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GameTruck Has Partnered With Nintendo For A Birthday Party Themed Like Splatoon

Nintendo and GameTruck are teaming up to deliver truckloads of squids and ink to parties across the country this summer. Starting this June, the entire fleet of more than 100 GameTruck vehicles will be splattered in the bright, bold colors of Splatoon, the upcoming action shooter video game exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii U system. The vehicles will all feature ink splashes and squid characters called Inklings from the game. And on the inside, some TVs on every truck will be outfitted with a Wii U system and the game.

GameTruck delivers a fun video game experience to major metropolitan areas in 25 states around the country. The trucks bring gaming experiences directly to private consumer events and parties with over 100 trucks fully equipped with the latest video games. There are even game experts on board to give tips, tricks and training. The trucks roll right up to the location of the party to provide a no-hassle way for party planners to give their attendees a fun experience they’ll never forget.

Splatoon gives players the goal of covering as much territory as possible with their ink-spewing weapons. The game, which is scheduled to launch exclusively for Wii U on May 29, features four-on-four online team matches, as well as a full single-player mode that takes players deeper into the game’s unique world and characters.

The inky action of Splatoon delivers a burst of fun to any party. GameTruck’s onboard Splatoon experts are ready to run kids through a rigorous SplatoonTraining program, arming them with the best strategies to take them to victory. The birthday kid will also receive a Splatoon series amiibo figure, while supplies last.

Although the trucks with Splatoon won’t hit the road until June, party planners can start reserving them now. For more information about how to reserve a GameTruck packed with Splatoon fun, please visit

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10 thoughts on “GameTruck Has Partnered With Nintendo For A Birthday Party Themed Like Splatoon”

  1. Howcome in DK 64 Squawks complains that he can’t lift up TINY Kong, yet in DK 2 he can lift BOTH Diddy AND Dixie, both of whom are bigger than Tiny. Is Tiny hiding an extra lot of junk in her trunk or something? Like seriously. She has to shrink even more to be the same weight as Diddy & Dixie? First World problems? Nah Nintendo World problems yo!

  2. If only Splatoon featured a decent local multiplayer mode, maybe then it would make more sense to have it set up on multiple TVs at a party.

  3. this whole article is old. i assume it was directly c/p from some other site; the beginning describes splatoon as “the upcoming action shooter.” sure ain’t upcoming at this point.

    1. Yeah, was it just a press release. I automatically assumed it was new, but it clearly isn’t. Anyway, don’t think we’ve reported on it so it’s not worth deleting to be honest :)

    2. nintendo outsourced splatoon’s marketing. they should really hire the team full time, cause they have knocked the ball out of the park.

      1. Indeed – people may not all have liked the marketing campaign, but there’s no denying that the squid now/kid now theme absolutely is one of the reasons this games popularity soared…the memetic appeal and energy of the ad tune is part of what makes up it’s charm, despite the fact many might not have considered it ‘good’ listening.

        The game itself is a brilliantly wonderful little title too, which makes it all the more easy to embrace being a squid and a kid, because you actively want to come back to this multicolored world of squids to continue fighting the good inkling fight!

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