The Dream Game From Nintendo Which Was Never Made A Reality

All the way back in 1997, the dream team of Shigesato Itoi (Mother), Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario, Zelda) and Tsunekazu Ishihara (Pokemon) were all working on a game called Cabbage. Yes, Cabbage. Sounds strange, but also a stroke of genius for its time. It was to be designed for the Nintendo 64DD– an improved version of the Nintendo 64 which never made it to the West– and was going to make the use out of its improved gear.

Cabbage was pretty much Nintendo’s spin on Tamagotchi– you had a creature that you had to feed and look after and could take around with you. But how could you do that on the Nintendo 64DD? Well, according to Unseen64, Cabbage was going to make use out of the console’s internal clock so its world would keep ticking even when the console was turned off, it was going to have Game Boy connectivity so you could transfer Cabbage to your GB to tend to while you’re out and about, and even have network functionality to visit other players’ Cabbage. Any of that sound familiar?

Although nothing ever came of the game because the developers got too busy on other projects, and the Nintendo 64DD wasn’t the most popular, you can see elements of the game that were brought to other projects in the future. Animal Crossing was released a few years down the line on Nintendo 64, even Nintendogs’ use of real time nurturing aspect rings a bell. Cabbage seems to be the birthplace of many pioneering ideas, and it seems a shame it was never brought to life! Do you think you would have liked Cabbage?



  1. Nx is nintendo xray because nintendo is funny lime that im sure their vr headset looks like Xray glasses.

    Nx is a wii u add on.

    Every nintendo console did some kind of add on beside the wii because the wii was basically a gamecube with a add on.


    1. It would have been dream game, because it sounds like Nintendo´s Chao Garden, think about a game with Pokemon like creatures you raise and all that shit but like Chao Garden with Nintendo flavor.


  2. Nintendo´s Chao Garden where you raise your own Chao like creature? I dunno how Cabbage would have been as a game, but if its anything like the Chao garden then yeah it may have been a pretty bad ass game.


  3. You know what this means? Nintendo already probably knows how to make us teleport or something! :P
    No, the furthest I would get with that is holograms, because I can bet that Nintendo wants to jump on board the Hololens train.


      1. He is referring to how Nintendo has great ideas ahead of their time

        VirualBoy 3D gaming, which was gotten done right later with 3DS.

        Internet, internal clock all that shit in 64DD later became standards.

        And you know he is right, Nintendo probably has greated a whole new universe where you travel using “Nintendo Dimension Gate” filed with gameplay possibilities and crazy stuff, sort of like Virtual Realm! Time travel and all that shit will be from Nintendo! The future is here and now, mah boi!

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  4. You know it would’ve been good since Shigesato Itoi was part of the team making it. Mother/Earthbound > Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon


  5. There was several games on the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive that never released here in North America, and made me very sad. Doshin The Giant and the Mario Artist series. I’ve wanted a new Mario Paint ever since the original. The Mario Artist series was the game/s I wanted FOREVER. And then, they get cancelled (or just never released outside of Japan). And I really wanted to play Doshin The Giant. I have the PAL version, but it doesn’t play properly on my Action Replay’s Freeloader.


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