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Sega Says They Are Adapting TV Shows And Films For Their Older IP’s

More movie news following the report that Sony is planning to create a Super Mario Bros movie. Now we are hearing that Sega is adapting a number of TV shows and films based on their older IP’s such as Golden Axe and Shinobi, amongst others. The company says they’re “looking to partner with the major studios, A-list producers and filmmakers to adapt these properties.” These will then be made into feature films, TV shows and digital series.

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107 thoughts on “Sega Says They Are Adapting TV Shows And Films For Their Older IP’s”

    1. Let’s discuss more interesting stuff
      Amid the confusion regarding amiibo figures apparently being discontinued (and then not) and the scarcely credible defected models we’ve been seeing, it’s easy to miss the fact that Nintendo’s new “toys to life” range has been a storming success — so much so that the insatiable demand has clearly caught the Kyoto veteran napping.

      The amiibo concept has gotten off to an encouraging start, and twinning the launch with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was a master-stroke. Being able to train up your character in the game means that those 8-player Smash contests are a little easier to organise, even when you lack the full compliment of human participants. However, with some people already complaining that their amiibo has reached its maximum level, it’s clear that Nintendo has to keep the momentum going with more titles and new ideas.

      It has already been confirmed that amiibo will offer some interactivity with future games like Mario Party 10, and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will see support added retrospectively, but if my experiences with the likes of Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 are anything to go by, these titles could end up offering very limited connectivity.

      Mario Kart 8 allows you to unlock additional costumes, but the amiibo interaction is a one-time event — you only need to link the toy once to gain the outfit. Connectivity with Hyrule Warriors extends to linking your figure each day to gain rewards, but these aren’t exactly unique or exciting, and if you’re anything like me then you’ve probably already stopped bothering with them. This minimal level of interaction isn’t going to be enough to keep people interested in pretty but inanimate lumps of plastic, so Nintendo really needs to provide something else in 2015 to keep amiibo in the public eye.

      There’s a chance that already-announced titles like Splatoon, Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda will offer amiibo support, and in the case of the first two games this could potentially could extend to a Smash-style system of training figures up. Splatoon is, as we already know, largely a multiplayer affair, admittedly with a ‘Hero’ single-player mode; perhaps we will see a small wave of new figures based on the squid-like characters from the game, and you’ll be able to train these up by taking part in online battles? Given how popular the four-player dogfighting in Star Fox 64 was, we may see a similar mode in the new Wii U Star Fox — again, amiibo figures could be placed in the game as rivals, learning new techniques and skills as you play. To be fair, this concept could be added to any game which offers multiplayer, and I’m actually kind of surprised that Nintendo hasn’t retrospectively added the ability to add amiibo racers in Mario Kart 8. Given the existence of a Mario amiibo prototype with a chequered flag base design — viewable on Nintendo’s official site, no less and still included in press assets from November — perhaps that is on the cards for 2015 as well?

      Of course, Nintendo has made no secret of the fact that one of amiibo’s biggest selling points is the fact that the characters “learn” alongside you — it even says so on the back of the packaging; so it’s almost a given that the company has plans to replicate the Smash Bros. setup in other titles. This is one of amiibo’s greatest strengths when compared to the likes of Disney Infinity and Skylanders; while those toys can be used across all versions, they’re still limited to a single franchise. Nintendo’s amiibo concept is looking to reach across the company’s portfolio, keeping these figures alive for months to come.

      Even so, I’d be very surprised if Nintendo isn’t already working on a grander application of amiibo, more along the lines of Disney Infinity or Skylanders. The track record of these titles proves that they sell, and Nintendo won’t be blind to this. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is a game that is enriched by amiibo but doesn’t rely on it; what would really push the concept forward is an amiibo-exclusive release which requires the figures to play. This might sound like a regressive step given that Nintendo’s aim has always been to improve on the “toys to life” model, but how long will players realistically be entertained by simply training up pieces of plastic or unlocking one-time rewards?

      When you think about it, the prospect of Nintendo beating Activision and Disney at their own game is tantalizing. How about a Super Mario 3D World variant where amiibo characters are used in unique and inventive ways? Or an action RPG where your team is made up from the toys you own, and each amiibo has its own back-story and personality? So far, Skylanders and Disney Infinity have followed a pretty regimented method of putting toys into their respective games, but I’m sure that Nintendo could come up with something fresh and new to take the concept to the next level.

      Of course, there’s the issue that you can only have one helping of read/write data on an amiibo at any one time, which means when titles with deeper interaction do come along, you’ll have to erase the data on the figure and start afresh. Seeing as Smash Bros. is the only game with read/write capability available right now, it’s not an issue, but when the time comes Nintendo could potentially expand the amiibo settings menu on the Wii U to allow for data backups. We already know that Smash Bros. “stores” your amiibo’s data in-between fights before transferring it back to the figure (I’ve already experienced some failed NFC exchanges which resulted in corrupted data, requiring the amiibo to be restored automatically by another tap on the GamePad) so it’s clearly possible to retain this information and reload it back onto the figure at any time.

      After the mixed fortunes of the Wii U and slowly decreasing global sales of the 3DS, amiibo could well be Nintendo’s biggest commercial opportunity going into 2015. As many predicted all along, the popularity of the company’s massive cast of characters is enough to put even the likes of Disney in the shade, but that can only last so long. To keep amiibo fresh and exciting Nintendo needs to deliver titles which offer deep interaction with the toys, and possibly consider exclusive releases which take that interaction even further by requiring amiibo to function.

      Another avenue which could potentially be explored is opening up amiibo to other developers and publishers. The fact that both Sonic and Pac-Man exist with the initial amiibo range (thanks to their inclusion in Smash Bros.) proves that deals can be done, and although the tweet from Curve Digital expressing interest in doing a Stealth Inc 2 Clone/Shovel Knight Amiibo double-pack was possibly made in jest, it nevertheless creates a pretty exciting picture of what amiibo’s future could be like.

      1. I went to five different stores the other day and none of them had Villager, Marth, or Wii Fit Trainer. And Amazon as well as other sites I’ve checked don’t even have Little Mac, Pit, or Captain Falcon. This is not good. And I’m guessing it’s also because of collectors buying multiples of the same amiibo just so they can sell them online which is causing the shortage. Ugh…

        1. That’s also why the Gamecube Controller Adapters are in short stock… Because like 60% of the people who bought them, bought like 5 to sell online… And now no one gets one…

      2. Very good arguing here. I also think the Amiibo concept will die out if Nintendo doesn’t do something “deeper” with it. If it weren’t for Smash it would more or less be useless. Would be fun with a well made Amiibo exclusive!

    2. No, but this is another big reason why Nintendo needs to buy them. Sega doing this is a big step in the right direction. When Mario is more recognizable then Micky mouse, then their should be no excuse as to why Nintendo is not bigger then Disney.
      Nintendo should have shows on adult swim, cartoon network, and original shows and movies through Netflix. (they should also buy platinum)
      Sega is stepping in the right direction. Nintendo is on its way though, with the pikmin shorts and now I guess a Mario movie. Customers especially the youth need media to keep their mind on a product. That’s part of why Pokemon did so well, toys, cards, show, movies, games, spin off games, food products, clothing, exe. Nintendo needs to become bigger then Disney. Honestly buying Sega and platinum, and focusing on making shows/movies with their games well bring them their.

      1. To be fair, some of the characters from these games were racers in the multiplatform Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing games. Not to mention Shinobi did have a game on the 3DS. XD

  1. I don’t really know how to feel about this, especially since this is a bigger budget project than what Namco did with ShiftyLook. I think Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, and Altered Beats has the potential of being films while Crazy Taxi and Virtua Fighter can have TV adaptions.

    If there are other older IP’s involved than the above, they should definitely consider doing Skies of Arcadia and Jet Set Radio.

                  1. Ever since the first movie, SpongeBob has turned to shit. It’s no longer interesting or funny anymore. Now it’s merely a forced former she’ll of itself to keep milking it’s life and money out of the show off of kids and stupid ass parents. I stopped watching after the last movie and the last movie was okay at best.

                    1. Yeah, I miss the older episodes. They were so funny. I think season 9 is where I started to not really like it that much. Tbh, I think the Spongebob movie is the best of them all.

                      1. I still believe after the last movie, SpongeBob started to suck and be milked with these dumbass character changes like Patrick being mean spirited and more stupid to SpongeBob and Mr. Krab being a total dick without a heart for anyone even his own daughter…and repetitive dry humor and plot repeats the same fucking BS for every episode like SpongeBob and Patrick trolling with Squidward and Plankton stealing the Krabby Patty. That’s all you see in episodes these days. Rinse and Repeat nonsense that the older episodes have done a lot better in its older days.

                        Episodes like the Valentine’s Day, April Fools, Alaskan Bull Worm, Weenie Hut Jr’s, Plankton’s first episode which his grand scheme could’ve worked if he hadn’t been stupid to fool around with SpongeBob and especially my all time favorite: Chocolate with Nuts that had like the best, the funniest segment in any cartoon where the guy first screams “CHOOOCOLAAAAATE!” XD Those episodes were golden and always made me laugh. Sadly, those days are gone with the new shallow ass episodes but the episodes are not and we can still relive those days. :)

                          1. Oh that too was good. XD What about…Mrs. Puff’s dream sequence with Spongebob sending her to jail or her trying to steal his boat after giving him that “extra credit” excuse to pass him to get away from Spongebob? XD

                              1. Squidward’s Day Off too when Squidware snapped and Mr. Krabs in “Clams” when a ginat clam ate his dollar and went batshit crazy to use Spongebob and Squidward as live bait. XD

                                1. Its not about the style. Its about the substance and the new movie seems to restore most of that lost substance: The old Spongebob comedy that made the series worked back then.

                                    1. Its like saying “Nintendo games look fun but the graphics look like crap so I don’t buy/play their games for that reason”

                                      Thats gotta be the most shallow ass reason to skip this movie. I saw the trailer and it actually won me over because I can see the film going back to its old roots with its classic comedic routes again like when they showed Patrick having a crush on some human chick when he’s actually crushing on an ice cream. That shit made me laugh and it was a good “WTF” moment that worked regularly on older Spongebob episodes. :)

                                        1. For the series, it hasnt been done before, the 3D part but the realism was done from the last movie and a number of old episodes so why the 3D models is a turn off for you? ^^;

                                            1. Just because it went live-action doesn’t mean I thought it sucked, but as soon as it did go live-action… the jokes went horrible… I don’t know why. The story sounds decent and the superpower thing is okay, but overall, so far, it seems like they’re trying too hard to make it like the original movie in a way. Like I said though, when it was cartooned, it had some okay jokes in there, unlike the seasons since the last movie.

                          2. Sony making a Mario movie… that goes against the laws of physics. Anyway, they shouldn’t work with the Sony studio, because they trash talk their clients. We know this because North Korea leaked the information for us.

                            SEGA and Nintendo should partner with Disney, if anything, to make their video game characters come to life on the big screen.

                            1. To hell the whole Disney, didnt you see the latest StarWars trailer? I mean in few minutes they managed to fuck up the whole series. So yeah say disbye for disney and be glad if Sony makes SMBros. movie.

                              1. I did see the new StarWars trailer and the movie looks amazing, so I have no idea what the hell you are thinking. Elaborate… PLEASE… tell me how they screwed up. I want to hear your wackjob opinion.

                          3. This is fine by me. But I would like it if they would also make new games. I mean after playing Sonic Racing, it made me curious to try the other games that the characters were from. I want to get into Phantasy Star Online, Jet Set Radio, Skies of Arcadia, etc. As much as I like Sonic, they should seriously give him a break!

                                  1. Do you see what I mean now? Sega needs to revive these franchises! If they won’t do that, the least they could do is remaster some old games… *coughskiesofarcadiacough*

                                      1. Yeah true dat. I really loved Sega back in the day, I even bought multiple Dreamcasts for my family. After that era though, I never truly supported them as much ever again

                                        1. Dreamcast was a beast, funfact is that the system was doing really well, it was selling but Sega had so many financial problems that the success of Dreamcast wasnt enough to keep them alive, the thing is DC was doing better and better but wasnt just enough. Gotta agree that after they went 3rd party they were never the same Sega, although i blame that to their idiotic decision to merger with Pachinko company.

                                      2. SEGA: “Here’s the first 3 Sonic games!” Me: Woooow, this is soooo cooooooooooowl…. *2 minutes later* SEGA: “haha, you liked the Genesis?! Here’s the all-new, ultra-powerful, and totally-not-a-ripoff Sega CD and Sega 32x! With FMV!!!!!@UHUFH!” Me: Umm… okay Sega, now stop being stupid…” SEGA: “HEY YOU, I bet you liked the 32x and CD right? WELL HERE’S THE MOTHER******’ Sega Saturn baby! Oh wait, it’s already cancelled… DANGIT SONIC R…” Me: “Uh… I think I might just go back to Nintendo or try out Sony now, Sega if that’s oka-” SEGA: NONONONOOOOO YOU STAY WITH ME LITTLE ***** YOUR MIIIIINE NOW!” Me: “I can just stop buying you games you know.” SEGA: “*gasps heavily* OH NO NOT MY WEAKNESS… HERE FORGIVE ME, HERE’S THE DREAMCAST! WITH ALL THE GOOD GAMES!” Me: “Wow! This is awesome, this is surely the next true innovation in gaming, right, Sega?” SEGA: “Yep, you’re sure rig- *passes out, and possibly dies, you decide…*” Me: Sega?! SEGA?!? SEGAAA NOOOOOO, YOU JUST BECAME GOOD… WEGWEGEWGEGGEG…” The End

                          4. Because it makes more sense to neglect their older IP for modern day game revivals as cartoons and keep milking their tried and failed Sonic franchises until it’s life it’s drained out of his blue body.

                            Yeah Sega, this is a good plan…to continue fucking yourselves from becoming good again.

                            1. To be fair, theres a chance that lets say if they do tv show for SkiesOfArcadia and its a success they may gain lots of audience for the series to comeback into videogame format, maybe? But anyway its SegaSammyHoldings these days, the good ol´Sega is dead already so i wont get my hopes up.

                              1. If they do think about having a Skies of Acradia show, it has to be an anime (considering the games’s art style) and it needs to be based on the original game (Who really wouldn’t want to see guys like Ramirez again?).

                                1. Well SegaSammyHoldings will find a way to fuck it up anyway lol. Remember Sega these days dont make any sense, so SOA tv show would probably end up being some kids morning show with real actors LOL and to make things worse they would hire Justin Bieber to act as Vyse LMAO, honestly thats what you should expect from todays Sega, they arent what they were.

                                  1. That is true, they aren’t really themselves anymore. At least they are in a better situation than Crapcom with their constant hardon for realistic graphics, abandonment of Mega Man, and the whole overpriced DLC craze.

                                    There I said it, modern Sega is arguably better than Modern Capcom these days.

                                    1. The frustrating thing about Capcom is that they’re trying to be the next Activision, the next EA. They’re desperately trying to find some infinite cash cow series to milk. That’s why they turned series like Resident Evil into action games. They stopped listening to their fans, and that’s the worst thing any company can do

                                      1. Yeah. They decided to listen to the fans of OTHER games instead of the fans of their own games. “Look how well COD is selling! Let’s turn Resident Evil into that! We’re bound to make millions!” *rolls eyes* Ugh!

                            2. Sega would have had better luck not allowing their older IPs to become neglected and then fade from our collective memory. Nevertheless, they should be ressurecting old IPs through games, not TV cartoons. The Sonic Racers series proves that Sega has a lot to mine from (and there are a lot of characters not in Sonic Racers that should be). Honestly, I just don’t know what the hell is wrong with Sega. They developed all these great franchises and then abandoned them, only to release one mediocre Sonic game after another. On that note, they need to stop handing off their flagship character to incompetent development houses. Seriously, Sega.

                              1. That much is true man. Sega dont know how to handle their own shit even if their lives depend on it which that was the case when their console market has fallin and now Sonic is on its way to be the next to fail. If I were Sega CEO, I’d give Sonic for Nintendo to give it a spin and watch them revive the series back to his classic route while evolutionizing him in a far less ridiculous way that Sega does like the werehog or adding a sprint button…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Still going on with your delusions about me being an Xbot, Donko?…

                                    You keep exposing yourself as the low-life trolls I’ve always identified you as…

                                    Xbots can’t even role-play anything, they can’t even be themselves good enough…

                                    1. “Xbots can’t even role-play anything, they can’t even be themselves good enough…”

                                      Pretty much confirms you as an Xbot.

                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                        It’s adorable how your persistent yet primitive brain tries to counter my comments and yet always fail…

                                        1. But what you said is true, Xbots cant roleplay and be themselfs good enough which pretty much equals to you. Sry just saying, robocop.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    They even buy invisible Amiibos as that Boss Bitch posted yesterday or so…

                                    Slaves are so great to have…

                            1. Those two would be pretty nice due to their recency, but it appears that they are only focusing on their 90’s classics instead (Though NiGHTS had a game in the 90’s and his most recent game was on the Wii).

                          5. That’s gay why take a bunch of games that are classic and and ruin it by making films and TV shows out of them games should not be made into movies remember Mario bros god that was trash those retarded goombas that looked nothing like the goombas from the games just talking about that movie makes me want to shoot myself

                          6. As if Sega hasn’t already buried most of their IPs, they want to bury them further by making movies for them instead of rebooting them with new games. Just look at fucking Sonic! The games suck & barely sell but it’s cartoons do rather great! Maybe Sega should hand over the game development to the makers of their Sonic cartoons after those guys get some video game tech education.

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