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Excitebike Arena Announced For Mario Kart 8’s First DLC Pack

Nintendo has announced a new track for Mario Kart 8’s first DLC pack – which is scheduled for next month. The Excitebike Arena will feature a bunch of ramps for some serious air, along with boost pads and puddles of mud to send your chosen kart or bike into a spin. But watch out, as the location of ramps will change location in regular races, so take special care when driving around the arena. The new track joins the recently announced slick Master Cycle for Link which has some fantastic horse power, as well as the return of the B Dasher. Make sure you check out the video embedded above to see the Excitebike Arena in action.

The Mario Kart 8 DLC packs are available to purchase from the Nintendo eShop now, though the first pack will not be released until November, and the second later next year. Both packs contain new characters, vehicles and courses. As a reminder for fans, the Zelda x Mario Kart 8 pack will feature Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach and Link, four new vehicles and eight new courses.

63 thoughts on “Excitebike Arena Announced For Mario Kart 8’s First DLC Pack”

  1. How Exciting!!! Seriously, the mud patches, the 4 lane set up, the bumps and the barrier that’s in front of the racers that go down at the start of the race, give an amazing Excitebike vibe.
    Gamexplain will have a field day with this…

        1. Hmmmm… I might agree to an extent… what I HATE about the online experience is how I will get 3 mushrooms lets say while in 7th, but then so did the 9th, 8th, and 6th place racers… that is BS… if we are talking about the same thing, then that definitely blows

          1. Racing with friends is a lot better, I agree, but I can’t use the characters I originally wanted to use because they get out-sped sadly.

            1. Acceleration is also important in races where you get constantly hit by items, so you can get back to a good speed at the fastest…:)

      1. LOL, you idiot. So if I get hit with a blue shell in 1st place, and I drop to 8th because of it I’m bad? Hop off you’re the type of person along with other fans that see no flaw in games that have huge flaws.

        1. Blue shells been doing that since 64. Items aren’t great in this one, but it’s still a great game in my opinion. Lightweights are definitely disadvantaged. I miss the boo item that stole an opponents item. It would be great online. I really hate how having three red/green shells or 3 bananas is actually worse defensively than having a single cause how far apart they are spaced. I should be totally safe from other shells and peels if I have 3 like it’s always been. Someone shoots a red shell and you have 3, there’s a chance it’s hitting you from behind. If you held a single, you’re safe unless you are turning and it gets you at an angle. There’s more annoying things but I enjoy it a lot. Best handling of any in the series in my opinion. LOVE 64 but the controls that I also always have loved can’t compare even.

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadaxis

          You should be good enough to slow down and let the 2econd and 3hird player to get hit instead. But I guess your not that good, just kinda good.

          1. If you’re referring to me, I of course can do that, or even shoot one of the shells behind me. I don’t do what you suggested cause I’m usually too far ahead of everyone to waste time slowing down for them to hit it. But I guess you’re not good enough to get that far ahead, just kinda good.

  2. I really hope no one tries to defend the fact that items are unbalanced in this game. People will skill always shot down because of it, and you can’t even use who you want because heavy weights run the online.

      1. He’s talking about random luck online. It’s not as bad as he’s making it out to be, but it’s still a little noticeable…

          1. Pretty much, when you buy a Mario Kart game, you should expect a mix between driving skill and item luck. Again, it’s happened to me in Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, it’s just a case of you win some and you loss some…

    1. I was thinking that too! It would be awesome to use him. The poor guy hasn’t been a game in a long time, they should have added him along with… a certain guy who you know…. has a Falcon Punch… ;)

      1. Amen. Capt. Falcon would’ve made a perfect DLC character for MK8 even though the race won’t be as fast paced as his counterpart but it’s something to make up for his absence.

  3. Damn you, Nintendo! This should have all been in the game from the start for that steep $60 price tag. I swear, in this day and age, the original retail price is never the final price on games. There’s always more $ that people end up spending even beyond the already expensive retail prices. This angers me because I’m already tired of this game, but this track looks SO cool. I wish I was still a kid so that repetition wouldn’t bother me.

        1. It’s your own fault. Nintendo isn’t the one preventing you from getting the DLC. You have to suffer the consequences all because of your own actions.

          1. I just don’t trust dlc. On my original Wii, I had several Virtual Console games downloaded. Then my Wii got bricked (or whatever it’s called) and all of my files got corrupted and erased. The internet wouldn’t even work on it. And Nintendo didn’t do anything about it just because I didn’t send the console in for repair (which cost $89.00).

            I couldn’t see paying that much just to get it fixed when a new Wii was only around 30 or 40 dollars more. So I bought a new Wii instead, and lost all of those games forever. And I swore I’d never download another game (or dlc) ever again! Although I did download Earthbound on my Wii U (that game deserves to be supported).

            1. Ok, I take it back. That is definitely NINTENDO’s fault. The reason you couldn’t get any of that stuff back is because Nintendo does not have a universal account system on their consoles. You could easily get that stuff back if it were another console like a PS3 or 360. But with Nintendo, that stuff is gone. Unless you plan on forking over that money to get the systems fixed and keep all your data. This is one of the MAJOR flaws Nintendo has. You have to go through a lot of nonsense whenever your stuff breaks. But with the other companies, it’s as easy as buying a new one from the store and logging in with your old account.

              1. I just had to live with the shortcomings of the Wii. The online games that were console locked were infuriating, but luckily, I wasn’t too bothered by having to start over as I am usually quick to get everything I lost back in just a few days to a few weeks. I’ll be happy when the Wii U eventually no longer has that problem. I know they have it planned for the NNID to eventually no longer be console locked, since we do have to make a password for our NNIDs so people can’t get onto our accounts, after all. Nintendo really should have had it ready from the get go, though.

  4. $7.99 is a steal for the content you are getting. And your right collector, I too get burnt out on games after playing them too much. But give it about six months, or maybe even a year. You’ll get that Mario Kart itch again. Mario Kart is really a timeless game.

    1. I was having lots of fun playing Mario Kart 8 for awhile. But (for the first time ever) I got burned out even before I got the gold trophy on every mirror course. I’m not sure why, but I just lost interest. But this dlc does temp me.

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  6. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    I bet pS4 would need more than 1gig to run this at What wii U can run it on. After all AC U can’t run at 60fps on PS4. Its nice the wii u has a tiny footprint so it doesn’t need 8 gigs to work 60fps unlike Ps4.

  7. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    Xbox is so weak it still using 30fps on some new tittles. They claim it’s so called powerful. Sure it is. Watch dogs 30fps? Wii U’s version of watch dogs is just going to look worse because Ubisoft’s heart for watch dogs is on PS4 not Wii U. After all Project cars is supposed to look really well on a supposed to be weak console.

  8. I hope they add the losing music from Excitebike somehow, that’s the earwormiest shit ever made.








  10. OMG! DLC pack 2 will have Animal Crossing characters? Aside from R.O.B. being in Mario Kart DS, is that like the first time that non-Mario characters will be featured in a Mario Kart game?

  11. I just watched the video. Old memories relieved! Now the question that comes to mind is that what is the release date for the first dlc in November????

  12. We just need an exact date for it’s release. If I recall, didn’t they say the DLC actually wouldn’t come til practically the last day of November? If so, bleh. I’ll have to use Hyrule Warriors & Bayonetta to keep me occupied on my Wii U for all of November.

    1. Good thing that won’t be too much of a problem, though, since the cosplay outfits for Bayonetta will give me a reason to play through the first game at least 3 different times even if I beat it once within a week.

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