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Splatoon Producer Gives More Reasons For Lack Of Voice Chat And Staggering Content

The lack of voice chat discussion on Splatoon just never ends. Is Splatoon failing the fundamentals of online gameplay, or is voice chat simply just not necessary for the game? The argument seems to split Splatoon fans right down the middle. In an interview with a producer of the game, Hisashi Nogami, the topic popped up again and he offered more of an insight to hopefully understand why they chose not to include voice chat. He said:

“We want everyone to play this game from the same point, so that all players – those who haven’t played shooters before, as well as those who have – can enjoy the game. Getting to this though meant going through a selection process for all features that should appear in the game, and as part of this process we decided to leave out voice chat.

We think there are two reasons for wanting to use it: to play strategically, and to know what you opponent is feeling. We designed the game so that it’s still possible to play strategically, while also giving due consideration so that there is no extreme advantage one way or the other. In terms of knowing what your opponent is feeling, we really do understand the fun that can be had with this, but we hope that you will also understand that it can also have a negative effect too.”

Some would still argue that this doesn’t explain why they didn’t use an optional voice chat feature, but perhaps it’s because how they wanted everyone to start in the same boat and be on a level playing field– there aren’t some people using voice-chat to an advantage, and some people not. Another split topic was brought up about their staggered content roll out plan. Have they produced and sold an unfinished game, or is it simply a plan to keep the game fresh and longer lasting with new content? We’ve already seen some more playable modes and maps only a couple of days after the launch, and there’s much more to come. Nogami said:

“First, we put a lot of effort into every inch of the online stages, so by playing them over and over again users can get a better feel for the terrain, giving the gameplay more breadth and depth. The characteristics of the weapons and the strategies for using them vary with each weapon, and of course these will vary depending on the stage you use them in and even what combination of equipment your teammates and opponents are using. We want users to enjoy each and every single piece of content we’ve prepared, so rather than provide a lot at once, we’re going to be adding them a little at a time.

Second, is that while we’ve paid a lot of attention to the balancing the game, the flip-side of this is that we feel the game needs weapons with a lot of variety as well as stages with complex layouts to really expand the gameplay.

The problem there is that these can sometimes disrupt the overall balance of the game.

The real fun of Splatoon comes when players are comfortable with the game, and are able to play to their full potential with other players they meet in the online matches.

We’ll be adding more stages and weapons as we see how the community matures. We’ll also do something similar with further game modes too.”

So, that’s what is going through the developers minds. After being able to play Splatoon for a while now, where do you stand on these discussions now?


212 thoughts on “Splatoon Producer Gives More Reasons For Lack Of Voice Chat And Staggering Content”

  1. Just more damage control from Nintendo…
    Still, the game is fun and I can’t fault it on that but come on… if you want to change shooters than fucking have voice chat which is pretty much a basic feature on EVERY SHOOTER

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>They changed it, it has no voice chat while every other shooter has it, hello?>>>

      1. … You do know there has been shooters before on PS2 that had no voice chat… so yeah, they still haven’t changed the shooting genre.

          1. If they put voice chat I’ll be damn
            People/players be fuck shit damn your weak go away fuck Japanese and etc

        1. this isn’t COD or battle field, buff said, use skype of teamspeak if you wanna be a clan just like every other self respecting gamer.

      2. They went back in time to when no shooters had voice chat. What an evolution! :p Fuck this argument lol I don’t even wanna jump back in it lol.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Fuck it! *leaps right back into the fray… with my next comment after I read through some of the comments, if not all of them* I’m a sucker for punishment, I guess. Maybe that’s why I’m still buying Nintendo stuff. lol

          1. Yea I’m a sucker too lol but I think I may be getting smarter to their ways finally lol I think the wii u and nx are the last straws. If one of them doesn’t do something incredibly amazing then I think I may be done.

      1. Touche! Well played, but it’s not about being like another shooter. It’s about online gaming in 2015. Omitting the option all together is just… Oh nevermind.

      2. Shooters used to not have voice chat. Then voice chat came along and gaming evolved, and nintendo missed the boat. The End!

  2. there the people who want voice chat and there are they people who doesn’t need voice chat!!! nintendo make a choice! the ppl who doesn’t need voice chat won!! so ppl “who want voice chat” i cant hear you! ppl?? oh yeah no voice chat:P so ppl fuck off and the “no voice chat ppl” won accept it this is not cod and destiny in 3 min match

    1. This doesn’t explain why it couldn’t be an optional feature. I agree that they should have it off all the time as opposed to having it on all the time, but having the choice would be nice.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        They didn’t want some people to have an advantage over others. For people who don’t want to use the feature, they would be at a strategic disadvantage to those who would talk to other people. They don’t want people to feel they have to use it if they don’t want to, but there are always those who are pressured into it so they can beat another team.

        The only place I can see Nintendo implementing voice chat is in friend matches only, but they probably figured why waste the time to implement the feature in only part of the game. Just leave it out entirely.

        I think it’s a good choice, honestly. I don’t want to use voice chat and I don’t want my opponents using it either. That would give them an advantage. Best to keep everyone on a level playing field.

        1. Given what I’m reading and seeing, the disadvantage exists regardless. (skype, pc, phones) So all Nintendo did was guarantee there would be an unfair disadvantage, and gave kids no way to level the playing field. :/

        2. The entire strategic advantage excuse fails also, when people can use different methods to chat. I’m sure plenty of people probably have already formed teams of friends that chat through Skype.

          That is what makes these excuses even more ridiculous, because if people wanted to chat with their friends that badly, they will use something else to do so. So why they could not just include this option for these people, I’ll never understand. Regardless of all the excuses that they may make up for it.

          So to say it would give players an unfair advantage, can still stand true, even if the game has no voice chat. Yet people seem to be enjoying the game just fine without even thinking of this fact, even though they’ve probably played teams who are using Skype or some other chatting program.

          They could have easily created separate lobbies to further circumvent any of the issues as well.

          That’s why all this is, are excuses. Nothing more, they aren’t even legitimate reasons. There are so many ways around the problems they speak of, and even when a game like this doesn’t have voice chat, it won’t stop the people who want to, from finding another way to use it.

          1. Let’s take a step back here(perhaps a couple to be safe)
            Let’s put aside the strategic advantage bullshit

            “…when people can use different methods to chat.”
            “…if people wanted to chat with their friends that badly, they will use something else to do so.”
            >>”Yet people seem to be enjoying the game just fine without even thinking of this fact, even though they’ve probably played teams who are using Skype or some other chatting program.”<<
            "…even when a game like this doesn’t have voice chat, it won’t stop the people who want to, from finding another way to use it."

            Regardless of all of the otherwise valid suggestions and arguments from either side,
            Doesn't all of the quoted above just prove that voice chat is simply a NON-issue?(at least,for this game)

            1. I’ll say it again:

              People are really only complaining about the lack of one feature simply because of the lack of it.
              You don’t have it,arguably don’t even need it,but want it anyway and are now pissed.

              1. “arguably don’t even need it”

                Again, that is the entire point of me even continually wasting my own time and energy on this discussion. There is no argument against voice chat, just excuses.

                I’m not pissed, I’m even going to get the game soon most likely. Maybe even tomorrow, but the entire point is that these excuses do not make the lack of a needed feature, excusable.

                1. You keep saying ‘needed’. How is this particular feature absolutely necessary for this particular game? It’s more of a ‘want’,not ‘need’.
                  The testfire was pretty enjoyble and the matches went perfectly fine without it. Everyone was doing what was expected of them:covering the place with your team’s ink and blasting any enemies you see.Its pretty straightforward and simple.

                  I never said I agree with the dev’s excuses,even if I see where he’s coming from(oh noes,I chose to look from different viewpoints.Such heresy!).Voice chat should, at the very least, be made available for playing with friends. What I don’t agree with is all the bitching that has come out of all of this.
                  There’s no voice chat,oh fucking well.Vote with your money and don’t buy the game if it’s such a deal breaker

            2. Sorry, but no. You’re basically trying to put words in my mouth by picking and choosing what I said, instead of actually grasping what I meant.

              1. The only thing you are saying,in that particular comment,is how there are other viable options available for those who want VC,the advantage/disadvantage this other option causes and how the advantage/disadvantage exists either way,implemented VC or not.

                This does invalidate the dev’s reasoning(which was flawed to begin with anyway),but also means that there is no point to VC at all other than just having it there

                Nintendo did not guarantee that there would be a disadvantage, the players,who choose to use other means of chat,did.
                The only reasonable things you said was lobbies and VC for friends

            3. Also people keep talking about more separation to fix the problem but that is exactly what Nintendo supposedly is trying to avoid. It’s good enough that they rewarded those players seeking greater skill ranked battles and, as mentioned before, other modes further down the road. When I play with friends, it would be nice to talk to them, but as it is the game really doesn’t need it beyond that. If someone out there is devising some strategy over Skype or phone I sure as hell haven’t noticed. I’ve never thought about it once while playing so far. I’m pretty much going in there solo and looking for the highest score, helping whoever I’m with of course. It’s like an RPG to me. Fresh if anything at all. Fresh!

        3. Like someone on another site pointed out, and as so many people on here love to point out, you can use skype and stuff to get around it and voice chat. So if those people do that, then you just left yourself at a disadvantage permanently unless you use the same service, and if you don’t have a way to use skype, you’re screwed cause nintendo didn’t give you the option. So your advantage argument just falls flat.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            Not to mention what if someone just doesn’t have Skype or chat speak or whatever the fuck it is some people use to chat while playing video games. It’s not like I own an Xbox One with Skype built into the console as an app that I can use in every game. But hey! Least Microsoft is doing something right with their new console… Oh. My. God! I gave Microsoft props for their video game console! Excuse me while I go hang myself now. lol

            1. Hahaha it’s fucking sad that we are coming to this same conclusion. I hate everything microsoft stands for in video games but they have definitely handled their system far better than nintendo this gen. Never thought I would say those words. But this gen nintendo has truly shown their true colors.

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                Yeah. The Xbox One had a rocky start before it even released but least Microsoft quickly remedied the problem. And since they have yet to reinstall their questionable ideas for the console, I will continue to give them props for doing right by their console brand.

                1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                  And what is Nintendo doing to fix the problem? Porting an Wii U exclusive to the 3DS so people with a 3DS don’t have to buy a Wii U for that game. Oh wait! That isn’t fixing the problem but making it worse! *claps* Way to go, Dumbtendo! *facepalm*

                2. You know it’s sad when microsoft has better nintendo games at e3 than nintendo (the rare games, I know not really nintendo games but they were pretty much all on nintendo systems when they were partners).

                    1. I didn’t watch either lol but apparently xbone is getting all non Donkey Kong rare games like Jet Force Gemini and Killer Instinct Gold and such. Still won’t ever buy a microsoft game console though.

        4. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Well hey, if people want to put themselves at a disadvantage because they don’t want to use voice chat or are too scared to use voice chat because of some random voice on the internet will hurt their feelings because they are too weak to handle it, that’s their problem that they are forcing on themselves. Don’t punish everyone just because of a few people that apparently despise options. I guess they’d rather be enslaved & just fed whatever crap their masters poop out of their butts.

    2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Exactly the point those of us that would appreciate voice chat are trying to get across. The selfish gamers that apparently hate options are the only ones getting what they want. It’s one sided. But you did mention the matches in Splatoon are only 3 minutes long, so that’s a bigger issue for me than voice chat.

  3. I LOVE the game. It is very fresh and addictive. The only thing that I dislike, is that sometimes when you enter a new online game, you fall with noobs and right away you can tell that you’re gonna lost that battle because of them. Sometimes it’s really not well balanced and you can feel it. Other than that, what a game!

    1. I think this is why Nintendo dropped off the voice chat feature. Nintendo makes games that are supposed to be fun and family friendly. The last thing any parent or child would want is to hear is them being called a noob or a cheater. Many times when I play COD I watch people calling each other names and having arguments.

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      I hate when I end up on a team of all Splato Rollers -_- I’m like, great.. we’re gonna lose now.

      Unless they have Dynamo Rollers and are good players. That weapon is killer!

      1. then you just don’t know how to prperly kill ehm. try using an allround weaponset like the aerospray with the landmines, 9 out of ten times i splat ehm with a mine beofre they can get me, and the 10th time i splat them after they’ve splat me. (with the same mine)

        1. If you know a roller is coming up, backpedal and fire. If you have mines, use one if you’re being chased down a narrow space. Especially try catching them off-guard- most of the time rollers won’t react fast enough to try to splat you with the roller’s ink splash.

          If a player uses the Krak-on roller (or any Kraken user in general), get the hell out of there. Try to keep an eye on them and, if you can, punish them as soon as they revert to normal.

  4. why didn’t they just add a headset enabled gameplay mode, and a headset disabled gameplay mode then? That would let teams face off against each other with headsets, and players randomly jumping in, let them have no headset with everyone else in no headset mode

    1. Along with many, many people I suggested adding voice chat function with the ability to turn it off completely if the user wanted. End of discussion, end of problem. I suggested it on the first thread that talked about the lack of voice chat.

        1. yes, if it was just able to be turned on and off. I’m talking about two modes altogether. Where one is headset enabled, and the other is completely disabled, but you choose the mode you wish to play

        2. I really don’t think so. But since the matches are only 3 minutes who cares really. By the time you could plan something out half the match is over. It’s just sad that its not even supported on Nintendo systems in whole in this day and age I guess. To sensitive instead of being realistic.

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            If the matches are too short to plan something out anyway, why does it matter if the game has the feature at all???

            People are just complaining because they are like, “It’s a must-have feature!!!” Regardless if they actually believe it would improve gameplay in any way shape or form.

        3. I think we’ve established the disadvantage already exists. People turning to skype, forming clans and shit.
          So no. All Nintendo did was make sure you will be at a disadvantage.

      1. Not to mention that if enabled for friends only, PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW, there’s a very slim chance of being harassed or insulted through chat if you’re playing with someone familiar. Plus adding the mute option also helps avoid the problem including reporting that player to Miiverse where Nintendo is tight gripped in moderation. So there. Voice chat was necessary for a “win-win” among all fans and keeps the gameplay mostly clean. So WTF is those “no voice chat is needed” whiners excuse? They must love gimped anti-social games.

    2. pink0crystal0midbus

      But then you might get one mode that doesn’t get enough people to play. Either the mode without voice chat or the mode with voice chat would have more active players.

      OR, what would most likely happen is all the older people would gravitate towards the voice chat option while younger kids would play in the no voice chat mode, but for use older people who don’t want to use voice chat, we would be stuck playing with 6 year olds all the time….

      It wouldn’t work dividing it up like that.

  5. Personally I think the game is fine without it. I know I’d turn it on just to see what it’s like and bitch out my team, young or old, for not assaulting

  6. I think it makes since, i don’t think the game needs voice chat actually, even though at first I was upset that they weren’t adding it, after playing the game for MANY hours I have never once thought voice chat was needed in any capacity. I do want voice chat with friends though, I think they will put that in, because it doesn’t fit in with any of the reasons that they stated why voice chat shouldn’t be in the game.

  7. Well, matches are like 3 minutes right? No options to make your own time limits or rules? Maybe there’s no
    need for chat because there’s no reason at ALL to strategize. Just a straight forward shooter.

  8. I played a game and found my perfect partner. He and I dominated the map without any chat. We just knew where to go, what to do, and when. Voice chat isn’t necessary. Hell, what is skype for then? You can even just call one another and speaker phone it

    1. Skyping with kids is a terrible liability…exchaning personal info with strangers, underaged strangers? That’s a fucked up plan dude. Voice chat was the only safe way to do it.

      1. pink0crystal0midbus

        Only skype with your friends. Who wants to talk to random people anyway, even with voice chat?

        1. It was kinda fun in MH3U and Mass Effect whrn teaming up with folks. I see no reason it wouldn’t be fun in this game as well. :)

        2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          What my villain brother from another franchise said! Maybe some of us actually like talking to strangers in the hopes we can make even more friends? Not everyone online is some psychotic pedophile out to get little kids or some serial killer just wanting to butcher people or rapists that want to ra-… oh you get the point! But in the case they are one of those bad people in the world, least with voice chat they won’t be able to get my personal info.

  9. Nogami should have left his first excuse as-is, cuz he’s sounding more full of shit the more he tries to parry the fact that there’s no logical reason why voice chat isn’t in the game. Sometimes I get paired with people who do so much shit I WISH I could’ve given them pointers. The game’s not balanced, you can get paired with 3 losers while the other team are masters & you have no way to help these n00bs on your side. No way to pass on knowledge, you just gotta accept the fact that on paper, you already lost the damn game.

    1. pink0crystal0midbus

      If there was voice chat you don’t even know if a) they would have the function b) they would have it turned on c) if they could even understand your language d) or if they would even listen to you.

      Not to mention, it sounds like you would speak to them negatively which would be the EXACT REASON WHY Nintendo left voice chat out of the game. So you couldn’t yell at other players for being bad.

      1. Passing on knowledge didn’t sound at all negative quite the opposite, it’s helping people. He didn’t say anything about cursing them out. And your comment is full of big IFs.

    2. Exactly. In the 3rd party games I’ve played on the WiiU, hours of screwing around was saved by awesome people training me via voice chat.

      No helping each other in splatoon. Every man for himself, wven if you’re on the same team. Good luck!

      1. That’s what bothered me the most about the game, without voice chat. It is exactly as you describe. Most the time it felt like I wasn’t even on a team, and I would have loved to help these people.

        1. I’m not sad, doing very well actually. :)
          You do realize we are already aware of that. We’re simply holding Nintendo accountable for being dumbasses again.

          And not adding VC isn’t the ONLY problem with this game. It was launched like the WiiU, and like the original 3DS, Half baked and with only enough features to take your money.

          I’m not paying $60 for Nintendo to keep pulling this shit.

          1. as much as i disagree with the voice chat thing i definitely agree on the half baked part as much as i like the game so far they should of released the game COMPLETELY FINISHED and the excuse they made for it was just terrible and obviously a lie this kinda suprised me coming from nintendo they always finish their games :/ its ok to delay a game who cares what the community says its your game finish it and that’s that hopefully they wont do that again and plz u don’t need to cuss lets be mature here XD

      1. 1. Fallout 4 hasn’t even come out yet, so why are you already regarding it as better than Splatoon?
        2. His comment was just a harmless joke, stop freaking out.
        3. You’re basing your comparison on these games on their art styles and aesthetics. Don’t deny it.
        Fallout 4 may be a good game. It might be better than Splatoon. But it’s people like you that really make the Internet harder to cope with.

        1. Wait, wait who are you replying to? Lol, im jus fokkin around, you can’t compare Duck Hunt to Halo….

          1. Some people on here have no clue what they are talking about when they respond and can’t tell that someone is joking sadly

        2. doubt fallout will be as balanced as splatoon, at least in splatoon you stand a fighting chance as a level one vs a level 20 inkling

  10. I understand why they left it out its an unfair advantage to those who use it and curse and swear and the 8 yr old kid who cant use it cuz mommy hears u cursing now the 8 yr old cant plan an attack like the others can who have voice enabled

    1. Only, that’s xbox voice chat. For WiiU. Mass Effect, MH3U and even Cod doesn’t have the voice chat horror stories you hear with other systems.

      I’m going to have to disagree with you, because games on WiiU that have voice chat never had those problems.

          1. Maybe lol but I doubt it. I’ve sat thro some fairly insane conversations while on xbox live in the past. Couples fighting while ones playing the game, nerds being overly nerdling, children tossing rants and fits. All part of the game baby, life experiences I wouldn’t trade lol.

            1. Lol I can’t believe some people actually get hurt by strangers. If anything I laugh my ass off and dish out the same trash talk. It’s hilarious madness man!

    2. Dont forget that the 8 year old cant understand what u say because he lifes in europe, this is a global game heck even if there was voicechat ik cant pronounce the japanese names that are in the game and i can speak english but not everyone u battle with can since its not a region locked game i wonder if people take that in the discussions aswel. But i think voicechat is only needed when u play online, in the with friends room because it makes the game just more fun for the people that do use voiche chat.

      1. I think that woulf be really cool. Tons of people around thr globe have some cross language ability…less in america (I’m not proud to say)

      2. A lot of people in other countries can speak English. Not including, they could have also made a regional lobby and a worldwide lobby, just like Mario Kart 8.

  11. I guess all that makes sense. I’d still argue voice chat with friends should be coming with the matchmaking options in August, but we won’t see that happening.
    Letting players pick up on the few maps and modes to enjoy it to the fullest also makes sense, but then again people are paying full price of something that lacks content.
    There’s kinda no middle ground with Splatoon. It’s kind of an online experiment gone right.

  12. So, they left out the option so people who decided to use it wouldn’t have an unfair advantage?

    For fuck’s sake, they just admitted voice chat would be a strategic advantage, admitting the game could have benifited from it. This is just a circular argument and more damage control.

    1. Yes, voice chat would be a strategic advantage… to people who had it…
      That’s what makes it unfair.

      1. It’s not unfair if the only people not using it are people who chose to turn it off. That’s their choice.

        1. pink0crystal0midbus

          But what if I don’t want to use it, because I don’t want to talk to people? I don’t want to be forced to use voice chat to gain a strategic advantage. That isn’t fair to me. It’s not just a “choice” to not use voice chat. I would be uncomfortable talking to people with my actual voice.

          I also don’t want to lose matches because the other team can strategize and I can’t. By forcing everyone to follow the no voice chat rule, it helps out players like me who doesn’t want the feature :)

          1. I understand why you wouldn’t always want to talk to people, I can be the same way, and I totally understand your comment and respect you In general, however I still think it’s shitty Nintendo totally castrated friends from being able to safely chat from within the game.

            1. I’m pretty sure I’m still for Voice Chat with friends because it sounds cool, but after playing so much Splatoon, I don’t think I care at all that much. Besides, when I go into a match I may not be on a winning team, but damn, I have never been anything less than top two ranked and ranked high. That’s all I care about now!

              1. Voice Chat is part of what made games like MH3U and Mass Effect (a launch title) remain very active by users. I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy the first 3 months of splatoon, but it would get boring for me just walking around by myself since it wasn’t designed to be a long-term single player game. It was supposed to be a social game, and they left out a vital component.

      2. Everyone would have it if the game allowed it. Now only skype users have it. THAT’S what makes it unfair. Now if you don’t have skype you don’t have the option. So it should have been there if you wanna bring the fair argument.

    2. And more reasons why I still call Nintendo and fans hypocrites and pussies to grow up and learn how to avoid problems when facing it instead of hiding with cheap ass excuses.

      1. Kaptain Krusha K. Roolenstein

        Good. Agreed. At least you’re not that Nintendo fanboy I used to argue with in the past lol.

            1. I don’t defend bullshit. He does and doesn’t, making him another hypocrite just like every moron fan that exposed themselves after Splatoon’s lack of voice chat (FOR FRIENDS ONLY)

  13. I would argue that the lack of voice chat in Splatoon is not only not an issue, it is a positive aspect of the game:
    – Now that more “hard core” area of the online game is open, Ranked Mode matches, the potential for verbal abuse has increased tremendously for first-time players that have reached level 10;
    – You are connecting with other players globally… the confusion from trying to converse with various native language speakers would be enormous! (It seems that almost always half the players I connect with are from Japan!)
    I still think that the only aspect of the online game that could be improved is the ability to change your weapon at respawn… although even that change is questionable.

    1. Please dont compare other systems community to Nintendo. Thats is such an illogical thought because why would their actions reflect on the Nintendo community behavior? Even if there are bad people who cuss, moderation is a simple solution. It’s like miiverse, you dont see anyone drawing dinks or cussing… You know why? ………… Moderation.
      As for the whole language barrier, that is something plenty of people complained about cuz There is no way to play regional matches. A simple fix would to just add regional options.

      1. The services you mention are far from simple to implement. I doubt Nintendo would have the bandwidth and budget for that level of support for just one game.
        As for the behavior of the Nintendo community, I agree that Nintendo probably has a better behaved audience than most, but you only need a few bad apples to spoil the whole experience in a game like this one, in my opinion.

        1. Not sure how a little regional option would be difficult, Nintendo has been here for decades so Im sure they have the knowledge and money to do anything. I think you missed the other point, which was “moderation” , cancelling out your concern for bad apples. :P

  14. I wouldn’t call this a shooter. It’s Turf War/Capture the Flag. No need to have voice when you have commands and a map on the touchscreen. All you have to do is tap the player that says C’mon. The matches are short and different players every 3 mins. The gameplay is hectic. I doubt people need it to strategize. I don’t.

    1. I do see your point. The game not allowing friends to customize the game length and having limited game mode options does limit VC use.

      Can friends setup matches to play each other?

    2. The quick commands are dull and really express much. VC isnt just for strategic use, it can be simple fun and expression the quick commands can never ever offer.

  15. I personally love talking to random freaks on chat while playing Halo matches. But I have years of “dealing” with people online, it’s not as hard as people make it sound.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Exactly. Just call them a piece of shit loser in return & block them! Who cares if that loser tells his friends that you were a little bitch for running away? After all, knowing when to walk away from a fight doesn’t make you a bitch but the better person. Then again, calling them a piece of shit loser before blocking them wasn’t being that much of a better person but least you aren’t letting the voice chat war continue so still. You were the bigger person. lol

  16. They’ll probably only add it for friends in August. But i’d really like to talk with people online, even if it’s for 5 minutes.

  17. I can’t believe they still use that “voice chat can be negative too!! People can be really mean!!!” argument as a defense for the lack of voice chat. I don’t need Nintendo to baby me at every single opportunity, I can decide for myself whether or not I’m emotionally strong enough to not give a shit about strangers swearing at me. If Nintendo really wants to protect children so badly, then just have voice chat turned off by default, so people would need to make an effort and go out of their way to turn it on themselves; barely any child bothers to go into the settings of a game, after all.
    Their other arguments aren’t very convinving either, but I won’t bother going into them again, as it won’t change anything at this point. It’s just very unfortunate how narrow-minded Nintendo is, and refuse to give people options.
    And the game definitely seems unfinished at this point, and I sure as hell would have regretted my purchase if I had to pay 60€ for it. I, luckily only paid 37€ for it though, which is alright, I’d say.

      1. Yea, 40 is the highest I’d go for it too. It’s an enjoyable game, definitely, but it’s just lacking too much content for it to be worth more than 40, imo.

  18. Fact is, there are people playing Splatoon with friends using Skype or their PS4s to voice chat. You can fight it all you want, but people will find a way. There really is no ground on the no voice chat argument. If you don’t like it, you can just shut it off/ mute people. It’s not an issue.

    1. Absolutely agreed. It’s a shame people actually have to use additional devices for a basic feature that should be taken for granted in a game like this.

    2. And since Nintendo left it out, there will be people at a disadvantage. So the very thing they tried to use as an argument is happening, only the playing field can’t be leveled, because not everyone can/ wants to use a second device or use public accounts.

      Nintendo, you just done fucked it up. Fix it.

      1. I’ve basically been playing since I got the NAT patch to fix my internet issues and I have never missed or thought about Voice Chat in the game at all. I’ve been playing for hours passing level ten and still using the same little gun from the beginning. Honestly, the only time I would think I would like Voice Chat is when playing with a friend and just chatting with him/her like “All right. You ready?” I don’t think my strategy would go beyond, “Hey Alex… It’s looking kind of blue on your side.” I guess that counts.

        1. And that’s GREAT for you, and those like you. We are not saying voice chat is for everyone, or heckling people for not using it, we are saying just because you are right handed, doesn’t mean all scissors should be made for right handed people. It’s ignorant, selfish and just mind-blowing that Nintendo left this feature out, not to mention a shit ton of features. They literally launched it as soon as it had the bare minimum playability.

          I guarantee you there are a ton of staff members at Nintendo that are as pissed as we are.

          1. Their may be some Nintendo employees pissed about not adding it in, but I still don’t feel that it is vital. I don’t want to get too into it, but you are definitely passionate about this subject. I mean I’m pretty sure I only got replies from you so far. Nonetheless, I don’t think that this game was half baked. It runs so smooth and plays so well that I just have fun with it without any thought that their may not be as much. Except in Inkopolis. I feel the need walk farther through the city. I can’t wait to join everyone else in what is to come. It’s kind of cool to be involved with the updates in this game. I believe getting Ranked Battles was just a little taste of what more we can expect. In Nintendo’s defense I always look forward to the quality of their games. They have flopped here and there, but I believe this one has not failed despite the VC debate. I’m still surprised about not being able to play locally with more than one other person, but I think that was the case with their other games where you play online locally, though this isn’t even online….pfft!

            I was going somewhere with this… You don’t have the game right? I think you would enjoy it, but I only play from time to time, and I’m judging most of that from what I got out of it so far. You already know a bit of how I feel playing it from my other comment. I threw my sixty bucks in there and I’m glad I did. The controls take some getting use to, at least for me, but once you’re in a fray they seek in. Haven’t gotten into other weapons still. Man, I wrote a lot for you. Shit, what am I doing?

            1. Correct, I don’t have the game.
              I am glad you are enjoying it. :)

              I have been with Nintendo since they started gaming. I know the quality they are capable of, which is why I hold them to a very high standard.

  19. Relax people I’ve called the Waaaahmbulance. It’l be here shortly. Meanwile I will enjoy playing this very fun game.

    1. That was very brave, I’m sure the dust-bunnies you brushed off that ancient pun were ferocious! Lol

        1. Nice!! Heroes of Ruin for the 3DS has VC, so I’ve used that for WiiU games ocassionally. I mean…it’s fun to be creative, but Nintendo should not be making us use 3rd party apps and multiple pieces of hardware to do what should have just been there. MK8 would have been amazing with VC.

  20. I agree with what one of you said above. It should have been an optional thing. You either enable voice chat or disable it, your choice.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Sadly, apparently some people hate options & get annoyed when others have the option. Like the people crying about Fire Emblem Awakening being broken because we finally have the option to turn off perma-death. Not everyone likes perma-death because some of us actually like to beat the game with everyone alive & it’s annoying to have to start an entire bloody chapter over just because we trapped ourselves into a position where no amount of restarting at the save point can fix the issue.

  21. 1. People keep botching but yet still buying the game lol
    2. You won’t get voice chat or maybe it may come later
    3. I don’t have the game yet and most likely won’t have it for some time but when I do get it like I am now whether they did or did not have voice chat I wouldn’t care
    4. Hopefully I win this second ps vita just in case the first one doesnt work and a few wii games on ebay

  22. Stupid JAPS just cant get it right. Give voice-chat to private friend lobbies at least. Nintendo you dumb fuckers. Just give up hardware and sell your games to Microsoft so I can enjoy them on a superior platform!

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>Xbot, go home and take your disgusting friends with you to whatever abomination hole you call “home”>>>

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      >.< Yes. We still call it unfinished. And we'll continue to call it unfinished til August. If intentionally holding content back so you can fine tune it & fix it up isn't unfinished, then I guess 3rd parties aren't the only video game makers with chumps in their fanbase. Speaking of, if this was anyone but Nintendo, some of you guys would be bitching at the 3rd parties for the very same thing we are bitching at Nintendo for. In which case, I return to my previous statement about certain fans being chumps.

  23. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>As I don’t care either way for the Swedzillionth time, this is all I have>>>

  24. The reason why they didnt put voice chat is because Splatoon is a baby game aimed towards 5 year olds.

    1. Says the person who clearly hasn’t played games where voice chat is important. The amount of time spent on the match is superfluous. In arena battles in World of Warcraft, for example, matches can be as short as a minute, depending on how you play – but having voice chat with your teammate certainly can help regardless of whether it’s a 1 minute or 10 minutes.
      It’s what you do with the feature that matters, not for how long.

  25. I think people won’t want to hear my strong accent in english XD, if they enable VC is has to be regional, because there are a lot of japanese in there too, I know nothing about this language as well. :P
    And ahn, at least it could be enabled for friends..

  26. And thus why the 7.9 rating from IGN is well deserved. It’s pretty disheartening that the fans are losing their shit over it when A) they can’t count any form of downloadable content and B) the game itself is unfinished despite being fun. Codename S.T.E.A.M. had a recent patch that solves the long enemy turn issue and you don’t see anyone asking for the game to be rerated for a better score.

  27. My only issue is the one game mode for local multiplayer. It’s only 1 vs 1, and it’s only one game mode. I forget the name of the mode, but it’s the mode where you have to pop the ballons with your weapons, and get up to 30pts 1st. Like they couldn’t even add a turf war to local multiplayer? We couldn’t have a team of cpu’s or something? I think that really sucked. Like this would’ve been amazing for a local multiplayer for friends and family to play together, and they just threw that right down the drain.

    1. No shit? You can’t play with 4 friends off line? Please tell me I didn’t hear you right. :/

      1. You heard him right.

        Makes you kind of agree with IGN, that they got a bit lazy with this game. I’m personally not a fan of local multiplayer, mainly because I haven’t used it since I was a wee child. Only 1v1 though? Why?

        They’ll probably add a better mode later, but it adds even more credence to the fact this game does seem unfinished. Even more annoying when Nintendo has claimed to be so against this, but now it seems like they are welcoming these type of practices with open arms.

        Sometimes I really feel Nintendo can be some of the biggest hypocrites in gaming. This isn’t the first time they’ve gone back on their word.

        1. Wow. I’m so fucking glad I waited.
          I’ve got other games to keep me busy, I quite playing smash a long time ago (the wiiu version) and honestly, If I could hang out with my friends and chat in MK8, I’d probably still be playing that also. I just don’t have time for half baked games. I do hope you’re having fun with it, since you took the leap and bought it, I certainly want you to enjoy the game! :)

    2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Then again, since there is no voice chat online, you can still get the same experience there. Only with online, the “CPU”s aren’t complete & utter morons because the AI was intentionally programmed to be that of an idiot playing. Unless, of course, you are actually paired up with idiots. In which case, yay for stupid partners that force you to do all the bloody work. lol

  28. the art of balance is not to keep adding till it works, it is to keep it simple, voice chat is one of those things that can make a game really unbalanced. making it an option would put the fun at jeopardy cause it would mean people are going full strategic against others who just want to have fun.

    in current setting every player has to think for them selves, if a team full out wins it means they don’t even need it to have the tactical advantage, it’s alla a matter of looking down to you map once in a while. and jamming D-pad up

    1. If only they had a “For Fun” mode for some people, and “For Glory” for the strategic type…now if only I knew a gaming company that knew how to implement this amazing idea…

      1. For glory might as well be for fun in smash lol. No serious smash player I’ve ever met likes timed matches, especially not 2 minute matches. And the forced omega form of every board is straight garbage. Only people who think final destination is the best and only level to play on are the people who don’t realize it gives an unfair advantage to a lot of fighters. A shooter against a non shooter for instance. Why you think all the fox fans love FD lol. So they can shoot their laser as much as possible and rack up effortless and skill-less damage. Having at least battlefield or big battlefield as an option would be better. By shooting someone who can’t shoot back you force them to have to dodge all your shots, and force them to come at you which can put them at a disadvantage. Sometimes being on defense is the way to go, but playing against a spammy shooter forces you to be on offense or just take a bunch of hits, or just sit there dodging till they come at you (but they won’t). Anyway getting off topic lol. Sorry.

  29. i just want the full dpad to be used for ping commands. how do i else tell my team to defend (getting backdoored) or attack (to disrupt)

  30. Exactly why I’m not buying this game. Big Nintendo fan buy it’s obvious they don’t care about us loyal older fans. No excuse not to add it

    1. They didn’t leave it out because they forgot about their older fans. That’s absolutely ridiculous. They left it out because they want EVERYONE to play this game, like how they want everyone to play all of their games, it’s how Nintendo works. With voice chat, people who have never played online shooters might feel intimidated by someone yelling at them. Especially because you would have people yelling at each other over the voice chat, with some trying to command the entire team. Making it “optional” doesn’t work either, since it might give advantage or disadvantage to a specific set of players. After playing the game myself I can honestly say, it doesn’t need voice chat. Matches are 3 minutes long, the objective is simple, there really isn’t a need for some 34 year old or 12 year old to yell at someone for sucking, or not doing what they asked.

      1. Oh god, everyone has been over this crap a thousand times. People already use Skype no doubt, there are even people here who are saying they do. So this disadvantage already exists in the game.

        Nintendo is only making it worse, by not giving any other players who don’t want to use another program to chat, the option to. This disadvantage, so many of you speak of, exists with or without in game voice chat.

        So give it a rest already, you people can make up all the excuses in the world for this nonsense, but they will never be logical enough to explain why it should be completely omitted from the game.

        Because every excuse you make for the game not needing voice chat, it can be countered by reasons as to why it could easily have voice chat, and still be just as enjoyable of an experience.

      2. Assuming everyone will use it for cursing instead of actually being nice and trying to help their teammates. Everyone against voice chat does a lot of assuming I noticed.

        1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

          Yes. I guess everyone that uses voice chat is just a pre-pubescent shit stain that does nothing but yell obscenities at people that either aren’t as good as them or are kicking their ass. So not just assumptions but generalizations, too.

          1. Yea it’s sad lol. And how old are these people making the assumptions? Probably not too old themselves a lot of them, but they think they are cause they just got out of high school and think they know what’s up and are better than the people still in high school.

    2. Thank you, as an older loyal fan myself I totally agree they don’t show us the same loyalty half the time.

      1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

        *facepalm* Yes because apparently every adult that interacts with kids are a confirmed pedophile. Oh my god! I just blew the world’s mind! We need to stop letting teachers teach little kids their ABCs & how to count basic numbers! In fact, we should shut down children’s clinics, day care centers, schools altogether, etc! Thank you for saving the world from it’s ignorance!

  31. Shut the fuck up its called a mute button no excuse. Yes they did forget about us there trying be our parents. They could add party chat problem solved fans like you is why Nintendo will never evolve because u make excuses like they can never do wrong. Don’t you want ps4 and xboxs fans to enjoy these games also my friends were interested until they heard of a simple standard feature was not available it’s a joke

  32. It’s only crippling Nintendo not to add simple online features that are standard these days. Hurt there review score hurt fans and will hurt sales from being better a lot a upset fans

  33. Look at all these assholes complaining about voice chat! Ooh! Better go back to actually playing the great online shooter!

  34. Space Pirate Initiate

    To me, those wanting voice chat are spoiled that almost every game has it included. Those that aren’t getting the game because of the lack of VC are those that wouldn’t buy the game in the first place. Those that said they would of bought it had it come with VC are lying. They wanted a reason to not buy the game in the first place, no matter how petty the reason, and bash bash bash.

    1. I don’t think anyone is looking for a reason NOT to buy a game if they were interested in it.Some people just put so much importance on something others could care less about

      The way some of either side is going about it in this case is,however, pretty ridiculous (funny,if anything else)

    2. To me, Nintendo keeps fucking us over. Fucked up the last two hardware launches, fuck us out of 3rd party games by going a few bucks cheap on their box, their games are getting lazier, all they want to do is release Mario and DK like Ubi and Assassins creed, the Adult gamers get less and less attention, less games, treated like kids. Not putting VC in splatoon is just a drop in the bucket. Oh, and their QoL project? As always, they are way behind, and I’m guessing they’ll launch inferior hardware on that front also. I think there is a chance they will cancel the QoL project, seeing all the health and fitness wearable tech coming out right now. Qol shit won’t fly if it’s 4 years behind, they’re lucky they can pull that bullshit in the console industry.

      Their Brand is going to lose equity, then not even Mario will be able to save their ass…

      Where was I going with this? Lol. Ok, this may have been “bitching for the sake of bitching.” ;D

    3. Nope. We’re just sick of Nintendo being behind the 8-ball.
      We’re looking for excuses to STAY with Nintendo. We’re frustrated because it seems Nintendo doesn’t give a shit if we stay or go.

  35. Honestly the reasons given I wouldn’t know if it was PR or not because… this sounds like an interesting thought process… I do admit there would be a huge advantage with someone using VC and someone who doesn’t use it. They want everyone to be on the same playing field. Interesting, one thing that takes me quick out of a competitive community is the overall flaunting taunts and their superficial #1 attitude, leading to insults towards those who play at a lower lvl than them. This kind of mentality really disgusts me but is also apart of competition. That doesn’t mean it’s a healthy viewpoint to look at it from. This is a really interesting, really interesting indeed but then again, this sounds like a page from Equalism.

  36. hey btw.. the best most played game is league of legends thats a fact (about most players playing it at least) and the best RPG online is world of warcraft. 2 best games on there kind. lets talk about that:P who use voice chat on lol?..anyone?no1.. world of warcraft a 100% game that should use voice chat who using it?no1 why?because it sucks its the worst thing to do. what are you gonna do? team speak,raid call ventrilo blabla. you want voice chat for what for random ppl? or more likely for pugs?even worst some ppl saying you find noobs on games..yea no wanna avoid noobs?then STAND UP from your fucking chair!! ( don’t be scared i mean it figuratively) and like the best RPG wow dont go with fucking pugs and make a group by your self! dont w8 the company make it for you because you are to lazy shit like me!! because i’m really boring to make it too and find random and good players i mean…even on miiverse you could make a request for A rank ppl to join your group and create it ..well you got my point i have a hug experience on my 9y gaming at wow i am expert to finding noobs and how to handle them..easy..execute:P

  37. So, you can determine rock is better than opera ? rap is better than classic?..this is how stupid you sound and i didn’t understand why my “judgement” had no base from the things you said. i didn’t compare anything but fuck it. the worst thing idiot could say is “nostalgic-based decision” and now is clear why your whole text have no base. why?because you are hater of nintendo so a hater can have no opinion. and why are you hater? because you got exposed by saying “nostalgic-based decision” nintendo fan boys and they aren’t playing nintendo games for nostalgic. because they never stop playing from childhood till 100y old and like ppl who playing cod and assassins creed why they buying it ?nostalgia?..listen moron. every game have a gameplay formula. and almost all the games doesn’t change it and this is the good thing and not the bad because (i don’t like cod i got bored with that o play planetside2 on cod place) like cod they saying its the same and same..well thats a good thing because ppl played cod and the next game want to be cod! not some other game! they want same formula if they want different they will try different game. so nostalgia on F-zero..nop is a w8ing game and not a nostalgia game to re-watch the childhood..there is no nintendo fan who playing games for childhood memories they just playing it like ppl playing cod – assassin creed witcher and every game that continue to keeping up with the same game play formula. but you cant think all that you cant make your brain think and you gonna describe it with the world “nostalgia”i fell sorry for ppl like you who think they can describe a whole situation with one word..well you wish but no1 can and all that text with the bad english to do nothing..

  38. The issue I’ve come across is getting team combos that want to play it like a straight-up team deathmatch game and that you are only supposed to use the ink for swimming. Those are instances where I’d like to yell at them to INK THE GROUND TO WIN until it sticks into their heads.

  39. I dont like this staggering content BS. Why is the game not even a week old and we already have DLC content already out for it? Probably wont even buy it till I see if its popular enough to get a Players Choice re-release with all the content.

    1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Thank you for effectively making the reasons this article mentioned as to why they didn’t add voice chat in the game in the first place just being Nintendo spewing bullshit. So by your logic, the game is still ruined because people are using external means to chat. *claps* Unless your comment is just sarcasm. ._.

  40. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

    I’m glad the guys working on Splatoon are spewing bullshit as to why they didn’t add voice chat. Now I can see who the sheep in the Nintendo fanbase on this site are. ^.^ So here’s an upside to the lack of voice chat in Splatoon. Least for me, anyway. lol

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