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Nintendo CSR Report “Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Everyone Nintendo Touches”

Nintendo’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report is now available to view in English and is well worth a read. There’s even a segment from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata which is titled Adapt to Changing Times and Seek Out Challenges. The article outlines Nintendo’s ultimate goal of redefining entertainment and mentions how the company plans to adapt and improve in the future.

57 thoughts on “Nintendo CSR Report “Putting Smiles On The Faces Of Everyone Nintendo Touches””

  1. The more I went through the pages, the more I gained a bit more respect. The whole Eco Friendly to even doing Yoga classes with their employees. They truly are different and odd, but in a good way. I enjoyed that and people who shit clearly don’t care and god knows why they bother commenting.

      1. During the 1920s, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company broadcast radio calisthenics in major cities in the US.

    1. Google and a lot of other tech companies do the same thing. It’s because their employees sit most of the time and that’s not very healthy for long periods of time.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      It reminded me of the scene from School of Rock where Jack Black says all the kids touched him and he’s sure he touched them back haha

        1. It’s safe to say the fanboy/hater arguments usually make their way into most articles. It’s a shame really. But- hey- what can ya’ do?

          1. Well there are other sites I can’t mention due to the fear of trolls going there but there are sanctuaries :)

  2. TOUCHES keep away from my kids you kinky fucks,i new there was something rolf harris about you guys lol….mario you perv

  3. wiiU is a gaming masterpeace nintendo the retard bros and derp industry abd the billions in loss can go to hell

    my gamepad my wii remote plus my pro pad etc serv me well as a REAL GAMER with a real gamers TOOL SET





  4. Eh, biased self-produced report or no, there’s already so many bad things going on in this world (like Commandweller getting born and stuff) so I’mma choose to believe this happy Disney fairy tale.

  5. Well, changing the face of entertainment, they already did it. After all, Nintendo is why the video game industry is still alive and going very very big today.
    I’m more interested into the part “Improve ourselves in the future”, ’cause even though everyone but kids respects them, their reputation has dropped a ton with the Wii. I’m loving my Wii U and the direction Nintendo seem to be taking with this console so far ( all the fanservice for old fans in their new games ? Yes ! A huge open-world Zelda coming up ? YES ! The return of Starfox ? YES ! etc… ), but they need to pull out something good to get back into the hearts of the old gamers. They used to rule this industry. Get back on that E3 stage already !

    1. They used to be the reason the industry was booming. Now the WiiU has a shovelware ratio that was last seen on the Atari.

      1. Because visibility. Sony and Microsoft got up on stage and look at their consoles’ sales while there is no games to play on those systems.
        Doing an E3 stage conference is very good for the marketing. Gamers consider Nintendo as a joke now, doing their little Nintendo Direct special E3 doesn’t help.

  6. This prancing around that Nintendo does now is sickening. Make some real games for the gamers that made you what you are, Nintendo. Even the new Mario Kart is dead already, Smash bros is already an old game to me, way overhyped, no new information to discover when it arrives. Why? Because they have no fucking games so they have to hype and milk the shit out of every single game on the way, revealing all information. Mario Kart 8 felt like I already played the shit out of it before I even removed the wrapper. Bunch of pussies running Nintendo these days.

    1. My precious little troll bot… you don’t know what the fuck REAL is. Nintendo IS making REAL games. no matter what age, race or gender. Games like Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Dr. Luigi, Bayonetta 2 (Nintendo SPD is assisting Platinum Games), Hyrule Warriors from Koei-Tecmo, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Nintendo’s Sora and Namco co-developing it), Capt. Toad, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Devil’s Third (Valhalla and Nintendo SPD co-developing it), a new Zelda title only for Wii U, and an epic JRPG… Xenoblade Chronicles X.

      Your comment fails on all counts, Pretendo troll. Furthermore, Super Smash Bros. is one of Nintendo’s hardcore franchise ever. You’re more of a pussy ranting and bitching without a benefit of intellect. In conclusion, you must take your doctor’s advice and have that seat.

      1. Sigh … Another one left behind. This reply will be difficult since you weren’t able to comprehend what I said previously. While it is possible that you have formed your own opinion(Although, I doubt it’s yours, you sound like you have been hypnotize’d by Reggie’s nut suck ) but to draw facts out of your own opinions is weak. Let’s take a look at the games you mentioned…

        SuperMario3D world – Rehash of the 3DS one, Easy, and clearly targeted to casual gamers.

        Windwaker HD – Remake, nuff said.

        Dr luigi – Lmao.

        Bayanetta 2 – As much as you want it to be Nintendo, it’s not.

        Hyrule Warriors – Same as above.

        Smash Bro’s – Good game. I just wish you could understand what you read.

        I could go on but none of these games are even released yet and theres no point because you can’t comprehend what you read. I know you have a hard on for Nintendo right now but when or if you mature you’ll realize Nintendo isn’t half of what they used to be when they built their reputation. You forgot about Splatoon btw…and you call yourself a Nintendo fanboy!

        1. First of all, I ain’t no Nintendo fanboy. Not only I have a Wii U.. but also a PC. You’re just a poser creating bullshit here at My Nintendo News.

          Super Mario 3D World – a spiritual successor of the 3DS’ Land.

          The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD – #1 eshop game.

          Dr. Luigi – a fun puzzle game and a successor to Dr. Mario

          BAYONETTA 2 – Nintendo is assisting Platinum Games… PLUS, the free disck (Bayonetta 1) has THREE Nintendo themed costumes for Bayonetta to wear

          Hyrule Warriors – Best Warriors franchise in Japan fused with The Legend of Zelda franchise.

          Super Smash Bros. – you’re too fucking blind and retarded to figure it out.

          You should think about the future because you don’t know jack shit about Nintendo and their games. So I forgot about Splatoon so blow me. That’s all I’m gonna say to you so good day.

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            “First of all, I ain’t no Nintendo fanboy.” I can’t even critique what you say later when this is your opening sentence.
            What Pinklnk said is true.

            1. Except the bullshit that he had stated shows his hatred and prejudice to Nintendo. Right now, that argument between me and Pink… is already over.

          2. From what I just read I think that you just might a legitimate mental illness. If you truly have a mental illness I do apologize. For future consideration, here is something to think about. You are a fanboy, a non-factor to the gaming community and the sooner you realise this truth the better things will get for you. Maybe you should just try a non-Nintendo platform to play some games on, or better yet, go outside and make some friends.

            1. Just relax, Pink. It’s not a pissing contest… they’re just video games. It’s pointless to argue so let’s all dismiss this misunderstanding and miscommunication. There’s no such thing as REAL… just video games. Let’s all take a breather and just move on. I don’t want to debate against you so that “blow me” shit is already in the recycle bin. Truce?

            2. One other thing… I already have friends. Both in real life and on Miiverse. I’m just a human being just like you so don’t judge me or reveal your prejudice like a KKK member. Relax for once. Just be glad that Nintendo is not only one of the best video game company in the world… but also a passionate company that understands everyone on a global scale. It’s not the end of the world. Good day sir.

              1. Comparing me to KKK? Prejudice? Do you know what that word means, boy? I’m 100% relaxed, you can say or call me whatever you want and that wont change. This is not an arguement to me. Call it, an opportunity to reveal the errors in your assumptions.

                1. That’s in the past. Right now, it’s over. We’re all casualties. Forget the errors and make amends. There’s plenty of room in the grey area.

  7. I really liked 3D World, even though it was pretty easy. It’s only hated because of either the controls or the fact that it’s not Galaxy 3. Rehash isn’t the correct word to use, here.

    1. It wasn’t a bad game, just wasn’t that good, it was much to easy to begin with and no online coop option?. This “must target everyone” is a ridiculous idea, it can not be done. If you want to make games for kids put it on a phone or handheld console, home console should be for pro gamers or experienced gamers. Keep targeting kids on the home console and the home console will become extinct.

      1. Interesting opinion. Unfortunately I have to disagree with you, PinkInk. I always viewed home consoles for their local multilplayer (both casual and experienced). I have much more fun playing MarioKart with my family, or Borderlands with my brother, or Smash Bros with my friends, than I have with most singleplayer games. While I’m not too sure how many people prefer singleplayer to multiplayer, Nintendo seems to be the only major developer catering to families and pick up and that play mentality.

        If you ask me- all of the 3 (soon to be 4, if you count the SteamBox) major systems shouldn’t focus on the same thing. Sony is trying to be like the Xbox with all of the tv apps and Nintendo is trying to be like the PS3 by focusing on the “U” in gamer. I would have preferred if the xbox was more tv/all-in-one, the PS4 was a more solid gaming experience, and the Wii U was more focused on mutliplayer. But Nintendo is hurting itself by trying to not only focus on family gaming/ grandparent gaming/ fun for all ages gaming but the single player PS3/360 style of play too.

        I do agree that targeting “everyone” can’t be done, though. Nintendo should really focus on what they do best- bringing the family together; reminiscing on the classics; and staying somewhat kid friendly. Otherwise, they will just be competing with Microsoft and Sony with the “hardcore gamer” squad.

        My 2 cents.

        1. I think you do agree with me Croz at least a little.

          I’ll bet that when you sit down with your family(the ones that want to play) and play Mario Kart or Mario Party or whatever! I’m sure everyone involved is playing not just for fun but to win and actually do it from time to time, because they are pretty good at Mario Kart, experienced MK players.

          I’m sure your brother and your friends are experienced gamers.

          “Nintendo should really focus on what they do best- bringing the family together; reminiscing on the classics; and staying somewhat kid friendly.”

          Games like Duck Hunt, Super mario bros, Hogans Alley, Shadowgate, Zelda and other mystery or adventure games were what the families played. Difficult games. When someone figured out something that had been stumping everyone for awhile, that was a moment! Thats what it was all about, and that’s what I mean by Nintendo not being half of what they used to be.

          Unfortunately, like many things, those times couldn’t survive the internet.

          Anyways, Mario Kart wasn’t a familiy game until that happened, and when “that” happened, Nintendo’s Multiplayer became all about Party games.

          I’ll bet you and your famiy doesn’t sit down and play my little pony…

          I could go on but…I don’t have the energy.


          1. Yeah- it’s certainly an interesting subject. Nintendo’s fixation with easy games is turning a lot of people away. Will making more difficult games simply solve all their problems? Ehh- it’s tough to say.

            And- yes- my family members are all pretty experienced with video games. But my point was both Sony and Microsoft haven’t really been about that family aspect of playing. I remember watching my Dad play Ocarina of Time, when I was a little kid, and it was interactive even though it was single player. I offered my advice on how to solve the puzzle, and we both had fun. But have times changed enough that we need multiplayer games, in order to bring familys/friends together?

            You quoted me there, above, and now that I look at it, it says nothing about difficulty. Kid friendly games can be difficult. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. It may be a blunder on Nintendo if they think that rated E [for everyone] games should all be easy.

            So I suppose I do agree with you.

  8. So someone who plays Zelda, Smash, and Metroid are not hardcore gamers? But someone who plays COD, Battlefield, and Dead Rising are? No, Nintendo has always been for the hardcore gamer, but that fact has just been lost to some, or never even known to the younger generation. Nintendo has a bad reputation at the moment, but in my opinion they have not lost thier touch one bit, no matter what pinkInk says. Name one third party developer that has nintendo’s quality in thier games. I could name a few that comes close, but thats it. Every third party either releases buggy half-assed games, or day one dlc. Third parties are no longer satisfied with 60 dollars.

    1. Hey, all three of those games are not out yet. Nintendo stopped being for the “hardcore gamer” when the Wii arrived. Gamecube was for the core gamer, but Nintendo did something unbelievably dumbband used mini dvds instead of dvd’s.

      Lost a ton of sales because of it…
      Shed their skin…
      Became the Wii…
      Sold a ton…
      Lost core appeal…
      Shovelware galore on the Wii…
      Lost the casual market(same shitty games on phone for 1/10th the price)…
      good thing the 3DS had great timing…
      WiiU rushed out…
      Nintendo working hard now…
      Have to combine handheld and home console to share all games…
      Sony’s handheld console becomes extinct…
      Dedicated handheld consoles become extinct…
      Home consoles become extinct…
      Desktop PC’s become extinct…
      Handheld phones become extinct…
      Follow the white rabbit…

      Most 3rd parties also release much more complicated and deep games then Nintendo does. This might be a good place to start when comparing “buggy” games.

  9. much better then ps4 and xbone. I sold xbone cuz i realized its all third party shootem up games. I own a 360 so no point in same ol dame ol crap. Now nintendo games are something special. We have all loved thesr charecters and games for 20 years! Sony and micro will NEVER have that on nin!

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