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First 4 Figures Has An Awesome New Samus Light Suit Figure For Pre-order


Specialist figure company First 4 Figures have a brand new Light Suit Samus available for pre-order. The impressive figure stands at 20 inches tall and will be available sometime during the first quarter of 2015. If you’re interested in purchasing this stunning figure then it’s going to cost you $365 for the exclusive version

“With its sleek design and resistance to the elements of Dark Aether, the Light Suit was one of the most powerful and important tools at Samus’ disposal as she set out on a mission to destroy the Dark Dimension. The suit was powered by the Light of Aether and was the result of both Luminoth and Chozo technology.”

“First 4 Figures is happy to present a new series of Metroid Master Arts statues, starting with the Master Arts Metroid Prime 2 Light Suit. Samus is holding her arm cannon up, ready to fire as she storms the Sky Temple to defeat the Emperor Ing. She’s been rendered at a jaw-dropping 1/4 scale to encapsulate immense power that the Light Suit holds. She towers at 20 inches tall.”

“Comes in deluxe full color packaging, hand numbered base, and includes an authenticity card which allows you to purchase the same number of the model next in the Metroid Master Arts series. As this is a new series, low numbers are given on a first come first served basis.”

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60 thoughts on “First 4 Figures Has An Awesome New Samus Light Suit Figure For Pre-order”

      1. Sony Commander Kratos

        Haha indeed i can just pucture it now “300 for craftsmanship like this is indeed worth it…….i was going to buy a wii u but i bought this instead….”

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          1. I felt that way too but then I realized that Little Mac has a ton of costume changes and pallet swaps so there is still hope to see the same treatment on the other characters!

          1. Oh, I guess that makes sense… Still would have preferred a full on costume change rather than a pallet swap, but there is still time! Little Mac has a ton of costume changes and pallet swaps so there is still hope!

            1. If Sakurai doesn’t give us the actual Light Suit, and the Fusion Suit, as one of Samus’ alternate outfits, I will be very pissed.

                1. If he gives us the Dark Suit & the PED Suit over the Light & Fusion Suits, I’ll be even more pissed. Especially if we get PED Suit from the beginning of the game. I’ll be less mad about getting the PED Suit over the Light and/or Fusion Suits if it has the appearance it got when Samus was on Phaaze.

                  1. PED would be pretty sweet! I would think the Fusion Suit is a must, actually I’d think the Light and Dark, Fusion AND the PED suits would be a must. That’s only 4 suits and Little Mac has 2 completely different costumes and a pallet swap. Maybe it is asking too much..

                    1. All 4 sounds way better, though. Just in case some people thought the Dark Suit was better than the Light Suit. So much talk about her power suit, I completely forgot about her in her Zero Suit. For the Zero Suit, maybe one of her alternate outfits could be a Metroid kind of look as a nod to the fact she’s got Metroid DNA in her.

                    2. I think it would be neat to get her initial downgraded suit too, even though it would just be taking off the Varia shoulder dealies.

    1. Oh daaaaaayum. Looks great, polished, backlit and shit. Awesome.
      The price is just ridiculous though. For $400, I’d rather buy a PS4.

      1. First4Figures has always been this expensive. Frankly, I think it’s warranted. Their figures are usually immensely detailed and partly functional (lights, etc), LARGE, and limited to, at most, 2,500 pieces. Their value goes up exponentially after they’re sold out, too (take a look at F4F’s old Phazon Suit Samus figures on ebay. 800+).

    2. People who have enough money to blow on something like this deserve to be haunted by Gunpei Yokoi’s ghost.

    3. How many people on this site actually plan on buying this. . . .? Congrats on being a big spender. :P

    4. 1. This just highlights how lame the Smash ‘light suit’ is compared to this exact replica.
      2. For $59.99 you would’a had me, but you guys had to be greedy

      1. I’m not sure if you’re trolling, but this isn’t Nintendo’s product it’s made by First 4 Figures. The two companies have nothing to do with each other besides the use of Nintendo characters for their figures. x.x

    5. They do this instead of a new game for this series?! See? Nintendon’t listen. Or they don’t care.

      1. Someone got out of their jail cell again. We may have to double your time in here and maybe a lower quality cell. How’s that sound?

    6. Yikes. Too bad I’m not making 2000 dollars a week. Otherwise, I’d buy this in a fucking heartbeat. Unless… Unless it has a monthly pay plan set up. *checks* Damn! It’s a 3 month payment plan… Well so much for that plan to get this sucker.

    7. Sure its expensive as hell, but with the payments spread out across three months its actually fairly easy. I have the original Varia Suit Samus they made and its stunning. These statues aren’t just plasticy toys like a lot of other figures look like – it has a metalic feel that shines and looks incredibly realistic. Plus 20inches tall is insane. Ordered the exclusive version. Give it about two years after release and these will be selling for double the price on eBay.

    8. Welp I was super interested until I saw the price tag, I mean that is probably the coolest figurine I have ever seen but still almost $400 is a bit too much for me even with a payment plan, $100+ a month for something that I will just look at…

      Not that I wouldn’t want to buy it, I just can’t justify spending $400 dollars on a figure. So many other things I would rather spend that money on and I am very practical when it comes to spending money.

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