Mega Man Legacy Collection Announced For Nintendo 3DS But No Wii U Version

Capcom has today announced that the iconic Mega Man is getting his own collection on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo 3DS. The collection contains six classic Mega Man games and is the perfect introduction for newcomers to the beloved franchise. The Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC versions will be coming this summer for a MSRP of €14.99 / £11.99. However, the Nintendo 3DS version of the Mega Man Legacy Collection will be released this winter. There doesn’t appear to be a Wii U version.

In addition to the six Mega Man games, Mega Man Legacy Collection features new ways to experience the classic games with the Museum Mode and new Challenge Mode. Challenge Mode remixes gameplay segments from all six games, with plenty of scaling difficulty objectives for experienced players to conquer yet serving as a good starting point for new players, too. Museum Mode contains a comprehensive collection of history, high-res art and original concept pieces – a mega treat for any fan of Mega Man and video game history.



    1. megaman is in Smash Bros… In Mario Kart… Wii U help megaman and Capcom says a big F**K You to Nintendo Fan Again… great!

      1. Only to Wii U exclusive owners. Those of us that own a Wii U and 3DS, will not have a problem, because we can just get it on 3DS.

          1. People on here aint gone like to you afterall collector The 3Ds sold much much more than the wii u quit bashing tiny screens and nintendos going mobile son the Wi. U cant compete with 3ds son

      2. The snake syndrome again. Nintendo gives then “free” advertising and those companies don’t care about nintendo…

      1. Yeah the Wii controllets suck dude they take batterys and are cordless…….Id reccommend getting them on an easy to use emulator like on a Ouya or Mojo Console dude….This game on a tiny screen sucks ass…They need to bring it to Wi U the Wii U has A good controller unlike the wii

    2. Dude! They’re all available on virtual console. And Capcom probably assumed that it’s more profitable to sell it for 3DS.

  1. Either Capcom is making good on their word to get out more HD re-releases/remakes or they got scared by Mighty No. 9. Either way I am pretty excited, even if its not sadly on Wii U. Really like the idea of a remix mode.

    1. Bleehhh wait, just watched the trailer, so basically its just MegaMan Anniversary collection without 7, 8 and the two arcade games… I mean its still great to have new Mega game anything, but I had thought “Legacy” meant it was gonna be a mix of say, MegaMan 1/2, MegaMan X, the first Battle Network, Legends, Zero and ZX, not just all classic series ones.

      They could have at least added in the GameBoy titles from the original series since they never made good on releasing MegaMan Mania on the GBA and they did eventually make it onto the eShop so they do have the code for them this time.

      Only way I would get this on launch is if those remix modes actually change the ENTIRE structure of all the levels in each game, but I doubt thats gonna happen.

      Also, they should have made this an opportunity to add MegaMan 9, 10 and even MegaMan X Street Fighter to a proper physical release. Way to drop the ball Crapcom.

    2. Yep that’s exactly what I was thinking. They’re trying to steal sales from Mighty No. 9 with this cheap collection.

      You know what I find funny though, that they had the audacity to release it as the ‘Legacy Collection’! Konami released a Metal Gear Legacy Collection a couple years ago that contained every game that Snake has appeared in (including the spin offs and MSX games). The only stuff that wasn’t included were the non-canon PSP AC!D games and Revengence.

      This is not a ‘Legacy Collection’ Capcom!

      In my opinion this collection should have had Mega Man 1 – 10, Mega Man X – X8 with the Xtreme games, Legends 1 and 2, all the Zero games including the ZX games, the arcade games, and others like Mega Man and Bass, Tron Bonne, Mega Man x Street Fighter, and maybe even the PSP remakes and Battle Network games if they were feeling generous. Then they could charge $60 for it!!

      And for those who think this is too much or that they won’t due to virtual console releases, do you remember Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection?!

      1. Sonics Ultimate Genesis Collection is better than any Physical release for Wi u or 3Ds and thats a fact jack and if you dont like it u can kiss my duke ho.

        1. Lol no, I like Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection!! I was just making a point that Sega released a bundle of almost 50 classic games for $40 originally (or maybe it was $60 I can’t remember) so what’s keeping Capcom from releasing a collection as big as that for Mega Man.

          Oh that’s right, laziness and greed will.

  2. This make no SENSE!!! Megaman is in Smash, Mario Kart 8 and they release this collection on Xbox and PS4… WTF CAPCOM. Seriously!

  3. Oh come on, Capcom! Yet another Mega Man re-release? Don’t you think it’s about time for a new Mega Man game by now? Or are you just scared because Inafune left and you don’t have any clue what to do with Mega Man? Not that Capcom let Inafune do that much in the previous years, anyways, with all the cancelled Mega Man games like Mega Man Legends 3 or Mega Man Universe, just to name two.

  4. The classic Mega Man games are already on the Wii U(And the 3DS as well),so there’s no need for a Wii U version unless they were to fix sprite flickering or slowdown,etc

  5. The more I think about this the more I get angry by it. Not only did the older collection have more games, but with a blu-ray disc they could thrown basically every MegaMan on it. If they want people to get hyped about this they should have AT LEAST thrown classic series 1-8, hell rip em straight from Anniversary, along with the two arcade games. Throw in all of the games from the X collection and also add the three download titles from the classic series.

    1. Its not a physical release though so no blu-rays, but you do have a point. They should’ve released the actual LEGACY, as in all the Megaman games. This leads me to believe that this going to be Volume 1 of the legacy.

  6. seriously guys, you can buy all of them in the vc like right now.
    and the new modes will be crap, like all new modes in old games are.

  7. Doesn’t the Wii U already have enough Megaman franchise games to not need this? Classic, X, Zero, Battle network? seriously this would be overkill.

    1. You are right and they’re already available on virtual console. Wii U owners technically won’t miss out, except new mode and (probably) cheaper price tag for all games.

  8. They are all 5 to 7 bucks on the vc and they go on sale alot.

    I own mm 3 4 5 6 xb1 and X2 for nes and snes plus I have all of vc mm games almost. .. fuck capcom

  9. – Less content than the original Anniversary Collection

    – Digital Only

    – by HD flair, they simply mean 8-bit games in 1080p …. lol

    Yep, not buying this. What a pile of crap.
    It’s hard being a Mega Man fan.

  10. Hey Capcom, here’s an idea, RELEASE A NEW MEGAMAN GAME. In the style of new game, but plays like the old games. Megaman 11, make it happen…

  11. I bought the better version of this back in 04. Unless the new modes allow you to play through the games with like Bass and Protoman I dont see the point. 8Bit games in hd are dumb. Port powered up or make a legends collection or something capcom. I want to give you my money.

  12. Played the originals to death already. Need some new stuff! And plus I have both the collections that came out for the ps2 and they were way better then this so honestly this is a pretty crappy collection

  13. All these games are on Wii U’s VC already. Yeah this would be cheaper, but oh well.

    Having it on 3DS is perfect. I may pick it up.

  14. They need to remake MegaMan Legends and the sequel on all platforms.

  15. This will suck on the small screen the WIi U version might be good but this is a kid version on a tiny screen

  16. I have never played a Mega Man game before. So this would be perfect for me to jump in. Nice.

    1. You don’t have to buy this if you have a Wii U or 3DS you could just download them from the Eshop for a cheaper price. Wii U does have a good library

      1. Dont download it if its on wii the wii has shityy controllers only download uf its on Wii u

  17. And it will support 4K resolution so you can enjoy all the 8-bit pixels in all their glory.

    1. Impossible. Unless you’re talking about PC, no console will drive games in 4K. Probably won’t happen for at least another two generations. PC just perfected Full HD gaming and PC is heading to 1440p and 4K next. Though, gaming in 4K will cost you a fortune.

  18. What give it that “HD flair”? And why isn’t it on Wii U? It isn’t really a lost but it makes no sense

  19. If it wasn’t for already having the Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube, this would have really ticked me off.

    They should have released this on Wii U as well.
    PLUS, it should have had all 10 Mega Man games. What’s the point of featuring only the original 8-bit games?

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