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The Pokemon Center Online Store For U.S Has Officially Opened

pokemon_center_bannerThe Pokemon Company’s official merchandise website has now opened. Fans of the franchise can have a gander at everything from Pokemon t-shirts and hats, to cute Pikachu and Froakie plushies, as well as Pokemon motif stationery on the However, the website is currently experiencing some technical difficulties and has closed some parts temporarily to the public – possibly due to high volumes of traffic from the grand opening.

Last month, we reported the Pokemon Company had been surprising fans over Twitter with Pokemon-related gifts from the online store. Unfortunately the U.S store is only available to ship to and within continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and APO/FPO. European fans will have to hold tight for now and stick to the pop-up Pokemon Center stores, with the most recent arriving in Paris back in June.

14 thoughts on “The Pokemon Center Online Store For U.S Has Officially Opened”

    1. Not surprised. Nintendo shut down for the Christmas holiday last year. They either have shit servers, or they have shit tech groups that poorly anticipate traffic.

      Where I work , we drill all departments on how much traffic they estimate will be generated, and beef up our servers BEFORE they fucking crash or need taken down.

      Anyway, I’m just a moderate Pokemon fan, not a hardcore trainer, so this is fine for me. I can wait. :)

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  4. Man, I wish Nintendo World had an online store. They have SOOOOO many awesome things I’d love to buy.

  5. A Mew plushie keychain & an Yveltal metal keychain are things I’m looking at intently. :D And cool! The site is selling the games of Pokemon X, Y, & Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. I wonder if there is a legendary Pokemon in that game you can transfer to Pokemon X and Y that you can’t get in the games.

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