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Sony Gearing Up To Make A Super Mario Bros Movie

Well it’s certainly started out being a weird news day as Sony Pictures is apparently making an animated movie based on the Super Mario Bros franchise. The news was discovered after Sony Pictures was recently hacked and the data was poured onto the internet. The Super Mario Bros movie is very early in development and may never see the light of day, but let’s hope it does.

“I am the proud father of mario the animated film [sic],” producer Avi Arad told Sony studio chief Amy Pascal in an email dated Oct. 23, 2014, with the subject line “Mario.” Arad then forwarded Pascal separate images of him with Mario Bros.creator Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, the latter of which included the message, “Happy ceo, lets get together, it’s the mother load. [sic]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

126 thoughts on “Sony Gearing Up To Make A Super Mario Bros Movie”

    1. Sony Pictures isn’t Playstation so they aren’t competition. Plus its freaking MARIO, it would be smart of Sony to greenlight this project specially if the animation is top notch. If Avi is involved in the project you’ll know for sure it’ll be good, he’s worked with some of the better Marvel Movies, and even some Game related stuff.

      This could actually turn out good.

      1. Didn’t they already fucked Mario with a terrible movie 30 years ago? I mean no disrespect to Bob who played Mario and God bless his soul (RIP Bob) but I seriously don’t want another Mario movie after that shitfest.

            1. Does it really matter? It’ll most likely be a bad movie anyway. Not because Sony is doing it, but because it’ll be a Mario movie. Not trying to hate on Mario, but we don’t really play the games for their story.

              1. The movie can combine all of the plot premises of Mario like Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario Bros. 1&3 as a start. :) As long as Nintendo has majority supervision and if the movie is animated in Nintendo’s Mario cartoon style, it could be good. Also bring Charles Martinet to do the voices of Mario and other characters, nobody else.

              2. You also don’t play Lego’s for any other reason than to play them but they managed to make an absolutely great movie out of it.

                Do you even know who Avi Arad is?

                1. Fair point, I did enjoy the lego movie. SO I suppose the movie being good is possible.

                  and I do, though I fail to see how his involvement means anything.

                  1. Well Avi has been involved on some Uncharted, Infamous, and even Mass Effect stuff so he’s no stranger to the video game industry, if he’s involved we are pretty much promised a good movie at least.

          1. I’m not a Sony fanboy you dumb fuck I already told you that so it proves to show your ignorance. I have only owned Nintendo consoles (PC doesn’t count). What I am saying is that you’re some dumbass 4 year old who treats gaming like a god damn civil war.

        1. We get the story. “Nintendo *screwed* over Sony with their deal which requires higher loyality fees, thus inspiring Sony to release their supposed collaborated console as their own renamed PlayStation and Nintendo accidently created a monster rival console” I get it.

              1. Yeah… Uncharted, Mario Kart, God of War, Starfox, Infamous, Zelda, and pretty much every big AAA third party game on the same console…

                  1. Well, the only Street Fighter I’ve played before is 2. But I’d want to play the new one. Kind of unexpected for V to skip Xbox though.

                    1. Same. But I stopped playing it because of motherfuckers spamming the same moves repeatedly like that dude with Mr. Fantastic arms hitting players from a distance which is why I fucking hate him now. Thank god for Super Smash Bros. making fighting gameplay fair and fun.

                      1. Lol I know exactly who you’re talking about. Dhalism. That guy with the stretchy body parts that can also shoot fire. So annoying. But there’s been way more characters since then and I’m pretty sure they also nerfed that guy anyways. Lol.

                        1. I really liked Phil Spencer’s response: “business deals happen”. He basically silenced some of the Xbox fanboys bashing PS for “being evil”, “being greedy”, etc.

            1. *want. And yeah I wonna see those fuck reaction as well. And didn’t Nintendo work with Sony in the past?

                      1. No. You gotta consider the amount of money they had back the which isn’t as much as the amount of money they have right now (I’m talking billions in their bank now) and how much Sony charged Nintendo for the possible loyalty back in the 90s.

                          1. I get they like to play safe but would you rather want them to play their business smart or go down the Sega/Sony route where they will lose most of their money and be in such dire trouble or go with Microsoft’s path and be hated for BS charging online services and input DRM, paywall, monopolizing the market like crazy that many will argue them for not allowing competition and choices to exist?

                          1. Shuhei told me about Sony’s deal also means that they have majority control of Nintendo’s IPs meaning they would call the shots and Nintendo becomes almost nonexistent as a gaming company which is why they also backed out of the “deal”. Sony literally tried to take control of Nintendo with the deal so the loyalty cost isn’t just the problem. Thank god that deal didn’t happen.

                    1. It wasn’t because of loyalty fees, it was because of Yamauchi reading the contract and realizing that Sony had total of their IPs like Mario and Zelda. Like the typical control freak that he was, he cancelled the deal in fear that Sony might taint their franchises

                      1. If it was my IPs and learn that another company I wanted to partner with would seize total control of them not knowing what they would do to it, I would fear my future of my work. Looking at how they handled Crash, their online services and prices sometimes, I wouldn’t trust Sony either and they do have the potential to fuck up their own brands like the PSVita and PS3 in its early days.

                        1. To be honest I’m not angry at Yamauchi for doing that, with the same reasons you listed. And if that cancelled deal meant that consoles like the N64 and PS1 were released, I wouldn’t ever change anything. But I still wonder what would a Sony and Nintendo collab would have resulted in though…

                          1. What that so called “collaboration” would’ve done is Sony seizes most control of Nintendo and would slowly phase them out of existence of the market. We both know what else would happen…Nintendo turns 3rd party and they’ll be ruined indefinitely which is why they say over and over again that if one day that their business goes down, they’ll take everything of theirs with them and not give it away so that whoever has their IP piece will destroy it. Sony let Crash to be ruined and Microsoft/EA killed so many gaming franchises and studios they touch.

                          2. No Stranga, they don’t seize control of Nintendo. The contract states that Nintendo makes their own consoles, Sony makes a console with Nintendo’s permission, with their in-house developers working on Nintendo franchises if they want.

                          3. I’m glad they didn’t collaborate. If they did then not only would the the N64 and PS1 never exist but I also think some of my fav games like Crash, Sly Cooper, Ratchet and Clank…etc would of never have been made. (Cause they were all made to rival Nintendos platformers)

        2. If you all think this is bad, then get a load of what Sega is planning to do. They are trying to give their older IP’s like Crazy Taxi and Streets of Rage the “ShiftyLook treatment”, reviving them with media like TV Shows and big budget films.

        3. Not surprising, after all Sony does the audio for the Pokemon anime. Just because they compete in the console market doesn’t mean Nintendo won’t cooperate with other divisions.

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        5. I’m hoping it’s an animated movie. If it features real actors, then it’s an instant fail imo. That just doesn’t work with Mario!

          1. *facepalm* Nevermind. I see it already is. I really should start reading the actual article instead of just the headline. XD

          2. Animated with Charles Martinet doing the voices and the story directly adapting the original games like maybe Super Mario Bros. 3/World where he’s video games shined even brighter in its days.

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          1. And why exactly ? It’s not like Sony is doing this without Nintendo’s permission, of course Nintendo is very well aware of this and has approved of it, otherwise Sony wouldn’t even have been allowed to start the project.
            Instead of appreciating the collaboration that might actually turn out to be an enjoyable movie, some of you guys are still unreasonably acting like silly fanboys, it’s really sad.
            A movie like that is going to do nothing but help Nintendo. They’re going to get attention and Sony will be doing better marketing for them with the movie than Nintendo is doing for themselves.

            1. Because Sony Movie Studios are TERRIBLE at making movies, that’s why. They aren’t even affiliated with Sony Gaming, so the petty console wars have nothing to do with this.

              They need to give Spider-man back to Marvel too…

              1. Exactly, they don’t really have much to do with the Playstation division, that’s why it’s even sillier that people get so upset over this.
                And they’re terrible at making movies ? Huh ? You do realize that they’ve made MANY movies over the last decades, with really good ones among them ? I mean, Sony Pictures is one of Sony’s most profitable divisions, and I believe there must be a reason for that.
                Also not sure what you mean with your last paragraph, Spiderman is still Marvel’s…?

                1. Spider-Man movie rights are Sony’s. Sony makes the Spider-Man movies which is why we haven’t seen him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with The Avengers and so on. Most people want Sony to give the rights back to Marvel. We will not see that happen for a very long time.

                  That said, Sony and Marvel have been in talks to include Spidey in the MCU. There were talks of having him appear in Captain America: Civil War, but that deal fell apart. Some other talks are still going on now. One can only hope that they agree on making it actually happen. That would be amazing.

              2. Not all of Sony’s movies are bad. They make both great and bad films. But they have a lot of good stuff under their belt like Tootsie, Ghostbusters, Annie, The Karate Kid, The Last Emperor, The Prince of Tides, A Few Good Men, Groundhog Day, Sense and Sensibility, Spider-Man 1 and 2, Men in Black, Big Fish, Casino Royale, Skyfall, etc. There are literally hundreds of films from Sony that have been widely accepted as good or even great.

                I agree though, I wish they would give the rights for Spider-Man back to Marvel. I doubt that will happen any time soon though.

        8. They are going to trash mario to raise their sales. And they will be making money off mario which is nintendo’s icon. This sucks!

          1. Not unless Nintendo oversees the entire project closely and if it doesn’t work like they hoped, they’ll scrap it just like that possible Metroid movie that John Woo was gonna direct.

            1. Like many, I was overjoyed by the prospect of a Metroid movie. But in retrospect, was it really the right project for John Woo?

        9. I have no problem with this. It’s great seening the 2 companies work together for something relating to Video Games( albeit, not making an actual game together.) That being said, butthurt fans of either company that hate the other company hate comments in 3…2….1….

            1. D’oh!!! It’s funny, I for one would love this to be true, as long as neither side gets bad press in any way for it…

        10. Look on the bright side, at least Nintendo wasn’t dumb enough to make a movie on Miis. Now that would be the most terrifying movie to exist. *shudders*

        11. Nintendo giving Sony permission to make a Super Mario movie? Well, SEGA now makes games on Nintendo platforms, so I suppose anything is possible. But I won’t hold my breath.

          1. Because most of them have no idea how any of these businesses are set up or work.

            This wouldn’t be anything new. Like you said, this is a separate entity in the Sony Corporation. Sony has their services like a Sony Pictures app and Crackle on Xbox. Sony used to make computers that ran Microsoft OS. Sony pictures had video games outsourced to other companies who published those games go on other platforms like Xbox and Nintendo, etc.

            It’s all about making money.

        12. Lol I wonder how mad the fan boys are right now probably shaking there fists in rage saying dam you dam you all to hell see Sony has respect for Nintendo their not gay fan boys even Microsoft respects them to fan boys need to play games on all 3 consoles and not compare them and saying which is better that’s not a true gamer just a whiny little bitch boy

        13. As much as I enjoyed the Super Mario Bros movie with Bob Hoskins, Dennis Hopper, & John Leguizamo, the real problem with that movie that made it fail in the box office was the movie tried too hard to be taken seriously. Not to mention the biggest problem it had that some comic book movies of today are having: trying to god damn hard to be realistic in a fictional world that is by it’s very nature unrealistic.

          1. Like how Fox is trying to make the Fantastic Four reboot more ingrained into reality. I want fantasy out of my comic book movies like Superman, Fantastic Four, X-Men, etc, not fucking reality!

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