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Zelda Wii U Will Be Set In A World Without Barriers

It turns out the translation by Rev Level for the forthcoming Zelda Wii U may have been incorrect. The official website apparently says that the highly anticipated game will actually be set in an endless world without barriers and that Link will encounter plenty of new mysteries and some tough enemies.

“In an endless world without barriers, the biggest one in the series yet, Link will encounter new mysteries and tough enemies”

159 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U Will Be Set In A World Without Barriers”

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Careful. You better hope you don’t end up like Cartman: unfrozen in the future where video games no longer exist. lol

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    We don’t need anything else other than Metroid once this game is released…

    Hallowed is the holy N…

    1. I’d be fine with Metroid as well, just so long as it has an expansive world to explore that’s connected by elevators. Hugs! F-Zero would be nice too.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Aslong as it continues to offer a challenge and is not dumbed down for the newbies…

        1. True. Metroid should stay challenging. The exploring should remain as is and combat should have you on edge.

      2. They mention that they aren’t really sure what to do with F-Zero and don’t want to put out a repeat of something new. It’s why we haven’t seen it.

        Honestly, they need to stop with the Mario games for awhile and look at putting out some of their core games. I know they wanna target casual gamers, but how much Mario can you try to shove down my throat. Zelda can only do so much, so bring out what most want: Metriod

      3. aka metroid prime? hell yeah I think everyone is down for another one of those :P but iirc Nintendo said that they have plans for both 2D and 3D Metroid

    2. Although I wouldn’t complain if they gave us Star Fox U, Startropics III, Paper Mario U, F-Zero U,a Pokemon MMO, Mother 4, Kid Icarus U, Super Mario Galaxy 3/ Super Mario Universe, Punch-Out!! U, and a slew of third party games. XD

      1. You should write a list of the games you wanna see and shoot it to Nintendo. I feel like Bitchest don’t know what to do out there.

      2. Pokemon MMO with pokemon snap integrated into it. Would push HUGE volume, Id bet it would launch WiiU into the stratosphere in Japan where it would likely outpace 100k weekly sales for months.

    3. We need 3rd party support and system features. This system is practically a generation behind in almost every way. smh.

      1. Put blame where it’s due; bad ports come from bad third party decisions, and we won’t get better support until third parties give us more ports worth supporting.
        Exclusives are the alternative, and considering Devils Third, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors, I say we need exclusives more than ports.

        1. All too true.

          There’s only a handful of 3rd parties which would complement the Wii U’s catalogue, the rest we can do without.

          With just exclusives and first party though, the Wii U should have one of highest quality libraries of any system.

          1. Don’t fool yourself. There’s it a plethora of good games coming out in 2015. Games like Evolve, Dragon Age, Batman, Assassin’s Creed, and CoD will be selling like hotcakes. If Nintendo had ports of the major blockbusters, it would only help them. Sure some of those series are over-rated, but [still] lot’s of people buy them.

            The more people buy 3rd party games on the Wii U= the more 3rd party exclusives are made for the WIi U.

    4. Hopefully, by the time of its release Star Fox will be nearly done as well, and once those are do e, maybe we’ll have huge update that Retro has been working on Metroid is nearly half way done. Then, all that’s left is the jeweled F-Zero that I’m really HOPING has more RPG-like elements, ones in which he is able to walk around and beat up foes with his fists. Cmon guys, Captain Falcon already has practically a full movset as his basic foundation, that is his moves from Smash Bros. Perhaps it would blend more smoothly if he was in a cross game with another Nintendo ‘smash bros’ exclusive. I think that would be amazingly awesome, and I can definitely see it being possible with other Nintendo ‘smash bros’ such as Metroid or Star Fox.

  2. Pingback: Zelda wii u will be set in a world without barriers

      1. I would want to know how it would work if it was like Minecraft
        the whole point of Minecraft’s limitless world is that there are no characters in it, Zelda games can’t develop that many different characters unless they had fortunes to fund it
        You know what im saying?

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I just hope it’s nothing like a random generating overworld once you start to get away from the key areas…

              1. Wrong. But why make an area with no importance other than to just “be there”. Also, you never see repeating scenery in Zelda landscapes, everything and place are original in design. I’m sure they want to make the world recognizable and distinct, not just everything blending together and being bland. Plus, that wouldn’t really be “Nintendo” of them…

    1. Like minecraft? Not sure why you would ask that. Console discs contain limited memory, and games like minecraft steadily use more and more memory as the game is played. That’s why the console version of Minecraft is so shitty. No matter how huge Hyrule is in this game, there will be a point where you will have to stop and be forced to turn around. So sure kind of like Skyrim (though I really hate using that comparison).

      1. it’s possible to generate limitless or near limitless worlds on the fly

        these aren’t stored on disk but rather generated in memory and again removed from memory (to free up space) as required

        this however means that you cannot return to a previously visited location as the game will simply “forget” what it looked like (there is after all not enough memory/disk space to store a limitless world, no matter how many hard drives you posess) and if you visit the same coordinates again the gameworld at that location will look different

        so no zelda won’t be limitless, and it won’t be as huge as for example daggerfall or even just cause.. because procedurally generated worlds are boring…

        1. Maybe it’s a translation error maybe he means there will be no limitations on the exploration of hyrule.

        1. the images don’t suggest a planetary curve though and doing that with a flat surface would feel very odd to the player i think

            1. technically no it isn’t.. there’s such a thing called the horizon which is caused by the curve of the earth’s surface, i’m sure you’ve heard of it..

              and are you actually suggesting they’d build a world the size of our planet just so you don’t notice the curve so much?

          1. Neither does our own world, when looking at it from anything less than atmospheric heights, but we still know it’s round.
            same could happen here.

            1. I think what he meant was that you can enter and exit the various areas from any point, as he stressed how previous zelda games had to use specific boundaries to designate areas. This means that, for example, you can ride around the entirety of Hyrule Castle, rather that just see I part of it in a specific area. The world itself is probably not randomly generated for the reasons given, I would assume it’s more like Skyrim. However, it probably won’t have nearly as many side quests as a game like Skyrim as it’s quests are randomly generated

            2. no it most certainly couldn’t

              the earth has a surface area of ~510,000,000 km²

              do you want to know the size of the largest game world ever built?(procedurally built that is.. zelda will NOT be built procedurally but rather by hand)
              its size was ~230,000 km² and nobody ever built a game even close to that size again because it’s completely pointless

              the world of zelda would have to be much much smaller thus you’d either see the curve OR it would be very confusing to the player if they suddenly stand where they set off again without ever realizing they were going in circles.. i’m sure you’d be confused if you walked out of your door for 10km straight and suddenly ended up again where you left off

    2. it’s not going to be endless because that would require procedural generation and procedurally generated worlds are always very bland when directly compared to handcrafted worlds.. aonuma wouldn’t be content with that, zelda needs a handcrafted world

  3. I’m hoping if it is a huge world, it is not an empty one. And there should be strong enemies in the overworld. Seriously has anyone died on the overworld ever? It’s supposed to be a dangerous place which adds to the immersion of the game. Journey through the unknown! Hugs!

    1. Based upon the discussion I watched on gameXplain and Aonuma’s comments on it, the open world will be filled with secrets, surprises, and challenges. Not too mention it will really have its own dedicated world to where it’s breathing a life of its own. I can’t wait to dive into this game.

    2. Based on the E3 gameplay reveal there will be strong enemies in the field that can attack you at any moment.

    3. Well if I recall, they did say Monolith Soft was helping with the development of Zelda for Wii U. If this is true, I’m sure Monolith Soft will help Aonuma with filling the overworld up with dangerous foes since they did do a fantastically damn good job with Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii & now Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U.

  4. endless? o_O how could it be? An infinite world? Without barriers, so you will able to explore all the world without having a specific item? hum, hehehe

    1. limitless is technically possible but not at all feasible for a zelda game

      it will be a handcrafted and therefore very limited world
      with borderless they probably just meant to say that everything you see you can visit

  5. If that’s the case… doesn’t this defeat the rumours that the Wii U is weaker than the PS3/Xbox 360? Because if you can have huge world in Zelda with no problems and with those amazing graphics, I’m guessing the Wii U isn’t as weak as everyone says it is.

    1. Hasn’t the Wii U already been proven to be stronger than those 2 consoles? I am looking forward to emerging into this new world of Zelda. Whoo hoo! I’ll just bomb some rocks and burn some bushes. ;)

      1. no it hasn’t x_x

        it’s a console with underrated capabilities, no question about it, but XBO and PS4 still defeat it regarding sheer hardware performance, there’s no way to argue around that

      2. sorry.. i should learn to read properly :S

        obviously you weren’t referring to the XBO and the PS4

        so yes it has :)

        1. Oh ok. And you are forgiven =) See how I didn’t berate you like certain people on this website do? Just saying. Hugs!

    2. Its already proven to be more powerful than 360/PS3 and close to being on par with PS4 since the generation jump is only cosmetic.

      But with this game, if it delivers to its promise unlike like Watchdogs, this is gonna be a huge game changer for Wii U platform and Nintendo.

      1. hahahahah in your dreams. Yes the wii u is more powerful than the xbox 360.ps3, but the ps4 and xbox one are a lot more powerful that the wii u. It doesn’t matter if Nintendo fans like it or not .

        1. Even if they are, it doesn’t matter since most 3rd parties can’t even fully utilize their full potential right now, anyway.

          1. Really straight up power doesn’t really matter when it comes to games anymore though. I have a top of the line gaming PC and I still have issues running some games(especially Ubisoft because they don’t like PC gamers) with everything maxed. The issue is optimization. In some cases, I think the Wii U outstrips the PS4 and Xbone because Nintendo tends to spend more time tweaking their games than other third parties do. Zelda’s U is a good example, it renders a ridiculous amount of grass (plus it all moves) at 60fps. If I try to do that with Skyrim on my PC (modded of course) I get like 15-20 fps.

  6. I want tons of side quests and challenging monsters with at least an optional hard mode right from the start seeing as how Zelda games these days are way too easy

  7. I want tons of side quests and challenging monsters with at least an optional hard mode right from the start kind of like wind waker hd seeing as how Zelda games these days are way too easy

  8. Shut up u freaking faggot, before i shove a machete up ur swedish Gay ass Bitch

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  9. Don’t forget that Nintendo has at times stretched the truth or played with words a bit – remember how Aonuma said, regarding the new Zelda trailer, “No one explicitly said that that was Link.” Then he came back later and was all, “haha jk, it’s Link, I was joking.”
    They might just be describing “an endless world without barriers” in a more figurative rather than literal sense….though given how this is supposed to be a more open-world Zelda game, I’m hoping that that’s not the case.

    1. Actually, Aonuma played a trick when he said that
      He never actually said the name “Link” in the trailer, it was definitely Link in the trailer, but he never said “And here we can see Link”

      So actually he didn’t say that was Link, but he knew it was

      It was a riddle you clearly didn’t pick up on

      1. You’re giving him too much credit. Just because he knew it was Link and didn’t say so doesn’t make it a riddle….it means he was pulling our leg, yanking our chain, whatever you want to call it. He didn’t say that HE was the one who said it wasn’t Link, but he used the more generalized “no one” because obviously people had been making rumors and theories regarding if it was Link or not. Whatever “joke” he was trying to do, if it was even a joke or just some terrible attempt to backtrack on his words, didn’t go well at all.

    2. The Link part wasn’t stretching the truth but poking at those who claim the character to be other than the Link we know. Of course we all should’ve known it was Link but Eiji was making fun of those who didn’t think so.

      And besides, that example is completely invalid over “stretching the truth” argument when it wasn’t even a lie. Watchdogs stretched more truth and worse than government officials.

  10. This game does not have Lord Sasori’s approval and should therefore be labeled as the devil’s work…

  11. Maybe the world will literal be a “world”, meaning if you ran past Hyrule castle and kept going in the same direction you would eventually return to that point. This way would allow the world to be “endless” without barriers. Of course there would be hidden areas and secrets within the world, and could allow field boss battles and the like. Im trusting Nintendo to make a great game full of challenge and exploration.

  12. Well … now I am very curious about just what they mean by that.

    A Zelda game would not be a Zelda game without very precicely designed Dungeons to discover and then conquer through strategic use of combat skill, item usage and puzzle solving. For that to happen, they would need to exist in specific places so you can find them and return to them, making a Randomly Generated world just not work.

    Also, as was mentioned, Minecrafts unlimited yet consistant worlds require ever expanding usages of hard drive space, which can eventually run out. Because many players will run the game off a disk on the basic model with no external drive, there is no-way Nintendo would require that. They are all about all players getting the same game experience.

    Perhaps what will actually happen is a wrap-around spherical world, making it possible to run/ride/fly in any compas direction without ever hitting a border, while still being a finite , yet vast world. It would seem odd if that was the entire planet they live on though. Maybe a curse like a lost woods sort of thing where they can never escape that patch of mountanous wilderness until the curse is lifted … a plot point and game-engine mechanic in one.

    1. Looking at the screenshot, I see no Mario Galaxy style spherical curvature, so imagine an *almost (*Lets be real. This is Nintendo) Elderscrolls scale rectangular map where the north border matches up with the south border, and east with west, creating a grid pattern of infinite repitition.

      Now imagine the map is just vast enough that if you stand on the peak of a mountain on any of those borders, you can just barely not see the mountain you are standing on beyond the max view distance, repeated in the next grid, but all of the landscape (including several other mountains) we see in that teaser shot in the space between … and that is only looking one direction.

      That would seem to me a plausably vast and “unlimited” world that could run on the limited resources of a home console running a single game disk with no hard drive required.

      I may be completely wrong though, so I look forward to hearing more clarification from Nintendo once the game is far enough along that they are willing to share it. (The exact mechanics might still be in flux at this stage, for all we know).

    1. Another generic shooter better than the critically acclaimed series for over 30 years? Yup. You’re still the same idiot. Stop sugar coating your own stupidly repulsive, racist ass for every slim chance you didn’t earn.

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Yet you never played Zelda Wii U, your argument is invalidated, nor have you played the borefest Fallout 3, further invalidating your claim.

      1. Yeah, i want to read the ED article and i hope Estoc Zero has added the memes and the pics where sasori has been exposed.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Sasori blanked it again because he was butthurt.
          I could tell because it said
          “Last edited by: Sasori_Obinna_Mii”
          Before the article was deleted entirely for being, well, blank.

          1. Poor Sasori. He has to protect his “reputation” on the internet as the man that single handedly wiped out all that didn’t agree to him. He is the Clown “Destroyer” after all… >.< He can't let this article tarnish his name as the badass of My Nintendo News.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Sadly for him, Estoc is laughing at the idiot’s fails as we speak because he has the original draft and still is continually adding in to it.
              A Sasori Butthurt Counter will be added in the 3rd submission, which he recently mention.

              1. I really wanted to read, but i guess he can upload the article on some other websites, like other guys did for that moron known as gligar13vids

                  1. Nex time Estoc has to share the link with us before posting it on the narutard youtube, also i checked that link and it says it was last edited by estoc.

                1. sasori loves that guy. they both have weird noses, are irrelevant, contradict themselves, coincidence?. they must be lovers

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Yep, then it was blanked 30 minutes later by Sasori, or edit to a point where he didn’t make fun of Sasori. Something like that.

              1. ED does not work that way, those fuckers (like chris chan) that tried to blank their pages got their assess banned.

    3. OH yes!!! “Sasori has the power to foresee the future and he can travel thru time, he has played the next gen consoles and has the knowledge of the ultimate hd graphics”…Sasori you’re a moron and you’r taste for videogames suck.

  13. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

    Endless world? How is that possible? Your going to need an infinite amount of Gigs for that! Does it mean like if you keep going in the same direction you’ll end up back in the same place eventually?

  14. This sounds like a very bold move and I respect Eiji taking Zelda to the next level. :) If this game succeeds upholding to all of its promising changes, this game alone with put all of the so called “vast open world” games like glitch-fest Skyrim to utter shame.

  15. Remember, hundreds of people working on that game guys, it is the biggest team to have ever worked on a Nintendo game. This is gonna be absolutely amazing.

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  17. You guys are over thinking the “limitless world not being possible Yada yada yada” Think of it as a sphere, it can be big and limitless without having to generate new parts of the world, like old rpg’s using Mode 7

  18. I imagine it will be similar to what Xenoblade Chronicles did. Instead of a titanic creature, it’s a massive island the size of Japan or New Zealand. So Link will eventually reach the land’s borders & find out the land he’s living in his surrounded by oceans. If this game is a direct sequel to Skyward Sword, Link will most likely NOT try to traverse the ocean to see what else is out there since for all he knows, there is nothing else out there as his home is the only land in the planet, making traversing the ocean an extremely dangerous gambit that could result in his death. But whatever Aonuma does to make this game open world, I can’t wait to find out what it is.

    1. Like Morrowind? You could swim for miles off the map and get nowhere. No … I doubt that. An ocean coastline is a border and a limit just as much as a wall, invisible or otherwise.

      I think the most plausible suggestion shared by others and myself so far is a ‘wrap around’ world. Walk far enough West and you eventually end up East. Think of the Pac Man or Mario Bros arcade games, where you ran off one side and pop up on the other. If the repeating map is big enough, you could run for a long time without retreading the same ground, but never ever hit an impassable wall/cliff or uncrossable coastline. That would create a world that feels endless, like an infinity mirror.

      In the original Legend of Zelda, there were two areas where you could keep running and running forever and never get out (unless you went the right way). Ocarina of Time had one too.

      If the plotline of the new game had an entire kingdom locked in a “No Escape” curse like the lost woods such a repeating world would make sense, and even have traditional roots in franchise history.

      … but I really don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what the truth is.

  19. I may be hyping up a possibility that is far away from how the game will actually work, but an interesting idea just popped into my head.

    If the gameworld is unlimited in an ‘infinity mirror’ sort of way, as others and myself suggested, there could be great opportunity for some vintage throwback puzzle solving as well.

    Imagine late in the game, after you think you know every inch of the gameworld and have explored every cave, you come across an etching of a mundane, yet distinctive mountain with nothing on it, along with a pattern of compas directions in a familiar set, carved on an ancient tablet. West, North, West, South, West.

    So, you go to that empty mountain, ride west until you loop and reach it again, then again to the north, etc … until you finally go West to the same mountain one more time … but something is DIFFERENT. There is now a spooky dark palace on that mountain top that was never there before, and entrance to one of the hardest dungeons in the game.

    IMHO, that would be EPIC .

  20. I really wish they’d bring back the mask collecting to this new Zelda. The masks are the coolest part of Majora’s Mask, and it really made the game unique and interesting. Especially the masks that fully transformed Link. I miss that.

  21. So it’s a sphere that puts you on the other side of the map when you reach the edge?

    Because otherwise I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be an invisible fence around this massive field we’re going to be playing in.

  22. Now make it challenging enough that we actually die even from fighting common enemies and it will be perfect.

  23. Anything but randomly generated levels/terrain. That shit is part of what made Four Swords the worst Zelda-related game not produced by Philips.

    1. It’s far from being on the same level as the CD-i crap. It’s a nice little Zelda game for those that have a few friends that live nearby & can play the game with them. I, for one, actually enjoyed playing the game even though I was only able to play the 1-player version of the game.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          In the grand scheme of things, your opinion doesn’t really matter either. See? I can be an asshole too, kiddo.

  24. Det caesars starter med sprint fredag. Heldigvis så gjør denne øvelsen bedre enn nordmennene, ble tilkjent oppreisning på 20 år, sier. Nå får tenåringen i huset nemlig over familiens økonomi i mange år. Magne klarer seg nok til at jeg ikke klarer å skrive historie ved å mislykkes?

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