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Darksiders II Gets Temporary Discount In The Wii U eShop

For a limited time, Darksiders II is discounted in the Nintendo eShop on Wii U. Until January 6th, the digital version of the action-adventure title can be purchased for $7.99. The Wii U version of Darksiders II includes a selection of bonus content, including Argul’s Tomb, the Death Rides Pack and the Deadly Despair Pack. It also utilizes the Wii U GamePad screen to allow players to instantly access inventory and abilities.

132 thoughts on “Darksiders II Gets Temporary Discount In The Wii U eShop”

          1. Anyone can buy an Amiibo if they want. It’s not just for kids. As for haters, they can just shut up and not buy them. Simple as that. Just because some people don’t like the toys doesn’t mean that everyone else shouldn’t get to have them. Sure, I’m only 16 years old and I will be buying these, but even if I was 25 or 30 I’d still buy them. Because I don’t give a crap what anyone says about them being childish. It’s like everyone is forgetting what the term “mature” even means anymore. Just because an adult is buying toys does not make them childish. And just because a little kid plays an M rated games does not make him or her mature. With video games, mature only means that you are not legally old enough to buy it on your own. But you can be “mature” enough to play it. You can be grown and still be less mature than some kids. Nintendo may not be known for putting adult content in their games, but they do try to cater to everyone of all ages. You don’t need to be a little kid just to buy Amiibos. I’d say that anyone saying that these are for little kids aren’t even that mature themselves. Did you know that some people even say that video games are for kids? And they say that stuff like partying and drinking alcohol is mature. Yeah, no. That’s immaturity. The point is that Nintendo didn’t “ruin” their image. They are trying to be a company that appeals to everyone. From little kids to teenagers to adults and families and even older people. Nintendo could bringout a console that has tons of rated M games and it still won’t change who they are. They’ll still be making all those cartoonish games like Mario and Zelda. In fact, those are what made them popular in the first place. Not realistic shooters and all the other M games. And they’re still doing that today so I don’t see how they ruined their image.

            1. My problem with them is simply the fact that everyone here said skylanders were garbage but Amiibo is somehow amazing. Hypocrisy is rampant around here.






              2. The reason skylanders isent as good has nothing to with buying the toy for content. Its how the toys are used. Skylanders only work for the latest games, so you need a new game every time you want the new toys. How ever amiibo can work for several games, and well be an incentive to collect them because new games well have content unlocked if you own the toys.

                Amiubo well also be sold as cards and other objects (like a smart phone, watch or even tap and pay)

                Skylanders are cool, but even Disney infinite is better

                1. Great, amiibos are better because they’re AI’s, and…. Costumes? Hypocrisy is hypocrisy no matter how you slice it. Amiibos are what they are because Nintendo notice a market with Skylanderns and decided to tap into it.

                  Buy your toys if you want but don’t deny how most of these wiitards are back peddling on what they said before.

                  1. Im not back peddling on shit. Skylanders suck, and your argument holds no water. Let me ask you, do you like pickles? Well then you must like cucumber too then right? You would be a hypocrit to like pickles and hate cucumbers? Right? Using your strange logic.

              3. There is no hypocrisy at all. Why is it hypocritical to dislike skylanders and love Amiibos? I hate Skylanders. I hate Spyro dragon, and the games are boring and full of glitches. I don’t have any draw towards the toys either. They are not characters I know, or have any nostalgia for. I have absolutely no motivation to collect the toys at all.

                Amiibos are different. They are well known characters that most of us have grown up with our whole life. The games they represent are on a different level in quality, and are just simply more fun to play. There is a reason to collect Amiibos. It’s pretty ridiculous for you to say one must also like Skylanders just becouse they like Amiibos.

          1. YOU know there are people who don’t know what SD cards are or how to use them right? YOU know getting SD cards is an inconvenience right? YOU know SD cards are extra wasted money right? Nintendo is fucking stupid

            1. And actually the wii u games do not save on a SD card. It’s only really for the wii games. To have more space on your wii u, you would need a external hard drive.

              1. 1. Dress up, get out of house (10 minutes)
                2. Drive, take a bus/train to nearest store (5 minutes least, 30 minutes most)
                3. Enter the store, find the item (5 minutes)
                4. Spend unnecessary money ($5-$20)
                5. Repeat step 2 to house (5-30 minutes)
                6. Put the item into Wii U, if you are new to this waste the time looking up how to do it properly on the Internet (5 minutes)

                That’s already 1 h 20 minutes of your life gone. It’s an extra hassle on top of setting up the Wii U, getting your NNID, spending precious money on the console itself , et cetera. YOURE the dumbass here. A console should be built for convenience long term and short term,that’s why people choose em over a PC. Nintendo fails at all points

                1. It’s not really that much of an inconvenience unless you never leave the house. You can just stop somewhere on your way to or from work, or any other occasion on which you might be going out. Yes it’s an inconvenience to some, but you’re making a bigger deal about it than it really is. I would rather not pay for the extra storage up front. That being said, most gamers are idiots and can’t figure out or refuse to learn simple things, such as what or how to hook up an External HDD or simple usb drive. I don’t think that charging more for a console with more memory would’ve helped the wiiU in any way. I think the main problem is the gamepad. I like it and use it all the time, but it should have been an optional peripheral like the kinect.

            2. Let me just say if ur a xbox fan talking shit u can onli download about 5 games on the one b4 you’ll need external hard drive so can’t really say shit bout memory you dumb fuck

              1. Exactly. 500GB and for what? Same amount of digital downloads at 30-50GB respectively as on Wii U around 5 to near 17GB which Wii U games are intelligently compressed for smaller storage requirement while the other two dont? These hypocrites really should STFU and get a strong reality check from their own so called “powerfully equipped game” consoles for instance. Xbox DOne and PS4 are merely cosmetic updates of PS3/360 at best or worse when you buy an Xbox Done for DRM and fire hazard when it blows up.

                1. That’s a completely wrong comparison since the XBO can connect, save, and even play media from an external drive. Yes you’ll run out of space but at least you get 500GB as appose to 8-32GB

                  The PS4 on the other hand.

                  1. It’s called “SkyDrive”. I get it but what are the chances that someone would hack your cloud and do whatever to your saves? That’s why external flash drives are a safer option from possible hackers. So cloud drive is risky and dependent on Internet connection. Besides, cloud gaming isn’t even ready and remembering what the douchebags at Microsoft tried or already have done with DRM, I prefer physical media.

                  2. Also, don’t even think about talking anything about PS4. It’s the same shit except PS actually has exclusives, it’s cheaper and it doesn’t fucking explode and end up burning someone’s living room shelf (Xbox)

      1. Wow… This isn’t a shooter, and is in fact, a 3D platformer. It’s a cross between God of War and Zelda and it’s quite possibly one of the best games on the Wii U.

    1. Its in $ so its probably just in america.

      OP forgot to mention i guess, or implied that people would read the dollar sign as what it means

  1. It’s still €50 in Europe. Yikes! 9.5GB’s? I’d rather buy a retail copy than eat up that much internal memory space on my Wii U. That and a physical copy is always better.

        1. Good Exclusives is what sells consoles that what i used to think but now i see that what truly sells a console is
          – Overhyped ( Watch Dogs Destiny)
          – 30 FPS
          – “Cinematic experience”
          – Lies
          – Graphics
          – laughfable attempts at serious story telling

            1. No. He’s right and it only makes 3rd rate parties like Ubishit bigger fucking idiots but only gamers supporting those assholes DESPITE knowing first hand that they’re full of shit are even worse than just being stupid.

          1. -Overhyped
            Far Cry 4, Middle Earth, Inquisition, says hi

            Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Hardline, Blacklight Retribution, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Dying Light, FIFA Soccer 14, Forza Motorsport 5, Flower, Halo: Spartan Assault, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Killer Instinct, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metro: Redux, MLB 14: The Show, Minecraft, Murdered: Soul Suspect, NBA 2K14, Outlast, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Planetside 2, Primal Carnage: Extinction, Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, Project CARS, Resogun, Shadow Warrior, Skylanders: Swap Force, Sniper Elite 3, Tearaway Unfolded, The Last of Us: Remastered, Titanfall, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Trials Fusion, Trine 2, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Warframe, War Thunder, Wolfenstein: The New Order, WWE 2k15 60fps say hi

            -“cinematic experience”
            Fanboy opinion says hi

            Zero false advertising lawsuits say hi

            Solid long term investment says hi

            – laughfable attempts at serious story telling
            TLOU 90+ awards for story including one from Oscar and Bioshock Infinite Emmy’s plot award say hi

      1. The creative director for Darksiders and Darksiders II, Joe Madureira, has hinted that the series may live on.

        Answering questions from fans on his Facebook page, the comic book artist turned his attentions to THQ’s Horsemen-based adventure. “[Darksiders] is not dead!!! The new owner, Nordic seems very committed to continuing the series,” Madureira exclaimed.

        Nordic scooped up a bevy of THQ properties in a $4.9 million job lot auction back in April 2013. Alongside Darksiders, the Swedish company now owns the rights to Red Faction, MX vs. ATV, Supreme Commander, Full Spectrum Warrior, and more.

        Said Maduriera: “As far as my involvement, I can’t say at this point. Hopefully we will all have exciting news about the franchise soon!!!!!!” In May last year, Madureira spoke about the original vision for the third Darksiders title.

        The last entry in the series–for now, at least–was Darksiders II, which was released back in 2012. If the series was to return, it almost certainly wouldn’t be helmed by its original developer Vigil Games. After THQ went bankrupt, Crytek acquired key staff to form Crytek USA.

      2. Ever heard of revivals? Its not like the main developers died so that the game goes nowhere and not only that, Nintendo or another company could fund for the sequel like Nintendo did with Bayonetta 2.

      1. Better having a few GREAT games than horrible Third party support quality over quantity should be a standard in this gaming generation
        That kind of mentality of “oh x console doesn’t have many games as x console” will Kill this industry sooner or later just think about this the Ps4 best selling games of this year were either Remake or Dissapointing Third party multi games like destiny or Watch Dogs while the Wii U despite the fact it doesn’t have much Third party support manege to have the best games of 2014 after this year i have come to belive that gamers will buy any bad game if it is well advertaised
        This trending in gaming Needs and Has to stop other wise we are going to have another gaming Crash and sure Sony Microsoft ( they their other subdivisions of Course) and Nintendo ( Bank savings enough to keep the company good for 30 to 40 years) may survive but the rest of the development companies not and the only responsables of this is going to be the companies like EA UBISOFT Square enix, etc. And us the gamers for allowing them thing like season passes, DLC and console Exclusive bonus
        For this 2015 we need to keep an eye open
        Let’s just hope the next year in gaming can be better

                1. Watch Dogs wasn’t acclaim and AssCreed unity thing hurt their reputations with PC gamers UBISOFT is loosing the trust of alot of people and just because something sells well doesn’t make it good other wise Michael Bay would be an oscar winning director and all of the Call of Duty games will be GOTY material
                  And coming back to Ubisoft locking the game at 30 FPS in PC just so the PC version of the game can compite with the Console counter part (basically crippling the game) was a stupid idea and before you say that 30 FPS looks better no it doesn’t looks better especially when you can use a capture card to record the game at 60FPS not to mention the bugs and the fact they try to included thing like social media and apps to play the game was a stupid idea to if somebody makes a game it should be optimise for all version if you can Make the PS4 of your game look as good as PC version then make the better you can with what you have other wise you lose YOUR costumers trust and respect
                  And that’s only taking about the game let us not tal about AssCreed Rougue or the whole thing with reviewers

                2. Tell that to the royally pissed Halo, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed, PC fans specifically because they all wanna have a word with you and there ruined experiences thanks to the selfish third party making crap for a quick buck from human stupidity.

            1. Good thing too because I dont want more Nintendo fans to be cheated out of their wallets for more incomplete, broken garbage. 2014 has proved that the third party are basically conning every idiot possible with false sense of hype and forged coverage of games like Destiny and Watchdogs.

            1. It all boils down to this. These companies have no power without consumers. If consumers get smart then the companies will change their practices. If the consumers continue to eat whatever they are served without concern for anything else, then we’ll keep getting all of this crap.

              The masses must demand change with the power of our pocket. Unfortunately, the masses do not care for change or do not care enough to make changes.

        1. Well my Wii U collected dust for months before Bayo and Smash came out. I went ahead and replayed Xenoblade twice this year plus tried out the indies on PS4.

          1. And my Ps4 Also collects dust on my room if i WANT good graphics i play on PC and if i want good exclusive i play on my Wii U and Xbone i regret buying a Ps4 for destiny and you know what I’m starting to think lately that Sony Succes with the PS4 is just luck i mean the DRM policies damage the Xbone image along side with the whole internet connectivity and developer don’t know what to do with gamepad
            After all The ps3 didn’t sell as well as ps4 or ps2 heck the Wii U going to the whole thing the PS3 went right now
            Everyone mock the console for lack of proper 3rd party support
            Everyone says it has no game
            And developer seem like they don’t know what to do with the console
            But at least the Wii U has good Exclusives
            The Wonderful 101
            Bayonetta 2
            Mario Kart 8
            Super Smash Bros
            Hyrule Warriors
            But the Ps4 big guns don’t come out until 2015 yet everyone jump on Watch Dogs Destiny hype train and bought the console Any way

            1. PS4’s success was Sony’s strategy in E3, marketing, and the fact that it’s the most powerful console out there. As I’ve said thiusands of times there are REASONS why people don’t choose PC over PS4 for “graphics”.

              Developers don’t know what to do with the Wii U GamePad too…

              “After all The ps3 didn’t sell as well as ps4 or ps2 heck the Wii U going to the whole thing the PS3 went right now”
              Wii U is in a whole different league than PS3. I don’t mean that in a good way

              Everyone says that it RELEASES game too slowly.

              What you consider “good” isn’t some standard for the entire gaming industry. For me I consider Smash, Earthbound and Bayo as the only “good” games for Wii U so far.

              1. And considera games i mentioned as great for a reason
                Wanna know why? cause they represent everything that is good about games and by that i mean gameplay and having fun as priority Yathzee said best in his Bayonetta 2 review
                “The Wii U is the only console that keep the have fun play games as priority”

            2. Anyone who gets a console within its first two years of being on the market and expects a bunch of the best games to be on it already is fooling themselves.

              This generation has had a comparatively great start but we really can’t complain that much because it has only been 1 year for PS4 and Xbox One and 2 years for Wii U. There is still a lot of time for each system to evolve and get games.

              All systems have gone through this. I feel that there are just too many first-time launch investors this time around and they were going in with unrealistic expectations.

          2. Mean while, Xbox DOne also collects more dust from retail shelves..millions of them, at home and even ashes after they burst into flames. PS4..well, lets just say their slogan should be changed to “Greatness awaits..and waits..until 2015” Lol

        2. THIS^

          I wholly agree and if the next crash happens, I hope the rest of those greedy bastards like Ubishit, EA, Activision fall for good as well as Microsoft getting the fuck out and Sony…not sure about them at this point. They should go back to their faithful PS2 ways to stay relevant. As for Nintendo, on a realistic level, we all know they’re gonna bail us again like they did in the 80s and remind us what video gaming has always been about: Fun, not a graphic or stupidity pissing contest to woo idiots to buy garbage.

              1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

                That’s what I want from them until someone better appears…

                Competition about gameplay, not graphicwhoring, power, specs and media gimmicks…

          1. LOL Nintendo bailing us? Maybe if Yamauchi ws still alive it could happen but Nintendo of today would never be able to do that. It needs quick thinking, adaptation, and a large amount of trial and error. If anything Google would save the industry, given their recent torrent of innovations

                1. Killed Youtube, G+ is a useless POS before and after the fact they forced it on millions, Chrome is basically a mod installer without the need of people’s permission and their hardware market is a joke.

                  1. They only made YouTube better (60fps video, 4k resolution, playback speed, playlists), it’s easy and they don’t choke G+ down your throat. You only need to get an account and that’s pretty much it.

                    Lol @ the rest

                    1. Yes they did shove G+ up everyone’s ass as a means for a commenting system when in reality, they did so to show it off to its investers saying “Hey look. G+ is relevant after all. Look at these numbers of forced users using it to posts (but not reply or check) comments”

                      And again, the copyright ID system screwed even the most innocent copyright abiding accounts.

                      4K? Since when they support that shit and they took too long with 60FPS as other sited and clever video compliers have already accomplished this like video game consoles.

                    2. “Yes they did shove G+ up everyone’s ass as a means for a commenting system”
                      Aren’t you proving my point? The minimum thing YOU, the consumer, has to do, it to get an account. All other features are unlocked for you after that

                      “4K? Since when they support that shit”
                      Maybe try to do some research.

                      “60FPS as other sited and clever video compliers have already accomplished this”
                      No, they haven’t. Not even close

                      “video game consoles”
                      Hardware =/= Software. Get that into your head

            1. And BTW, Google given us “innovations”? LMAO Like what? The Google Glass that never took off? The G+, which nobody cared about, they forced on YouTube and pissed off millions along with the faulty content I.D bullshit that forever killed YouTube’s purpose and fun? Chrome Browser that has lost its luster two years ago? $200 Chromebooks that are embarrassingly behind tech standards of today? Nexus tablets that still runs that shitty Android, plus…Android OS..nuff said. What about supporting NSA’s ILLEGAL spying on Americans? Oh and one more thing, I see people and even partner companies like Yahoo and Apple ditching Google nowadays. Seems like they’re losing grip of their dominance.

              The only 2 things Google is still good at and relevant for is being a search engine and email. Outside of that, nothing else that’s worth talking about anymore.

              1. “And BTW, Google given us “innovations”? LMAO Like what?”
                “The Google Glass that never took off?”
                You mean the Google Glass which they openly said was in development and still isn’t ready for the consumer level?

                YouTube’s purpose and fun lol

                Chrome Browser that has lost its luster two years ago?
                Chrome browser that Google has reported to currently have a higher userbase than Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera combined?

                “$200 Chromebooks that are embarrassingly behind tech standards of today?”
                Ever heard of budget computers? Or computers for schools?

                “Shitty Android”
                Which is still leaps and bounds ahead of iOS? I owned a Nexus 4 and the iPad Air 2 and they can barely be compared. Shit apps management, zero widgets after 8 generations, no interface customization, terrible Maps features, STILL no split-screen multitasking, no NFC available for more than tap-to-pay. Without Jobs all Apple is is form over function. The fact that they wasted $100 billion in the last 2 years on dividends and stock buybacks tells me enough about Cook’s ability to properly manage and invest on which sectors.

                “I see people and even partner companies like Yahoo and Apple ditching Google nowadays.”
                Apple hates Google, don’t know where you got the idea that Yahoo was some huge Google fan.

                ” Seems like they’re losing grip of their dominance.”
                Still richer than Samsung, IBM, Intel and Facebook. In fact if you actually do some research they have been having huge growth rates for the past few years

                1. “And BTW, Google given us “innovations”? LMAO Like what?”
                  Hmm, I don’t know, maybe smartwatch OS, Google Glass, wireless charging, NFC payments, Google Fiber, Google Search, Android, AdMob, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Chrome, Android Auto, Android TV, Gmail, Google Analytics, etc?

                2. Yeah and theres a recent article saying Google Glass may never happen because people find its use to be impractical.

                  Um no. YouTube is fucked and full of jackasses flagging videos they dont agree with.

                  Wrong. Firefox has a higher userbase and with its recently big update, it’ll ensure that again. Chrome is ruined with randomly installed on adds that nobody wants.

                  Yes I’ve heard of budget computers and there are $200 or less Windows 8 with 2GB and about 500GB storage space on the back. Try again. Chromebooks are pointless.

                  Not when it has shitty security from third parties wanting to abuse users with malware snuck into apps since Google doesnt monitor app submissions and speaking of which, their app store sucks ass. Also the software isnt cleverly optimized so expect your “powerful” specs to have trouble keeping your shit open the next time you go through multitasking or switching apps. Now you wanna say Apple suddenly sucks because poor Jobs died from cancer? How fucking insensitive can you morons get? Tell the same to Samsung when they’re losing market shares now (60%+ of it).

                  1. “Yeah and theres a recent article saying Google Glass may never happen because people find its use to be impractical.”

                    “Um no. YouTube is fucked and full of jackasses flagging videos they dont agree with.”
                    It’s up to the guys at YouTube ultimately to decide which video to remove. What are you on about?

                    “Wrong. Firefox has a higher userbase and with its recently big update, it’ll ensure that again. ”

                    “Chrome is ruined with randomly installed on adds that nobody wants.”
                    Coming from a Chrome user, that makes no sense.

                    “Yes I’ve heard of budget computers and there are $200 or less Windows 8 with 2GB and about 500GB storage space on the back.”
                    Which are OPTIONS FOR CHROMEBOOKS TOO. It’s up to the hardware manufacturers to add tech specs in dumbass, and it’s already available for Chromebooks and @ a lower cost.

                    “Not when it has shitty security from third parties wanting to abuse users with malware snuck into apps since Google doesnt monitor app submissions”
                    You know there’s an option in Android settings to filter out un-monitered submissions? It’s switched on by default

                    “Also the software isnt cleverly optimized so expect your “powerful” specs to have trouble keeping your shit open the next time you go through multitasking or switching apps.”
                    It IS optimized. When Google releases the code for Android, companies like HTC, LG, Samsung, etc immediately start developing based on that and optimizing it for their specific smartphones. That’s why my HTC One m8 doesn’t reload apps like my iPhone 4 does constantly.

                    “Now you wanna say Apple suddenly sucks because poor Jobs died from cancer? How fucking insensitive can you morons get?”
                    How am I being insensitive? In fact I’m PRAISING Jobs for the products he’s made. There’s a REASON why there’s been a serious lack of innovation (read: iPhone 5) after Jobs’ passing. What sold the iPhone 4s? Just the more standard hardware improvements and Siri. The fucking MacBook Air has been the exact same design and hardware since 2010. The iMac has had the same outdated keyboard and mouse even earlier. If Jobs’ was alive we would already have the Apple Watch by 2012 and iOS would have live widgets. Cook, Federighi and Jony aren’t leading the pack anymore. In fact they’re just playing catchup to Android and only making small updates to iPads, Macbooks, iMacs. It’s obvious Apple lost a visionary when Jobs’ passed away. When Jobs was here we had the Macintosh, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the iPad, all of which disrupted their industries and made new ones. When Cook is running Apple what do we have? The iPod Classic getting discontinued, disgusting sales mentality, soft advertising, and oh, the Apple Watch. THAT’S IT.

  2. Sounds like a good day to get this game but I’ll be adding another game to my backlog if I give in >.<, assuming that I play it and don't come to it in a while

  3. Gosh, some of you guys have some serious angst issues to deal with. Good luck with that. I propose a more live-and-let-live kind of attitude might lend itself to you being happier and more content in your world and your own skin. Perhaps a hobby is in order? Maybe take up an instrument in your off-gaming time? Relax — take it easy. We are talking about video games. The context is that they are a fun and silly pass-time – a diversion. Please, do not mistake them for the stuff of life and waste your passion – you’ve only a limited supply.

  4. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i would love this deal but i would need to use another nintendo id since my main one is under age for games like this.

    1. 1. You just made a spelling error, which makes me question your age of spelling
      2. This is actually a really awesome game seeing how they admitted to saying this game’s gameplay was inspired by Legend of Zelda.
      3. Sit down.

  5. 64gb sdcards 20 uk pounds usb card reader say 5 pounds PRESTO a 64gb flash drive for 25 uk pounds add in internal 32gb flash drive you now have 96gb of instant access storage on your wiiU with no external power cable needed

    better still get multipul cheap sdcards or a 128gb sdcard ALL IN ITS STILL WAY CHEAPER THAN A PS4 you also get games included in wiiu bundles


  6. Just…gonna keep waiting for Darksiders (the first one) to be released on the Wii U already…

    *watches as Darksiders 2 gathers pixel dust in the Wii U Menu*

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