1. He’s another little bitch mad that it won’t be another dull colored looking Twilight Princess graphic style Zelda. And he thinks Iwata should die. So pay him no heed since he’s one of the biggest losers on this site.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It wss confirmed at the Wii U reveal that it would have a 3DS/Wii U connection in some way…

  2. I’ve always loved Sakurai’s menus. Like Kid Icarus, Kirby Air Ride and previous SSB games, the menus have always been really functional as well as pleasing to the eyes.

  3. Hopefully the wii connectivity will ensure i dint have to unlock everything twice. Mainly characters and custom moveset powerups you find in


    1. That’s the thing about being a novice: you have to actually LEARN shit. I know it’s a foreign concept to people that have been handed every single thing but they will survive as they learn.

  4. “The bottom screen displays pictures matching each mode!”

    Um, how was that hard? Anyone care to explain? Thanks!

    1. Both screens are apparently animated in such a way that it’s taxing on the system’s UI. But until we see the bottom screen, we have no real reference to go by on why it’s taxing. He could’ve also just been trying to give a compliment to his UI team for aomething neat.

    1. It’s okay, little one. Maybe you can ask Sakurai for a more novice/newbie/casual friendly menu system.

  5. And the big round “Online” button right in the middle. After all these years, Nintendo finally seemed to understand that people liked to play their games hardcore. Halleluia.

  6. Why do his menus look the same in every game? they look like something a school kid would make on paint.

    1. Kuri-su hypocritical

      Why is my profile pic and name the same as always, hurr durr? Maybe because I LIKE it and have GROWN CUSTOM to it hurr durr.

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  8. I didn’t care too much for the Brawl menu design and the game itself. I would have loved to see a remake of the Melee menu screens. Oh well. Maybe in the next Smash. :(

    1. By the sounds of things- yes. And I believe the “for” wii u/3ds is a pun on the number 4 (seeing that this game is the 4th Smash Bros game). So it sounds mildly appropriate.

      1. They need to change it to the number 4 then to further the pun if these are the names they’ll stick with. Otherwise, these names are going to be pretty lame.

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