Mario, Pac-Man And Other Icons Feature In New McDonald’s Commercial

Gaming icons Mario, Bowser and Pac-Man are featured in the new “Archenemies” commercial by McDonald’s. Focusing on the theme of love and how it can mend ties between adversaries, the one-minute clip also contains appearances of other entertainment rivals, including Batman and The Joker, King Kong and the Plane, Dorothy and the Wicked Witch of the West, Coyote and Roadrunner, Smurfs and Gargamel, and SpongeBob SquarePants and Plankton.


      1. Don’t start that shit. Its certain foods and compounds that influences the body and brain to be addicted to such thing. Try telling a clean person to take illegal substances and then try stupidly blame them for not saying no or have enough will power to fight that addiction. It can be genetic or mentally related and some may not help themselves. Way to go on recklessly blaming the incorrect causes of addiction which goes in both directions from many forms you asshole.

        1. Then why am I not addicted to it?…

          I haven’t eaten in McDonalds for a decade…

          1. I eat in multiple places and I don’t overeat the same foods. I may eat a bit more because of my tall body requires more calories and such but that doesn’t mean I’m close to being obese and being obese can mean other than just eating too much. Depression, low self-esteem, addiction and even genetically can cause obesity, not merely choosing to eat too much and it’s what that specific moron has forgotten or decided in idiocy that obese means just eating too much willingly like an ignorant fool he is.

            1. True but you can’t all blame McDonalds for getting fat…

              I’m sure 35 million obesed Americans are not all genetically flawed…

              Most are subject to their weak minds because of lazyness…

              1. Exactly. What about Mexican food? Chinese? Of worst of all, junk food? Why McDonalds should be the only few to get bashed for that shit plus why not question reckless parents over over feed their children (watch Maury for that) while they’re at it?

                1. When it comes to children under 14 years old, the parents are to blame 100%, from there, everyone should already know that eating junk food often or everyday benefits no one…

                  Well McDonalds is cheaper I guess so most go to that place…

                  1. Like what I always say: Everything and everyone, good or bad, always starts at home. Children are merely molded into the same person they look up to or abused by so if it’s bad parents or someone one terrible who gets a hold of a child who’s never guided through life yet, guess what will happen to that child? They’ll become just as bad too. Same for good people, they mold into good people as well.

                    1. If I put a loaded gun on a table and I said shoot yourself and you did it. Is it my fault, the guns fault or your fault?

                    2. Or how about if someone with an unstable state of mind thinking its best for their children to overfeed them with so much junk? Is it the kids fault too? Fuck off and go research obesity right.

                    3. Not always, some, despite of good influence are still easily corrupted by outside factors because they are naturally weak…

        2. Lmao do people really believe that? I didn’t know someone could be so stupid. (I bet you’re one of those fat fucks who can’t stop eating McDonalds)

    1. The ironic part is that McDonald’s food actually has less fat than the other fast food restaurants, you’re only going to get fat off of McDonald’s if you eat all the the time and don’t exercise

        1. While that movie does serve a purpose in opening the average consumer’s mind and helping them acknowledge that fast food and McDonalds can be unhealthy, the movie went to the extreme to do so.

          It’s like saying, “ice cream can be fattening, so I’m going to eat the largest possible portions of ice cream every day three to four times a day to prove it.” It’s unrealistic in the practical sense as it abridges a long-term effect into a short time span.

          Like anything else that may be unhealthy (but not to the point of harmful like illegal drug abuse), unfrequent consumption is perfectly okay.

          And in regards to McDonalds specifically… I haven’t read the Nutritional Info of their food specifically, but I have been told that if you are going to eat from them, get the kids meal – ironically, its portioning is perfect for the typical (non-Texas) adult too.

        2. There are claims that super size me is inaccurate, and that Morgan Spurlock, or whatever the hell his name is, dramatized a lot of it. There are also claims that he ate more than he claims because he just wasn’t gaining enough weight to make the impact he wanted. It all depends on how much weight he claims he gained. If he did it for a month I’d say anything over 15 pounds is ridiculous. in fact 15 pounds is ridiculous.

    2. “Who’s blubbing it?!”
      It’s their genius marketing team.

      The entirety of the video is themed around love, with antagonists pairing up with each other without an outright appearance of the McDonalds branding other than an occasional appearance of a McDonalds product between the antagonists. Then the video concludes with the McDonalds logo.

      This psychologically brands McDonalds as an element of love and as a commonly shared icon. Even if kids don’t outright notice it, it psychologically creates the association in their minds, similarly to how the arch in the McDonalds logo can appear to look like bosoms and create a psychological effect of motherly care. As weird as it sounds, the marketing has proved to be quite effective through the years.

  1. Let’s all just end the whole console war and go get fat at McDonalds together. Hell, I’d rather get fat at McDonalds than argue over opinions on the internet at all.

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