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Doodle Dash Announced As Wii U Exclusive

doodle_dashPocket Dragon Games has announced that its first project, Doodle Dash, is coming to Wii U. Described as a drawing-based party and multiplayer title, the game is being developed exclusively for Nintendo’s console. Although features have yet to be confirmed, its gameplay will likely revolve around the Wii U GamePad controller’s touch screen. Doodle Dash’s date of release is not yet known.

40 thoughts on “Doodle Dash Announced As Wii U Exclusive”

    1. So did I. Maybe it’s still possible as a downloadable VC game in HD with online when the Gamecube controller adapter is released.

        1. It was a joke relax. I am gay though but I do not speak like that at all. Maybe when I joke around but rarely.

    1. From your perspective, I have to agree with you. Even for an indie title, I hope the price is reasonable enough for a purchase.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I don’t know, I’ve received 3 messages so far and all of them said, “has been delayed”…

          I hope it’s not 1 month to go, that would be absurd…

    1. I can think of a lot of neat things that could be done with this game, I’m sure they can or have already.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        It would be fun if you could draw anything and then you send it to attack the other player’s drawings…

        The insane things I would draw…

  1. had the wii u from day one, there was allways something magic about the wii u has soon has I open the box, fast Forward a year and bit, and now I have a ps4 and I brought my 8 year old son the xbox1,I’m very disappointed wiv the ps4 and the xbox , everyone in my house uses the wii u, even the wife just for paying bills and that, the ps4 and the xbox1 is the same old thing from the last gen, I’ve not seen nothing wats made me say wow,I remember when we hooked up monster hunter and the 3ds too wii u, ththat was an experience, and never gets old, special moments wiv the wii u too many, the experience of xbox1 or ps4 don’t even come close

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