Playtonic Games Project Ukulele Kickstarter Will Begin May 1st


We are all looking forward to see the results of Playtonic Games first creation which is dubbed Project Ukulele. The team have announced that their Kickstarter will go live on May 1st which is presumably when they will lift the lid on the project as well as the two main characters.

Thanks, Luma Party and KomaruTheHylian



    1. They should be Rare’s IPs, like Banjo and Conker. Many of the employees that made Rareware so get in the 90s, stopped working for them once Microsoft acquired them. So it wouldn’t be nearly as good as it could be.


  1. I remember how there was such hype about UCraft, and then it failed on Kickstarter. I wouldn’t be surprised if this project would suffer the same fate.


    1. You can’t compare Ucraft to this. Completely different games and genres. Minecraft has been done. It may still sell well, but I doubt the buyers of it would flock to another game similar. And most Nintendo gamers I know don’t play minecraft, but LOVE 3D platformers. Trust me, this game will make it. If I have to fund it myself lol.

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      1. Yeah, it gets fucking boring in under 20 second. Like WTF is the point of the game besides building shit in boring 3D 8-bit?


      2. lol no clue. sadly this 19 year old at work plays it, yet calls nintendo kiddie. he doesn’t know he’s casual as fuck and just buys the games that are hyped. and I’m not saying that cause playing minecraft=casual, but literally all his purchases that he brags about are just the big name titles. I don’t think he’s even played a platformer.


      3. That fool needs to be mega bitch slapped with an Xbox One and then hog tie him to watch it burn itself out.


    2. It’s because Ucraft was a scam to solicit money from Nintendo fans over the whole “exclusive” lie so they can fuck them over with a multi-port release shortly after. Thank god that plan flopped.


    3. Actually they’ve said the kickstarter is for the fans and to incorporate more into the game. If the kickstarter fails, the game will still be made.


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