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Nintendo’s Next Financial Briefing To Talk More About Aggressive Use Of Nintendo IP, Quality of Life, And More

We’ve had some interesting stuff come out of today’s Nintendo financial briefing, but nothing super duper exciting. However, Iwata says that is set to change with their next financial briefing which will feature more talk about how Nintendo plans to loan out its array of IP’s, their Quality of Life product, and finally how they are set to utilise the various smart devices out there. Sounds like it’s going to be a good one, that’s for sure.

First of all, allow me to use this occasion to apologize that, although this Financial Results Briefing was originally scheduled for January 29, we had to contact you on that very morning to postpone it until today because I suffered from a sudden and very high fever from the early morning of that day. I am very sorry for the inconvenience that I caused all of you.

Today, since this is not a Corporate Management Policy Briefing but a Financial Results Briefing after the year-end sales season, which is the biggest sales season of the year, please allow me to focus on the results of the sales season and update you on our most recent business status. While we will further our endeavors to increase our Nintendo 3DS and Wii U businesses in the next fiscal year, we intend to simultaneously challenge ourselves with new endeavors which include our plan to take advantage of smart devices, more aggressive use of Nintendo’s character IP and our new QOL improvement platform business. I am limited in what I can discuss about these efforts now, and I do not think I can successfully convey a big and comprehensive picture of our projects just by sharing with you some fragmented information on these multiple challenges. At the time when we hold the next Financial Results Briefing to discuss the annual results of the current fiscal year, I am hopeful that I will be able to share with you any relevant information, as well as about our financial forecasts, in as much detail as I can. Accordingly, please note that this information is not included in my presentation today.


41 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Next Financial Briefing To Talk More About Aggressive Use Of Nintendo IP, Quality of Life, And More”

  1. New Metroid, New Earthbound, New F-Zero. Hopefully this means Nintendo will revive some untouched franchises over the next couple of years!

    1. new earthbound will never happend. Fanmade game Mother 4 Already happening and they allowed that. So its pretty offical. Never another Earthbound

    2. Nintendo (or, Shigesato Itoi) has been an ASS when it comes to Earthbound. Nintendo allowed the world to see Ness in beautiful HD on Smash Bros. And even in Brawl, Ness and the Mother stage looked so COOL. I feel like they just love to tease and make fans see how awesome Earthbound would look, but never will. I grew up wanting another Earthbound game. I’ll eventually be a senior citizen and I’ll STILL be hoping for one. *sigh*

      1. Nintendo Elite Commander Quadraxis

        Blame the US for copyright garbage issues, that’s why it didn’t get a release in the west in the first place…

    1. Well it’s not going to be a wholesale of Nintendo IP that’s certain. They’re not going to bring their games to smartphones all of a sudden.. there are other ways to leverage smart devices.

    2. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      He already said that phones won’t have Nintendo games. They’ll only be used as a medium to more closely inform users of Nintendo products. I’m thinking they’re working on an eShop application. I’d love to buy games at work and have the Wii U work on downloading it all day so I can play it when I get home.

  2. Sat Iw needs to step down, he’s honestly had his time and take Reggie with him. The company honestly needs new blood. Nintendo NEEDS fresh legs on the pitch now. Nintendo will still make some of most incredible and memorable games now and in the future. The Wii U is in a dire state. They need to get over this WE SHOULD PROFIT FROM HARDWARE SALES mentality. Sell the console for a loss, with the loss of revenue move the e-shop catalogue (limited to NES/SNES/GBA/DS) catalogue to the mobile market and make some bloody good money.

  3. .. Maybe I’ll be needing to find a new nintendonews site and actually find people who is rather well educated in business and such. I’ve found a few and very interesting conversations go down else where. Here? Well some praise here, phew comments there related to topic but then the mud-sling starts soon > .>

    This site had its comments though ;3

    1. Please let me know what other sites. I went to wiiudaily regulalry but found MNN does a bloody good job of updating. Just the tools like quadraxis and stranga that are total pillocks

  4. Platinum Games + Captain Falcon + Bayonetta Style Beat ’em Up = Win.

    Seriously, Falcon needs to be in his own game. Then have Monster Games make a new F-Zero game so we finally get the racer we’ve wanted since the GC days.

    1. I would like that beat em up to be on an open word setting. That way we can take a look into his bounty hunting job.
      imagine cruising around mute city, hunting alien criminals in small alleys, F zero chases throughout streets. Captain Falcon punching criminals and bringing them to falcon justice

    1. Ridley, the Angel of Death

      Team Ninja had nothing to do with Other M’s story. They only did the awesome gameplay.

    1. I really hope not. QOL has nothing to do with gaming, so I don’t want to watch e3 hyped up about games only to see Nintendo turn there attention to QOL. Unless QOL will actually be a gaming peripheral of sorts.

      1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

        “We have one final announcement.”
        “It is very anticipated and so I hope you enjoy it.”
        *Quality of Life*

  5. If Nintendo announces that the successor to the 3DS is a Nintendo smartphone, I will no longer be a handheld gamer.

  6. I think Nintendo has to seriously boost their marketing. There are still quite a few people who think the Wii and the Wii U are the se thing.
    Maybe they should make more special deals to pique the interest of the consumers? Or at least interest people who don’t know what a “Nintendo” is.

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