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Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Channel Imminent And Allows For Region Free Gaming

Smealum, the renowned French coder, has announced that a Homebrew Channel for the Nintendo 3DS is coming very soon. The new Homebrew Channel will work on current Nintendo 3DS firmware versions and should also allow you to play games from any region. However, you can’t run commercial or pirated 3DS ROMS.

  • It works on the latest 3DS firmware, unlike previous hacks that require outdated versions from a year and a half ago
  • This will not load commercial or pirated 3DS ROMs, only homebrew apps and games (though it will be able to run emulators like this SNES one for 3DS)
  • It will support North American, European, and Japanese systems
  • While Smealum hasn’t implemented region unlocking yet, he says “playing games from other region[s] should almost definitely be possible”
  • Presumably you’ll need a homebrew device to patch your system once Smealum releases the hack.

25 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Channel Imminent And Allows For Region Free Gaming”

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  2. If you have the hombrew app does that mean you can’t update your system after you get it and if so does that mean you wouldn’t be able to play online anymore?

  3. This is a good thing to do once a system is dead. As the Wii showed though, when a system is still alive when homebrew comes out, Nintendo will continue to update the system to quell the hacks until it’s not financially in their interest to update a replaced system.

    I’ll wait until the 3DS successor comes to hack. Until then, it’s just a hassle and a battle with Nintendo updates.


    finally time to buy SMTIV since thoses fuckers decided to not release it in Europe. In future, i’ll wait for this hack before buying any shitty Nintendo hardware.

  5. I like the fact that it’ll allow region free gaming, I’d love to play Hatsune Miku on 3DS! I don’t know if I want to hack it though, I’d definitely wait until it’s been out and established itself (like the Wii’s Homebrew Channel) before attempting it at all.

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