There Will Be A 25 Minute Treehouse Live Pre-show For Nintendo World Championships 2015


Nintendo of America has today confirmed that there will be a 25 minute long Treehouse pre-show just before the Nintendo World Championships on Sunday. There’s a number of places that you’ll be able to watch the Treehouse pre-show including the official Nintendo E3 site, YouTube and also Twitch.

Thanks, paidenthusiast,  N-Dub Nation and MasterPikachu6



  1. Nintendo World Campionship 2015 you mean Nintendo is still as fun as it was 25 years ago….I dont think so…sure there are a few good games but gameing died in know what i mean?…and if u dont like it u can kiss my duke ho

  2. What would they possibly have to say for 25 minutes? Maybe they’ll talk about the Smash news that should hopefully come Sunday morning.

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