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Here’s Plenty Of Splatoon Details From This Month’s EDGE

As you already know this month’s EDGE magazine features an interview with the developers behind the ultra colourful shooter, Splatoon. We’ve already covered the explanation by the team for leaving out voice chat, but there’s a lot of other information about the game contained in the magazine. Here’s a helpful round-up of what was covered.

  • Main article has quotes from Amano/Sakaguchi and Nogami and talks about Edge playing the same demo build of the game the media played a few weeks back.
  • The prototype had basic block characters and the ink painting mechanic. You were invisible when you were in your own ink. Amano/Sakaguchi added in jumping, hiding in ink, and the ability to shoot up and down. After that, though, they were confused about what they wanted to do with the game. They thought they might put a squid character on the box art but they needed a humanoid character to hold the guns. They thought a “squid human” wouldn’t sell.
  • Amano/Sakaguchi were scolded by Miyamoto in 2013 when doing the prototype who said “I don’t understand. What do you want to do? There’s no appeal to this game”.
  • They had an epiphany on Jan 6, 2014 that they could have you switch between a squid and human form and they rapidly got a bunch of ideas about how you swim faster in your own ink, you slow down in enemy ink and take damage, you can swim up walls, etc.
  • Amano is a fan of “shooting games”, but when he would invite friends to play with him they would get frustrated. He wants to make a game that is different that people who aren’t fans of traditional shooters can play.
  • Edge magazine says “Splatoon has no voice chat and never will”. Amano says: “This is coming from personal experience. When I played online games, I didn’t like the negativity I got and people telling me ‘You’re crap. Go away’. So we wanted to focus on the positive aspects of online gaming”. Amano says he’s not saying that chat in an online game can’t contribute to fun but they want to grab new players.
  • Confirms that there are some Splat Zone maps with more than one boxed-off area to capture. If you claim all the territories your timer starts to count down, but if your opponent captures one the timer stops.
  • The same primary weapon can come in a variation with the different sub/special weapon
  • Can start firing after a super jump right before you land
  • More online modes besides Turf War/Splat Zones
  • One respawn point per team, but you’re invulnerable while on it to discourage campers.
  • A lot of the designers on the team are in their 30s, so the 90s style with street fashion and trainers is a big inspiration for the outfits
  • Trick to balancing the weapons according to Sakaguchi is to make people want a little more (“if only it could shoot a little farther/shoot faster”). They aren’t going out trying to make the strongest weapon in the game.
  • 15 singleplayer challenges and “5 rare pieces of gear” for each of the 3 Amiibos
  • Q&A with Katsuya Eguchi. Thinks Splatoon IP has huge potential and the characters could appear in different types of games. Challenge of HD development with large teams is that team members have different skill/experience levels and it is important that work isn’t unnecessarily duplicated. Trying to do new things to take opinions of younger team members into account even at the beginning of a project and not just senior staff. It is important to have things for Splatoon that will draw attention to the game after release (basically hints at content
  • A note mentions that one of the pairs of shoes available changes color to match the Inkling you’ve created
  • The article mentions one of the challenges for the girl inlking Amiibo might be completing a stage in a certain time limit
  • Nintendo is testing the game internally and there are frequent “quarrels” between team members discussing which weapon is stronger in certain situations
  • They spent two hours talking about how long it should take the grenades to explode
  • Amano and Sakaguchi have been been thinking about the game so much that they’ve been dreaming about it. Sakaguchi actually dreamed that he asked one of the programmers on the team to come up with something and the programmer in his dream implemented it and showed it to Sakaguchi. Sakaguchi loved the idea. He had that programmer (in real life) put it in the game the next day!

Thanks, Edwin

30 thoughts on “Here’s Plenty Of Splatoon Details From This Month’s EDGE”

  1. You know this game is being hyped up. But I still don’t think it will get the best sells results without voice chat.

  2. Hey they in our zone guys attack! Hello guys? Anyone? I have something very important to say. . . . The match depennds on this information. . . . So fuckin sad.

  3. Hey maybe they should do voice chat the game cuz people here says that voice chat sells like bread. Durp

  4. Welp I’m still quite excited for this game. I’m very interested to see how intelligently the map is implemented into game play, epecially since I hear some people who have played the game talking about how it’s actually much better to use the gyroscope to aim than right analog.

  5. Ok after we take marker A lets hold it until they attack again then we move to marker C take that and we move to marker B. . . B as in bombed.

      1. Not over it yet. And my butt hurts because I spent 90 min on the elliptical last night while playing MH4.
        You’ll have to get over people not getting over voice chat!

        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

          >>>Come on now comrade, you know that I know that you know that you’re still butthurt over Drybones not being included in MK8>>>

      2. I love people whining about voice chat as their top selling point. It’s not that difficult: Don’t buy the fucking game!! These are the same people who never say a word when playing a game w/ voice chat or enjoy being told to fuck off by an eleven year old.

      3. “Amano/Sakaguchi were scolded by Miyamoto in 2013 when doing the prototype who said “I don’t understand. What do you want to do? There’s no appeal to this game”.”

        Other than the shitty Wii U prototypes that use the gamepad that Nintendo forced him to work on recently, what has he really been doing the past 15 years? He flits around Nintendo telling people what they should and shouldn’t be doing from his executive perch where people revere him like a god. He’s become like the George Lucas of Nintendo (before Disney bought Lucasfilm) where he surrounded himself with a bunch of yes-men and no one would dare tell him his ideas were shit or that Gungans are fucking stupid and that his dialogue could use a bunch of rewrites because “IT’S GEORGE LUCAS THE CREATOR AND YOU CAN’T DO THAT”.

      4. I don’t see the big deal just use skype it seem that only people in the US are complaining about voice and only a few of them most people say they are ok with it and they will just use skype because they wasn’t going to use the voice chat either way

        1. So if you want to voice chat you should be right next to your computer with skype, so you can talk while playing a Wii U game.

          Or Nintendo can stop being stubborn little bitches averse to any change.

        2. Wow, Nintendo decides to not include one feature and people go ape over it. Goes to show how people have become entitled brats over the years.

          1. It’s not just that they’re not including one feature – it’s that the feature in question is important to shooters, the reason Amano gives shows that he has no spine, and Nintendo’s nonchalant attitude with always being behind the competition with features like this is quite common because they don’t give a flying fuck about what gamers really want until they jump on board years later when it was implemented better on other last gen consoles.

        3. fuckdreager1inhismomsasshole

          no chat , esp no party chat is fucking stupid. no one will play this. those who do are alone and worthless and sad with no friends.

        4. Did anyone read the article? There’s tons of people that dislike 12 year olds and others swearing at them because they don’t know how to be civilized or in control of there emotions. You avoid all of that and can voice chat with your buds in a million other ways. Figure it out, chumps! Hopefully you aren’t playing or don’t buy the game cuz I’ll lay you to waste with my team that’s using on Skype.

          1. fuckdreager1inhismomsasshole

            ex a: loser ^. skype? wtf… just what i want. a third party system to converse with my buds. but i forgot. you have no friends.

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        6. *Long list of great stuff from the game*
          And people are still complaining about no voicechat? Good god get over it, it’s not going to flop, it’s being marketed to hell and over and a whole lot of people are really hyped for this, go back to your mom’s basement to play Counter Strike, we will be playing Splatoon.

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