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New Nintendo 3DS ‘Filters’ The Internet, Unless You Pay $0.30

Kotaku is reporting that the recently announced new Nintendo 3DS console will include a parental filter for websites that you’ll have to pay $0.30 to remove. This is presumably so children can’t access adult sites. You’ll need a credit or debit card to pay the one-off fee.

58 thoughts on “New Nintendo 3DS ‘Filters’ The Internet, Unless You Pay $0.30”

    1. Wait. Will the $0.30 be a one time thing or will I have to pay it for EVERY website I visit. Cause um……. Just wondering.

      1. It’s a one time fee. Children don’t have credit cards, it’s just to verify an adult is removing the filtering.

    2. are people here seriously happy for this??????WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? and here i was thinking that fanboys on this site cannot be more retarded than they already are.

  1. Wow thank god I don’t use my 3ds for the Internet so It wouldn’t affect me at all. I can see their aim at this but considering everyone has a phone with Internet nowadays I doubt anyone uses 3ds for the Internet.

  2. Er, what? Why would anyone want to actually pay the .30? Nintendo is doing you a favor by putting the filter on and I would have mine online anyway. Good Job Nintendo! I think they shouldn’t even give you an option to turn it off

  3. hahaha a feature that will soon be hacked or forgotten. i myself barely use the internet webpage so i will keep my $0.30 instead.

      1. If I don’t have children it’s really not my problem. Then again I guess adults don’t really browse anything at all on their 3DS’s… I see it as a statement to how much parents can’t really be trusted heh.

  4. I can picture it now lol
    “Billy they deducted 30 cents from my account again. Wt porn site did u visit this time!” Lmao xp

  5. As much as this is probably more a “Look, I’m old enough to use a credit card” as a proof of maturity more than a hidden charge, I can see this could become an issue with net neutrality. I don’t see why it couldn’t be administered by the 3DS’ existing parental controls.

    Also, what are the chances Nintendo of all companies in the world have completed the otherwise impossible task of filtering the Internet?

  6. Nintendo are you out of your mind ?
    First make a handheld revision that is going to introduce compatibility issues in games and then fuck everything up with a lot of little things like this ? Are you drunk or something ?

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  8. LMAO really nintendo i can just picture stupid cheap annoyed parents like…. “hmmm we better blockk all of thease poornnoo sites let me tell you hhwhat, WHAT 30 FUCKING CENTS WTF IS THIS SHIT AND I HAVE TO FUCKING USE MY FUCKING CREDIT CARD TO PAY 30 FUCKING CENTS!!!! WTF IS THIS SHIT!!! FINE WHATEVER TIMOTHY CAN LOOK AT TITS I DON’T CARE!!!!!”

    Then there will be those parents who do “honey we probably should block these adult themed sites from timothy’s new 3ds, WHAT 30 FUCKING CENTS!!! IT’S LIKE NINTENDO DOESN’T EVEN CARE!?!?! Fine i’ll just do it…….. i don’t want him on these adult themed sites.” timothy- “huh you think you can block my fucking porn huh, im just going to set my age at 18. AHHH time to get the lotion.”

  9. I mean, it isn’t like the 3ds browser can watch video’s anyway, so the only thing they are really blocking are pictures, and maybe stories. that shouldn’t really be a problem to anyone, and even if it is a one-off .30 cent is nothing…

  10. Good kids shouldnt see porn at such a young age anyways. You dont want them developing unrealistic expectations of sex at such a early age, grown people already have that issue and its only worse the younger it starts. Out society is already way to oversexualized and perverted so this is not a bad thing.

  11. I don’t see a problem with this at all Nintendo is trying to protect children from inappropriate sites and I doubt any young kids have credit cards it’s not like Nintendo is charging for Internet use.

  12. Yeah, I do not see the problem with the fee, and any uproar makes me think ‘First World problems,’ where a few dimes for disabled filter or a dollar for an app makes grown men throw a hissy fit, but they will pay around $7 each day for their Starbucks.

  13. when I first read the comments I thought I was in a parallel world were nintendo fans were all on drug.. geez I am relief there are some people who think that a big con and it revolting to pay $0.30. 10 millions paying $0.3 it’s 3 millions for nintendo. let’s assume I pay those $0.3 but I broke my 3DS. Do I have then pay another $0.3 to get rid off it? Or will it be attach to my nintendo ID? After MK8 DLC, new 3 DS and now those fees. The share holders must be happy…..

  14. 30 cents, eh? That’s not bad. Complaining about that price would be like complaining about the once a year price for Pokemon Bank. No one was ever cheap enough to complain about that price tag. OH WAIT!!! People did whine about it!

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