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Xenoblade Chronicles Announced For New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Japan has confirmed that Xenoblade Chronicles will be coming to the new and improved Nintendo 3DS model. The port of the Wii game apparently won’t be playable on a standard Nintendo 3DS console. So if you want to purchase it, you’ll need to purchase one of the new Nintendo 3DS consoles.

55 thoughts on “Xenoblade Chronicles Announced For New Nintendo 3DS”

    1. WTF “Playable only on NEW 3DS cuz we fucked up and didnt make it right the first time so actual fans that got the 3ds have to buy a new one, #PleaseUnderstand” wtf

      1. Can’t wait to see how much this confuses their market now. They seem to love it. First was their horrible WiiU marketing and now they’re going to have 3DS games that are not playable on all 3DS models…

        1. I mean seriously! there is going to be mass confusion… i can imagine it now… ppl buying a “NEW 3DS” game thinking it will work on the normal 3ds, then going back to the store having to hear an explanation that it only works for the new 3ds and not the old ones but it still plays normal 3ds games too, and the 3ds the 2ds and the 3ds xl all play only normal 3ds games.
          “Super 3DS” would have been a better, more epic name! :)

    2. Everyone who is pissed off about this “New” 3DS. Prepare to be even more pissed off when they announce the Majora’s Mask Remake EXCLUSIVE for the “New” 3DS

      You will all be forced to buy it, because you simply can’t help yourselves against Majora’s Mask.

      Also, it will help Majora’s Mask fail yet again, because not eveyone will want to get the “New” 3DS for the game and it’s sales will be abysmal.

      Just predicting the future. here…

      1. Yup… demand is high and they have been stalling for soooo damn long, it’s obvi they are saving it for this N3DS… or maybe both, but i doubt it, as they will likely take advantage of the high demand meaning more sales.

  1. I will definitely be trading in my XL if this comes to the west. This is awesome. Hm.. But isn’t this going to make regular 3DS furious? XD

      1. ._. CRAP. I forgot about that. I got 3 full retail games and a few downloadables on my 3DS XL. Thanks for saving my money, Kurisu. XD

          1. This is a must need, as I would rather do a trade in to get the new model than having to fork over a full $300 alone.

        1. I just hope Gamestop has a sweet deal on trade ins for this because I am not too stoked about it honestly, I am sure you noticed. I adore my gold 3DS XL and the thought of having to trade it in because Nintendo can’t just get it right the first time like people said is kind of getting to me. No sense in having it lay around just to look at… I’m not a collector.

          The improvements are welcome but making a system that is essentially the same, but has exclusive games makes no sense to me what so ever. As I’ve said numerous times I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the decisions Nintendo makes sometimes or how they thought this was a good idea instead of just making an entirely new portable system.

          A part of me kind of doesn’t want to support this because I don’t like it and that isn’t how consoles or handhelds are supposed to be, one of the perks of consoles and handhelds is that they never change their hardware or you don’t need to buy the system again until a new one actually comes out.

          This completely defeats that purpose by making a midway system that isn’t actually new and I was actually hoping we would hear about a totally new handheld from Nintendo instead of this.

    1. I’ll admit I’m not totally thrilled that it’s not coming to the original 3DS models – on the other hand, Xenoblade was one of the best games ever made and never nearly got enough attention. So a release on New 3DS (or a better name “Super 3DS”) and Shulk in Smash Bros 4 will hopefully give it a boost in popularity.
      On the other hand, I never bought the 3DS XL didn’t see the larger screen as worth it… but with the ZL/ZR and Dual analog sticks as well as better speed and Xenoblade Chronicles on the go… consider me practically sold on it. My wallet is going to hate me…

  2. Seems like a bad move to do a “half-gen” handheld. Should’ve saved it for the next full gen, UNLESS they’re gonna stick with the new XL until the fusion console & handheld in one thing.

  3. Nintendo 3DS console. So if you want to purchase it, you’ll need to purchase one of the new Nintendo 3DS consoles.

    FUCK YOU, NINTENDO. I just bought my 3DS XL.

  4. Stupid idea not to include older models I mean really…

    Everytime High Command makes several good things they always downplay them by doing one big idiotic descision…

    This almost reminds me of when I was a Pirate Commander and High Command didn’t send reinforcments to Aether…

  5. This is kinda stupid it would have been a better idea to bring it to wii u since Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming out next year.

  6. Holy shit, the dick moves from Nintendo man… Wow, incredible. Shitting all over the fans and not even trying to hide it. I hope this handhelp flop.

    1. Whelps, better start saving then, though I just got 3ds XL consoles for myself and wife.
      On one hand, I could see this as a good thing.
      But I can’t really see them going full out on this console.
      if majority of games will support the old 3DS, it makes the new kind of useless.
      But if they shift their support on new 3ds, that will just piss off a lot of consumer base.
      But I hope new 3DS is at least a year away from release on the west.

      Though I think they should have held for real next gen handheld, 3DS was still going good.

  7. Am I the only one who remembers the slide pad pro? It adds a ZL, ZR, and second analog so why can’t we just use one of those to play the game, nintendo..?

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  9. Not getting this “New 3DS”. All it is is a slight upgrade and an attempt to steal our money. Sorry, but I would rather spend my money on other games over a slightly improved system. If I want Xenoblade, I will buy it on the Wii.

    Also, why the hell are there not N64 games on the Virtual Console?

  10. Damn look at all the love for this game now. Remember when that fat faggot pizza faced lard wasn’t going to release it to north america? Yeah lmao gamestop approached them with this game originally and nintendo of america agreed to make it gamestop exclusive. After it selling a ton, being the most rare and wanted wii game after selling out, and gamestop ripping people off making them buy it for 90$ a piece for reprints and it still being a best seller. That faggot pizza hut scum should be fired.

    Now it’s getting a 3ds port, only to be able to be played on the new 3ds and i bet people will buy it for that too. Reggie is a fucking faggot.

    People who don’t wan’t to buy a new system for this just buy the wii version. It looks better and everything, especially that stuff far out in the distance. The sound will probably be better and everything too on the wii version + the wii u will make the graphics look sharper than it did on the wii. So yeah i think this game is 50$ now and it’s worth that price.

    Though even if will probably be the worse version, it would be cool and convenient to play this on a handheld.

    1. I wouldn’t call him a faggot but I completely agree with you. I have never liked Reggie and saw straight through his shit since they day he showed his face. He has never cared about gaming and his past history was never with anything gaming related. He is nothing but a horrible salesmen.

      Like you pointed out the idiot didn’t want to localize Xenoblade because of his own personal opinions instead of what Nintendo fans actually wanted. He has always been that way, he run things as if Nintendo should be made for him solely.

      I still cannot forget the stupid comments he has made in the past like saying used games, cd’s and movies will never take off when at the time they already were huge. How can you have someone running your businesses like that who is so oblivious to everything around them.

  11. Wait! I need a new 3DS!!!!!? But I have a 3DS and a 3DS XL already!!!! UGHHH!

    Are the new Smash Bros 3DS’ at least the “New” 3DS’?

    On the upside, I never got to play Xenoblade so I can now get it for my “New” 3DS!!! YAAAAY!

  12. Hearing so many people freak out in the comment section is ridiculous! Xenoblade Chronicles is coming only to the new 3DS because it’s possibly slightly more powerful….. if it’s not who cares this is a Wii port of all things. I am with you 100% if say the new Metroid was only available on the new 3DS but for a simple port?

    After everything Nintendo did this week some of you have the nerve to say that Nintendo is shitting on their fans?!? Get out of here!!!!

    1. Since it is more powerful, 3rd party companies should have no problem making games for the system now. That is, as long as people buy the “New” 3DS as crazily as they did with the “Older” 3DS’.

    2. My fear is they are going to want to sell this specific “New 3DS” now, so the only way can do that or entice people to buy it is by offering more exclusive games made for it.

      I can already see it now… but lets all hope you’re right but sadly I don’t think this is going to be like the DSi situation where no one really takes advantage of it, there are too many improvements in this “New 3DS” for Nintendo not to want to take advantage of it. As I said and as they are already proving the only way is with exclusive software as with any new system but what makes this bad is that it is not really new it’s still a 3DS.

  13. this game may already be enough but if more of the type are released then 3DS customers are going to run amok.. doing something like that is not acceptable imo

  14. So much whining… This is just like the new Game Boy/Game Boy Color era, where Game Boy and Game Boy Color only games coexisted in harmony. If you wanted a Game Boy Color game, you just purchased a Game Boy Color. Now, the same applies here with the New 3DS.

    1. It really isn’t the same thing given the time period, handhelds were stuck in a rut for a while around that time and that was about all that could be done was add color to games.

      So the Gameboy color was essentially the new handheld by Nintendo at the time after the Gameboy, it came out 9 years later and it is not comparable really. It was also the same thing but just in color, this is not the same and games that take advantage of the new 3DS hardware will have noticeable differences other than color.

      The 3DS XL hasn’t even been out 2 years and the 3DS is just hitting the 4 year mark, so how is that the same thing? This isn’t a new handheld it is a upgraded 3DS.

      1. You must have not have been around in the mid 90’s, its the same thing. Nintendo released 2 games boys in between the game boy and the color. in 96 with the pocket and then in early 98 with the light. Then later that year the color came out. So people who got a pocket or light had to upgrade.

        The color was then phased out and in 01 ( Just 3 years later) Nintendo dropped the game boy advance.

        Ever since the launch of the pocket nintendo hand helds haven’t had a long life span but the one thing they do have is backwards compatibility.

        This is he reason i passed on teh limited edition zelda 3ds xl , I bought the zelda 3ds and new something else was on the way.

  15. well this sucks, i have to buy a new 3ds just to play xenoblade chronicels to go, well that sucks, why not just port it to wii u

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