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There’s Going To Be An Arcade Version Of Luigi’s Mansion By Capcom

Yup, you read that headline right, Capcom is developing an arcade version of Luigi’s Mansion. The snazzy cabinets have been spotted at several test locations during the Halloween period. The location test ran from October 30th until November 3rd. What we aren’t sure about is whether this is a brand new Luigi’s Mansion game or simply a redesigned port of the GameCube or Nintendo 3DS versions. Either way, let’s hope that it eventually comes to the Wii U.

Thanks, alexinfurs and retrogaminglord

39 thoughts on “There’s Going To Be An Arcade Version Of Luigi’s Mansion By Capcom”

        1. Long time no see Anubis. Never thought I’d see you complimenting the Nintendo. I have yet to see the day the Wii U becomes a money-magnet. I just like seeing all the chaos Ninty brings into our world. Don’t you agree? Chaos is so delicious. MMmmm~ *licks lips*

      1. (Iwata)

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    1. Japan is full of arcades. Arcades popularity died out here in the west, but stayed strong in Japan.

      That looks like it would be so much fun to play. Maybe they will send a few to the U.S. I would make a trip to D.B. to play it.

      1. Yeah, I know in Japan it is bigger, but if the games were like this and some that were submersive I would go, but in the west, yeah, not enough people to go and support the highest quality games

        1. Here in Illinois (In a suburb of Chicago called Brookfield) we have the largest arcade in North America Called Galloping Ghost Arcade, and it’s very popular. They have over 400 video games at one time on the floor and they’re open from 11 until 2am every day also pay a fee of $15 everything is free play. You can pay the $15 play a couple games will couple hours leave and come back as long as they’re still open and you have your receipt.they even have a party room they have four big flatscreen televisions and reclining chairs with the latest video game systems that you can have a party with for $75 all day plus $5 per person. Do you have custom arcade cabinet is based on the XboxOne and PS4and PlayStation 3. I would love seat is game there will be awesome.

    1. There isn’t any. The cabinets has signs warning people not to take photos of the game itself (hence us seeing just the cabinet). Try and take a photo, as my friend in Japan did, and you get a right rollicking by the people who work at the arcade and they demand you remove the photo.

  2. Cool, though there are no arcades around me lol.

    Unrelated, does anyone know if wal mart will be selling the gamecube adapters for Wii U for midnight release? I’m trying to have a party for release, and the party would be ruined if I didn’t have at least 1 adapter. I’m probably picking up at wally at midnight cause gamestops will be a lot busier I’m sure. Wal mart doesn’t take preorders as far as I know, so it’s first come first served. I could try best buy too, but I doubt they are doing midnight release.

      1. Yea I know I pre-ordered one a week ago, but they had to get it from online cause pre-orders are sold out in stores. I just called though and I’m gonna have my friend go pre-order me the separate adapters cause they still have the adapters available for pre-order apparently, just not the bundle. I’m stuck at work all day so I can’t go myself lol.

          1. Yea I took off saturday to go to food and wine fest at epcot and spent a decent amount of money and I’m missing 3 shifts this weekend for EDC so I need the money sadly lol. And I just got a text saying my pre-orders for 2 adapters were just placed so I’m good to go :)

  3. Luigi #1! That’s cool but when will we get a luigi Wii U game? and don’t give me none of that Luigi bros.U stuff that was more like dlc.

  4. I’d love:
    1) A Luigi’s Mansion Haunted House Ride were you get to explore the mansion in real life.

    2) Wii U Luigi’s Mansion 3

    3) This to get released in US and Europe.

  5. I’d be so THRILLED if a new Luigi’s Mansion was ever announced for Wii U. Especially if it was more like the original.

  6. I miss the days way back before people thought that putting a quarter on the arcade cabinet meant that their turn is reserved. I seriously feel like punching people when they do that.

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