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GameSpot’s ‘Unknown Nintendo Game’ Is Just Xenoblade Chronicles X

We all kind of got slightly excited when a listing appeared on the GameSpot E3 site that an unknown Nintendo game was listed for broadcast. Well, it turns out that the unknown Nintendo title is only Xenoblade Chronicles X. It seemed very unlikely that it would be a new title. Personally, I was expecting it to be Devil’s Third, which we haven’t heard too much about during this week’s E3.

Thanks, durpdurpdurp

59 thoughts on “GameSpot’s ‘Unknown Nintendo Game’ Is Just Xenoblade Chronicles X”

  1. did gamespot said “‘Unknown Nintendo Game”? wasn;t like “nintendo title 5”? is this site full of idiots? yes and im one of them. seriusly….. this site change the facts? some times im thinking this is not nintendo site

      1. And this just proved it. Thank you for quickly showing them the huge mistake they made. Where did they even get ‘Unknown Title’ from anyway?

      2. dose this site making hopes for people with fake facts and then the people with the hopes destroyed start hating nintendo? dunno i’m wondering sometimes

          1. O.h, I get it now. The ‘Nintendo Title 5′ part IS the unknown part. Because the game wasn’t actually given a name. Like ’11:40am-Xenoblade Chronicles X.’

  2. That’s it I don’t think I can stay with Nintendo like this. They seriously just abandoned the Wii U and expect fans to go along with their decision makings. Also at E3 you’re not supposed to show year old games announced last year, you’re supposed to generate hype and announce games fans WANT. I really hope their next console absolutely blows everyone’s mind and with processing power at least 3x stronger than the current gen consoles, or I’m out.

    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      NX needs to be able to compete agains Ps5 and XboxTwo in terms of power, or else just wont cut it for 3rd parties and for many fans. The sad part is that if it is coming so soon which the signs are indicating, they no way in hell will not achieve the power of Ps5/Two because they have the advantage of coming later with stronger power. Nintendo is screwing it big time, NX could be temporary solution but no way it´ll maintain longterm appeal, unless Nintendo really pushes like 2 big exclusives every fucking month out for the system. Oh and they should also give somesort of loyalty program for those who have bothered WiiU to make up for it.

      1. Listen dude Nintendo is never gonna get third party… Think about it. Everything. third party & Nintendo been lying to us!!! why we don’t get it have noting to do with the power just MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY keeping others like sony alive this gen, is why nintendo got almost no third party. & wii loyal followers got a switch bait this gen aswell as last gen.. what make you think there a third chance for ned soppose to be gen?

    2. The funny thing is nintendo can afford to fuck its fans over because the nintendrones will continue to buy amiibos bwahahaa. They are printing money again!

  3. nintendo site exposed!! this is a sony site and making fake hopes so nintendo fans will hate nintendo !!!!! !! :PP haha

    1. Reality is Dolphin Revolutionized Cafe NX

      More than Mother3 is needed at this point, they should offer Mother3 FREE for WiiU owners the very least and reveal some unannounced (if theres any left) good exclusives for WiiU with 50%discount.

  4. Then why did GameSpot call it “Nintendo Title 5” instead of simply Xenoblade Chronicles X? Those fucking trolls…

  5. Chill guys, it was simply confusion on my part when I submitted the tip for labeling it as “unknown”. I know you guys hate on Sickr, but I’ll take the blame for the title mislead.

    1. Woops, ok – looks like I wasn’t wrong when I submitted the tip for the “unknown” game based on the original article by Jackyanne. Regardless, as Sickr already posted – no harm meant, so don’t get your panties in a knot over semantics.

      1. And by “your”, I’m referring to all the fanboys bitching about it not being “unknown”, naturally.

  6. The way that the numbers pop out of enemies on Xenoblade Chronicles X really reminds me of Disaster : Day of Crisis. I forgot they made that :D

  7. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>Whoever still believes that it was supposed to be a new game should just shoot themselves now>>>

    >>>There are however 3 unannounced games to be revealed soon or now, maybe one is Nintendo, one can imagine>>>

    1. Your two statements contradict each other. Your 2nd one hopes that (or considers for a moment) that one of the unannounced games is from Nintendo. I can directly apply your first statement to that. Why is the “Nintendo title 5” any different than “unannounced game”? I’d even say that the latter probably has even less of a chance of being a Nintendo game given that they’re unannounced games from third parties.
      Either way, Gamestop’s website has updated to show that they are not, of course, Nintendo games for the “unannounced” titles.

      The takeaway from this entire debacle is that the devs/game companies are probably never going to have a special reveal of a game this far into E3, and that Gamespot tried to create hype by implying that such a reveal is a possibility.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Because it says Unannounced on their site, this does not say that, it only says “Nintendo Title 5”, ipso facto, known since all new games being revealed at the E3 Floor or whatever it’s called has an “Unannounced Game” listed>>>

        1. True, but given the original article that Jackyanne had been using as reference and how it refers to it as a “mysterious” game, it’s not surprising that some people could think that that was the case. Regardless, it appears that Gamespot was just trying to build up suspense for more clicks on their site.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>Except she and the one that sent the article made those assumptions, I didn’t see Gamespot trying to fool anyone since again, they have the word “Unannounced” in all their lists for games not known>>>

          2. And it should also be noted that the “unannounced titles” were actually already announced during E3 (Anno 2205, Transformers, Arkham Knight).
            So Gamespot fucks up even more.
            Unless they had this schedule written up even before E3 and had to put it down as that.

            Bah. I think we’re all just overthinking this way too much and blowing things out of proportion.

      2. Of course, if you’re first statement was to say that people that still think it’s a new Nintendo game after the fact that it’s already been revealed to be Xenoblade are stupid, then yeah….duh. But that’s, uh, really, really obvious and doesn’t need to be stated in the first place.

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  9. why someone should believe that? he bust be beyond from an idiot. “nintendo title 5” not “unannounced” that’s why ubisoft above exactly have ubisoft unannounced title” because is unannounced !!!

  10. still the article here should be the Unnamed game finally was xenoblade !!:P not the unknown!!!!! accept the mistake!! and re-name the article too!!!!!:PP like “halo was right sorry and we admit it we are sony fan boys and we work on secretly :P ( im trolling on last part )

    1. If something like this makes you so angry, perhaps that speaks more about what’s wrong with you and how you prioritize things in life than a simple semantics issue with an article on a Nintendo blog site.

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