Super Nintendo Hit Axelay Coming This Week To US Wii U Virtual Console

Good news for fans of Konami’s Super Nintendo classic Axelay as Nintendo of America has confirmed it’s coming to the Wii U Virtual Console this week. The game was originally released way back in 1992 and is a 2D scrolling shooter. If you’re not familiar with it then be sure to check out the video embedded above and the description listed below. It should be on the US Wii U Virtual Console on Thursday.

Mysterious aliens have invaded the earthlike planet of Corliss, slowly draining the planet’s resources. Take control of the prototype Axelay ship, and utilize its wide range of advanced weaponry to battle the enemy forces. Play through multiple stages of action ranging from other planets to space stations, all on your way to destroying the alien headquarters. Be careful not to be too distracted by the excellent graphics (including great scrolling effects) or rocking music, though; you’re Corliss’s last line of defense!

Thanks, feelingblind


  1. I often think about how back in the day there were many Super Nintendo games ported to the GameBoy Advance. It makes me think of how easy must be to port to the 3DS e-shop. I wish they were coming to the 3DS. But if that happened then the 3ds might just turn into the ultimate gaming device.


  2. Very cool. I hope now that I am buying a lot of games from eshop on 3DS & Wii U that the next system I won’t have to pay to transfer games I already paid for.


    1. If they’re going to do Virtual Console, they need to do the best games for it. They haven’t even added N64 or GameCube games, but apparently Wii games are a priority. Gameboy Advance games were nice though.


      1. In their defense Nintendo hasn’t even started allowing the re-development of N64 and GC games even though the system can obviously handle it. Same goes for the double Gamepad gameplay they promised before the system even launched


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