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Here’s A Closer Look At The Fox McCloud Amiibo



With the release of Nintendo’s NFC figures next month, many gaming publications have managed to get some adequate time with Super Smash Bros for Wii U and a select number of amiibo models. But since then, reports have filtered in that not all of the models are seemingly up to scratch compared to their prototypes shown off during E3. While Link, Peach, and Wii Fit Trainer have had many adjustments to their designs, there are noticeable changes with others too.

Nintendo World Report recently tweeted a couple of pictures of the Fox McCloud amiibo, which you can see above. Aside from a few tweaks and the supportive columns for balance, the amiibo has generally kept to its original prototype. Though inevitable changes will be made during the mass production process, it seems Fox has fortunately drawn the longest straw here. Will you be waiting to see the final product in stores before purchasing an amiibo? Let us know in the comments below.


59 thoughts on “Here’s A Closer Look At The Fox McCloud Amiibo”

    1. They all look decent when you see a decent photo of them. That last photo of peach and link was decieveing. Go look at a Link Amibo in HD. He looks just as good as Fox.

      1. I always thought that fox was the best looking one. It had a lot more detail than the rest. Good to see that it still looks good, cause that peach really looked like shit.

        1. I think it’s bullshit. I find it really hard to believe that Fox has so much detail compared to the rest. Unless there are more expensive edition amiibos out there that Nintendo hasn’t released yet.

      1. His face, the sword, the lack of detail. It just doesn’t look much like the figure that was first advertised with. It doesn’t look as high quality, the material seems cheap and bendy. You can literally -see- the difference in material between this Marth and the Fox in the article.

        1. Actually that has more to do with the poor lighting in the photo. It makes them look soft, when the edges are more define, for instance its hard to tell from the picture of Kirby that his mouth is indented not just painted on.

          1. Hm, I don’t know about that. Even if it was true in this case though, we have seen figures of other characters as well, and the decrease in quality was more than obvious on those too.
            I believe it’s pretty much safe to say that the figures didn’t turn out as they were first presented, which in my opinion is a terribly wrong move from Nintendo. False advertisement is never okay.
            The figures cost about $20 where I live, and I can tell you that if the amiibos really turn out the way we saw them on pictures, they smost definitely aren’t worth that much money.

            1. Other than the thicker stands, so they don’t break. There hasn’t been a lost in quality. As someone who does shoot photography, the poor lighting is killing.

              I will repeat this, I have seen them in person, you have to see them with your own eyes to know, not some poor smart phone photography. If you live in the NYC area you can go to the Nintendo World Store, otherwise wait to they come out.

            2. This shot lighting is not great, but shooting link at a different angle with slightly better lighting makes him look much better:

              You can even see some detail of the pattern in the pee stick.

              Either way, I am not forcing you to purchase them, I am not buy all of them myself and never was going to. Kirby is the one I was really looking at the whole time.

              1. I will never understand the point of changing the color of the stand from transparent to yellow, lmao.
                But yea, I don’t live in the US so I have no other option than to wait for the release before I can see them in person. I was interested in 2 figures only too, Bowser and Ike, and neither of them have even been revealed so far. Maybe it’s actually a good thing that they’ll be included in later sets, as Nintendo will have room for improvements for the later figures like that, depending on the feedback for the first sets of figures.
                Either way, I was intending to wait and see the figures of my choice in person anyway before making a final decision over whether or not I want to buy them, but the pictures that are going around on the internet just haven’t been giving me much of a positive impression so far. And if the quality of the figures really doesn’t match the quality of the amiibos they first presented, it’s going to be problematic, as I truly don’t want to support false advertisement. Also considering $20 really is quite a bit for a small figure like that, I’ll most likely end up buying only one, if at all.

                1. I personally thought they were going to be smaller, after actually seeing them. I wouldn’t buy anything before its shown in person. I don’t even pre-purchase games anymore. It makes no sense since they moved away from cartridges and limited number.

                  My guess for the yellow is they wanted to better integrate the look with the statue, cause it has some pattern on it that looked like something Hyrulian. It doesn’t show up well in photos cause its on clear plastic and the light has to show up right. So right now in photos it looks like Link is peeing in some shots, in person it doesn’t look bad.

                  I have only seen the first batch in person.

                  The ones that are just standing are going to tend to look better as they don’t have breakable stands, that will have to be thicken up. I wonder in user tests if the original prototypes were breaking.

                  1. I pre-order only when there’s a nice limited edtion or pre-order bonus, or when I think the game is popular enough to be sold out for a while.
                    About the stand, well, I think the pattern would still be visible even if it wasn’t yellow but transparent. The kind of yellow they used just doesn’t go with the figure, it looks plain bad, imo.

                    1. No, there really is a pattern. The light not picking it up well in any of the photo taken, you can almost see it in the one I linked. The yellow just doesn’t bother me as much as it does some people, maybe they will get enough complaints to change a later run back to clear or something else on a later run.

                      When the bonus is really good I pre-order, but its been a very long time since then. I might do the pre-order thing at ToysRus cause they are doing a free Amiibo with it, but I would rather wait cause maybe there will be a better deal.

                    2. Oh no, you got me wrong. Of course I believe you when you say there’s a pattern on the stand, it’s, as you’ve said, slightly visible on the picture as well. What I was trying to say is that keeping the stand white/transparent wouldn’t have “harmed” the pattern, as in, it probably still would have been equally visible as it is with the yellow, I’d say.
                      And yea, the pre-order bonus ToyRus offers is actually pretty good, considering you’re getting the amiibo at no additional cost. I most likely would have made use of it too if they offered it here, especially since I haven’t heard of any other good pre-order bonus anywhere else.

                    3. Sorry, I must have misread your statement. Yeah it could have been clear still, I wonder what changed there mind about the color since most of the feedback had been very positive on them prior to the new photos.

            3. How long until you realise that you were looking at low res. pictures with extremely poor lighting? People intentionally put these pictures up to sabatoge Nintendo. You took the bait, hook line and sinker. The Amibos look great.

                1. How long until you realize that you’ve written a book here complaining about some NIntendo toys like if they affected your entire life?

                  1. If you had actually bothered to read my comments, you’d know how silly you sound right now.
                    I was very obviously having a decent conversation with someone, but it’s okay, I understand if you don’t know how something like that works.
                    Also, if the books you read are no longer than the 8 comments someone makes on a video game website, then that’s genuinely sad for you.

  1. Nintendo damage control at its finest. These clowns are trash.. Going back to playing BF3 on xbox.

    Zelda Williams “how ya doin baby”..

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadaxis's Mom

    Son go study now, I don’t want you failing again because of these Nintendo videogame sites.

  3. I impatiently await to see how R.O.B. and Olimar’s figures turned out. Olimar’s better have the Pikmin with him.

    1. Ooh, I’d LOVE to have a R.O.B. amiibo. In fact, I wish Nintendo would bring back R.O.B. I’m talking the same, full sized robot that came with the NES.

  4. Most pictures taken are crappy. They’ll probably look better in real life. Also the swords are soft because these need to be save for kids and we all know kids are retarded and will point out each others eyes otherwise. lol Yes it looks kinda stupid but there are ways to stiffen it if you really dislike it.

  5. Please don’t let these pictures be what the amiibos actually look like. I guess I too will have to wait & see them with my own eyes at a store.

    And I hate looking at the pictures of Link & Marh’s amiibos with the bendy swords! Especially Link! What the fuck have they done to Fi, I mean, the Master Sword!?

  6. Am I the only one that really wants a Mega Man Amiibo? I know that it probably won’t happen because he’s a 3rd party character, but that would be AWESOME!

    1. I think there will be a mega man amibo. Simply becouse Capcom and Nintendo have a very healthy relationship right now, and Capcom needs all the money they can get. He will probably be in the later shipments though.

  7. The quality of the Amiibo’s are fine for $13 figures w/nfc. If you guys compare them with other ~$10 and +$30 figures, then perhaps you’d see the asking reasonably matches the quality.
    The only thing bad is that Nintendo showcasing the protoypes got peoples expectations up. They did their disclaimer but perhaps they should have made it clearer.

  8. The Fox Amiibo doesn’t actually look half bad. He’s one of my favorite characters too so I’m glad about this. Maybe they didn’t ruin all the Amiibo’s after all? I still want to see what Captain Falcon looks like now since I saw the E3 version. Hopefully he still has at least half of the quality he did.

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