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Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros 3DS Champion In The UK

The battle was fierce, but Omer Khan who was playing as Rosalina & Luma came away the champion of the tournament that was held at London’s York Hall. Khan is the first ever UK Smash Bros champion and wins a number of lucrative items including a Wii U console, a copy of Super Smash Bros, and a lovely goodie bag.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros 3DS Champion In The UK”

  1. Rosalina and Luma? No surprise there.
    They should patch the game and make it so if Luma is KO’d, it takes a stock from Rosalina lol.
    All kidding aside, she definitely has a bit too much control over the battlefield. I honestly feel like the only reason people use her is because she’s considered OP.
    Oh well.

      1. Just because you are good with one character doesn’t make that character better. Rosalina has way more things going for her, a basic Rosalina is much tougher than a basic Mario that’s for sure. She’s won 3 out of 4 tournaments I’ve seen so far and 2 of them were high level ones. Yeah I’m better with ROB, but I still can’t do crap against a good Rosalina.

      2. She’s OP when you actually know how to use her… try beating a pro Rosalina user with your Mario. It’s very unlikely unless you’re like the best Mario in the world.

  2. Yeah she’s definitely over powered but Rosalina isn’t the problem that needs to be dealt with first. How about Mr. Over Powered himself… Little Mac. Meta Knight still needs to be nerfed, same for Pit and of course… leave it to Sakurai to still leave his characters in charge, why does Kirby get stronger? We all know why.

  3. Meta Knight has already been nerfed so much it blows my mind. He seems to be too weak to me now. Rosalina however does appear to be top tier with me, she has an insanely good moveset even without luma. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her get some nerfbat.
    Meanwhile, if anyone wants a challenge, here is my FC. Let me know if you add me of course.

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