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Famitsu Says It Has A Big Scoop In Its Next Edition

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has said in its most recent issue that they have a big scoop for readers in the next edition. There were no hints, so it could be anything. The magazine also promises to contain some new information related to Monster Hunter 4 so it’s bound to be an interesting read.

48 thoughts on “Famitsu Says It Has A Big Scoop In Its Next Edition”

      1. lol, you nintenponies are so bored of that rehashed mario game that you are willing to give it away. too bad most people with common sense will not get that trash

        1. Gr8 b8 m8! I r8 8/8.8!

          (Seriously, I had read that Sasori comments on here were bad, but are they really THIS bad?)

  1. I love how you always post about these even though it almost always ends up having nothing to do with Nintendo.

          1. Like you. “Oh Iwata & his family should die horrible deaths for how he’s running Nintendo’s business!”

          1. See… That nobody has to be a fanboy for any company, and that we can all live in harmony if people throw away their fanboyism? IMO, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are all great console manufacturers/ game developers, and there is no reason to say any one of those companies “suck”. Sure, Microsoft may be adding policies that not everyone agrees with, or Sony might not be supporting their handheld enough, or even Nintendo might not be gathering support for their home console enough… Still all great companies though, and when was gaming ever about making fun of other consoles?

            1. I’ve always saw that MS DRM hate unfair. Steam does it and gets away with it, plus MS was trying to do something very cool. They were trying to allow you to sell back Digital games which would’ve been awesome, but alas, fanboys ruin everything.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        You’re copy and paste empire aswell as you are my personal copy and paste wannabe…

    1. Yeah, I actually loved that he dedicated his time to both Sony’s Vita and Nintendo at that time but he said he had to stop because of the lack of content that the Vita was having and time constrains in his behalf. It was fun while it lasted though, I hope he restarts it in the future.

    1. As cool as that would be, I doubt it. I don’t think Sakurai would let someone else reveal such a controversial character as playable for Smash. Not unless he himself is the one revealing by way of Famitsu.

  2. Why are things like this even posted when it’s not even known that it’s about a Nintendo product? I just don’t get it.

  3. Yay! A big scoop that won’t be on the Wii U! Stop wasting our time with these stupid articles about exclusive reveals that never come to Nintendo’s systems.

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