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Ex-Windows Phone Software Engineer Working On Next-Gen Nintendo Consoles


We already know that Nintendo is working on their next video game platform, but what might be of interest to a few of you is that one of the people working on the project was previously a senior software developer for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 operating system. It would make sense for him to be working on a successor to the Nintendo 3DS as his skill set implies that he’s a mobile developer, then again he’s also been doing some work on the Wii U.

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45 thoughts on “Ex-Windows Phone Software Engineer Working On Next-Gen Nintendo Consoles”

  1. “Ex” clearly this is an inside job to try and make the next Nintendo console’s OS somehow worse than Windows 8 was.

  2. You know it’s a pretty solid phone and the next hand held does need to attach to the new generation where phones previal

    1. The Windows phone isn’t that bad no, but if you’re looking for smart phone games it is not the place. iOS and Android are the ones to look at in that regard.

      1. Also, it seems a lotnof apps don’t work with the Windows phones. At least my friends who have them complain about that.

        1. Actually windows 8.1+ is highly efficient apps crash far less then android and ios actually crashes the most. Seeings how apps for both android and ios are written on windows, windows devices, nateraly native apps work even better then software written on emulation

        2. That’s a good point, windows phone is focused on peoples hobbies (like gaming/xbox) and the next handheld system well definitely need to be more media and multi use focused. Gaming well always be number one. But users well dam and more flexible devices and it makes Nintendo more money the more the handheld is on and being used.

        1. New ways of gaming pretty much, while also keeping it the same.
          While I can’t tell you what the NX is or will be, it won’t be the “ps4” of its generation in power. It will probably be head to head with Microsoft’s new console, maybe a bit weaker or stronger.
          But it won’t be like the Wii U.
          A lot of people like to forget business contracts, and with the Wii U the contract with ATI is over(contract was to create three home consoles with ATI, this was signed before the GameCube and after the N64).
          The NX may focus on using the same architecture as the Ps4 and Xbox one.
          Or it may not. I have high hopes it will though, because it does make game development pretty easy.

            1. I’m not a game developer, but my career does revolve around the game industry.
              Mostly legal things.
              Yeah it sounds boring but someone has to do the paperwork.

            1. No,
              just because he worked on the windows phone as an engineer before doesn’t mean he will only work on phones.

              1. …No, the person just used to work on Microsoft Phones. This has nothing (probably) to do with Nintendo’s next console/handheld.

                  1. Except it really doesn’t say that this person is working on NX, if anything it’s more likely he/she is working on the DeNA collaboration.

                  2. I’m just gonna say I have a few friends who got a Windows phone and after a while they weren’t very happy. Not gonna say I’m not looking forward to the console any more, but I’m gonna be a little cautious before buying it.

                  3. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>This better be a purified Appling or else I’m going to start pointing my phazon tentacles at him if things starts to go wrong>>>

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Considering our handhelds sell better than our main ones, we won’t be screwed>>>

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                  8. Well, it’s not unannounced for one. Nintendo basically announced that it exists.

                    Nintendo is not smart to be putting money into a “Catchup Console” if that’s what they are doing.

                    They would be smart to engage developers and find out what would make their lives as easy as possible, and less expensive. Games now have huge budgets. The budget of FFX was a huge deal back in 2001. Now it’s a little dot. Find out where MS/Sony are nickle and diming people like crazy and find a way to make the console more attractive to developers than they do, in such a way that MS/Sony can’t just adjust their fees to compete with Nintendo.

                    Secondly many people have said this and I agree, they should engage their community’s productivity. One of my favorite old-time RPGs, Morrowind, still has this wild mod community that is keeping the game alive over 12 years later. Valve later figured out this same thing and actually found a way to provide value to both themselves and their customers through this modding system by taking a 10% cut themselves (For providing the game of course) and leaving 90% of profits to the mod maker.

                    N has missed the boat on aspects of modern gaming that their others understood a long, long time ago. There’s a lot they could still do that their competitors don’t understand the idea of (I’m looking at you MS). They just need to wake up out of 2006 and realize it’s 2015.

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