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Platinum Games: Kamiya Says That Mighty No.9 Is An Insult To Capcom

Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya is renowned for expressing his true feeling on his Twitter account and to be honest it is kind of refreshing. He has created a number of spectacular games, but he isn’t too impressed with Mighty No.9. He goes so far as to say that the game is a genuine insult to Capcom. Kamiya says that he isn’t impressed in the slightest and says it is simply a copy of Mega Man.

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115 thoughts on “Platinum Games: Kamiya Says That Mighty No.9 Is An Insult To Capcom”

    1. Lol. A copy of Mega Man is exactly what MN9 is. Nobody, especially Inafune, is pretending otherwise. It was said elsewhere that Inafune is a businessman first and foremost, and that is without a doubt my impression of him. Inafune believes there is money to be made off of the IP, whereas Capcom sits on it and does nothing. Since Inafune doesn’t own the IP, he came up with MN9 essentially to be the next Mega Man, and frankly, the most creative thing he’s done so far is make it as much like Mega Man as possible without getting his ass sued by Capcom. He is definitely a businessman, and that’s why we’re hearing talk of movies and tv shows and various merch before the game has even released. Kamiya is right, in a manner of speaking. From a “creator’s” point of view, Inafune is just ripping off a franchise without adding anything new. As a businessman, he’s a genius. Capcom is squandering an opportunity, and Inafune has swept in and capitalized on it.

      And I respect him. It’s a little underhanded to be sure, and I get the impression that it’s considered a little more disgraceful in Japanese culture, but you’ve got all these japanese devopment studios, these old giants, who couldn’t care less about the IPs that made them a household name in the first place. Sega fucked up Sonic. Konami fucked up Castlevania, Contra, Bomberman (Geezus, the list goes on). Capcom fucked up Mega Man. The only company that hasn’t done so is Nintendo (and I say that hoping Nintendo delivers with a new kickass Metroid title before long, because after Mario and Zelda, I think Metroid is their most important IP).

      1. Nintendo is the only company that hasn’t fucked up with an IP?

        You didn’t see Metroid Prime Federation Force revealed at E3, did you?

        1. And apparently didn’t play Other M for that matter.

          Metroid is in a major need of a reboot. 2 non canon titles.

          1. NO. Star Fox is already being rebooted a second time with Zero- we don’t need Metroid to do the same.

            Sadly, the Metroid that SHOULD be considered non-canon, Other M, is canon, while the Prime games are not, while they SHOULD be. And Other M is practically glorified in Sm4sh- the Pyrosphere is a stage (worse yet, it’s the location where a certain scene that made Metroid fans want to break their TVs took place), Ridley’s design is the Other M one, most Metroid trophies are Other M characters/enemies, Samus’s Sm4sh design is Other M’s…

            How is Prime represented? Dark Samus is an assist, and two or three pieces of music from the games. I don’t think there are any trophies of characters or enemies from the Prime games save for DS.

            No reboot necessary- just admit Other M is fucked up and disregard its canonity.

          1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

            No. We’ll get over it when either Federation Force changes it’s filthy artstyle to actually fit the Metroid games (no one that is a true fan of Metroid wants this shit just as much as any true fan of the Alien franchise doesn’t want that franchise to be turned into some kid friendly Saturday morning cartoon) or we get a TRUE Metroid title. Since Nintendo is fucking stupid these days & ignores the fans, if they aren’t outright trying to control us, it seems the latter is going to be the case which means be ready to hear us for the next 3-10 years whenever a true Metroid comes because we aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be that annoying little brother that follows you around everywhere and nothing short of killing us is going to get rid of us. Even the Commander is on our side when it comes to the abomination that is Federation Force.

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                I don’t care if it is a spin off. If I don’t want a spin off of the Alien franchise to have chibi Xenomorphs picking people off, practically killing the horror aspect of the mainline movies, then I don’t want them to do it to Metroid, either, since Metroid is inspired by Aliens. If Nintendo wants to pull this crap with one of their franchises, they can do it with Zelda since Zelda is always trying out new artstyles, anyway. No one wants Nintendo trying out new artstyles for a game franchise that should be semi-realistic. Well anyone that actually CARES about Metroid staying away from anything that can turn it into an “E for Everyone” game. Besides, Nintendo are fucking idiots sometimes. If this game does well, I guarantee there is going to be some fucking imbecile at Nintendo that thinks this is what the Metroid fanbase wants. Just look at how well Splatoon is selling. Now Nintendo is taking that as a sign that they made the right call with no voice chat & don’t even have it in Triforce Heroes, a game where voice chat can actually be a necessity when you are paired with people that take hours just to figure out something so simple as moving a block a certain direction.

                  1. *rolls eyes* Nintendo fanboys. Even when you give them a good reason to not like what Nintendo is doing, all they do is cover their eyes & ears & scream “LA LA LA!!! I can’t hear you!” as loud as they can. Like Reggie, enjoy taking Iwata’s bullshit up your ass since you’re bending over waiting for it. Probably saying “Please, sir. May I have some more.”

                    1. oh cuz i just a think a game looks interesting im suddenly a fanboy? lol right XD anyways i will be enjoying games while u complain about them in every detail in your basement good day to u

                      1. No. You are a fanboy because you are actually defending Nintendo & telling everyone who is upset with this game that they should shut up & just enjoy what Nintendo is giving us. Fuck that. If you have the right to your opinion that this is the best game ever from Nintendo, we have the right to our opinion that it’s shitting on us true Metroid fans that want the franchise to stay true to it’s roots.

      2. 1) he did publicly ask capcom if they wanted to turn it into a magaman game so that’s on them. 2) all the fans know its a maga man clone…. That’s the whole point, he is doing what capcom won’t (and that’s why he left) 3) were do they get off saying that when byoneta is clearly a clone of devil may cry

    2. It would be, if Capcom had ever been able to make a Mega man game that’s better than just decent without Inafune, looks at X7

      1. He’s stupid. I love bayonetta and all, but is he too stupid to realize that the guy who’s making this game is the fucking person who made Mega Man?

        1. A producer is not a creator… Inafune PRODUCED most of megaman games but he didnt created a shit… The only thing thar he create was the original design of zero… But he even admit that the original megaman design was made by other man (whose name i dont remember) and he only correct it.
          Inafune IS NOT a creator… A creator is someone whi DIRECT/WRITE OR DESIGN a game no someone who gives money for the game. Kamiya is 100% right it can seem a little bit stupid for the way he say what he thinks but he is direct. Inafune=overrated bussines man and mighty number 9 = shit (i have played the beta because my friend have fond it on kickstarter and its really dull)
          So fuck you.

          1. Inafune was the lead artist on the original Megaman and X games, DESIGNING the Megaman character along with the robot masters aside from fan inspired designs (both illustrations and pixel art). So yes, he did “create a shit”. He only started producing with the release of the Playstation games, and you can bet he still had plenty of influence on the designs of those games.

          2. “When it came to the design for the Rockman game (which was later changed to “Mega Man” in North America), Keiji developed all the art and design for the characters. Due to the small task force, he also constructed the characters into pixel form, as well as the game’s respective logo, package design, and instruction booklet. As the Famicom was an early gaming system, only 56 colours were available for display, the majority of which were blue-tinted. Keiji noted that this affected the decision to colour the character blue (as a result, fans have nicknamed the character “the blue bomber”)”

    3. Don’t much like Kamiya but I agree with him on this one. Keep using the adjective “spectacular” because it doesn’t inherently connote anything negative or positive.

    4. He also said, back in 2012, that Inafune wasn’t a creator, but a businessman, so it’s not surprising he doesn’t approve of MN9 and Red Ash.

      Honestly, the fact that he’s already made plans for a MN9 live action movie, and launched two Kickstarters for Red Ash before MN9 even released, leads me to agree with Kamiya.

      1. Honestly red ash, mighty number nine, and recore look pretty sweet. 1) mighty number nine was probably a biger success then he thought, and gunvolt was a good game. 2) might number nine is soon coming to systems 3) I’m pretty sure Xbox did not hire him for a game he wont finish. 4) I’m glad he is getting so much attention, he will bring a lot to the table with his studio

    5. Ya know what would stop megaman ripoffs Kamiya: getting of your a** and making another Megaman game!

      1. 1: Kamiya doesn’t need to get off of his ass, he’s a hard-working Dev.
        2:Kamiya has never har anything to do with Megaman. How would he make “another Megaman game”.

        I love me some Kamiya, he’s an imnovative developer who always puts gameplay first, which you don’t see to much of these days. He also apeaks the truth with no regards for sentiment, which is refreshing. Too many people are scared to offend people these days.

    6. Howcome in DK 64 Squawks complains that he can’t lift up TINY Kong, yet in DK 2 he can lift BOTH Diddy AND Dixie, both of whom are bigger than Tiny. Is Tiny hiding an extra lot of junk in her trunk or something? Like seriously. She has to shrink even more to be the same weight as Diddy & Dixie? First World problems? Nah Nintendo World problems yo!

    7. Capcom is an insult to Megaman…

      The guy made the character, was dissed and ran off to try continuing the Megaman franchise in his own way.

      Mighty Number 9 is not only a blessing, but a way to indirectly continue the Megaman franchise. Cause we all know Capcom doesn’t give a crap about the blue bomber anymore, which is just sad!

      Honestly, I don’t see why they can’t give him the rights to Megaman at this point. They clearly have no plans to make games with him anymore. Megaman and friends only get cameo appearances and show up in crossovers these days…

      1. Have you seen the way he handle the Mighty no 9 kickstater? HE ASKED FOR MONEY 3X. He counting his chickens way before they hatch. He planing a god damn movie, a damn tv show, and doing the same shit with Red Ash. He is just like capcom. Red Ash is doing nothing new its just a mad lips version of legends even the characters are carbon copies.

        1. Its not like capcom is doing anything with any of the mega man games. This is why people will give him money. I really hope red ash turns out to be everything legends 3 was meant to be ( you know the game capcom canned so they could have more developers on RE 6).

          As for the TV show thing, I don’t see how it is any different than Sonic Boom.

          Honestly, you are mad that a business is acting like a business.

          1. Resident Evil 6? Are you kidding me. That game sucked ass. Only Leon’s camp was good and the game still sucked

          2. “Hurhur megaman hasnt been used since mm10.”
            Capcom went through a huge change since 2010. They are aware of the love for the games, so they are making the MM games afordable and on non-nintendo platforms. Which means they totally have somebody capable of handling the ip now.

        2. He asked for money to begin a kickstarter, yeah that’s expected! Maybe he didn’t need to ask 3 times, but that’s how those projects get off the ground.

          Megaman was a huge success and this is a spiritual successor to that franchise. Maybe he’s going overboard with his early ambitions, but I’d say his huge eyes grabbed the attention of many. The Indie title is even getting physical release which almost never happens (and this physical release happens at launch).

          He’s giving the middle finger to Capcom for doing the same to him a few years back! He didn’t want all those Megaman games canceled, he was even wearing the 100,000 strong shirt (the popular petition to bring Megaman Legends 3 back into production).

      2. Inafune DID NOT create megaman man… Google it! He PRODUCE the serie but he admit that the original design of the character was made by other dude whose name i dont remember he just “corrected it” also if you have gone through megaman (which i doubt) he isnt the director nor the lead designer… He is the PRODUCER which mean he only puts the money because he isnt even the executive producer is the PRODUCER… So dont speak shit. He didnt create shit and MMn9 is an offense to any megaman fan. I have to add that fans are making that this industry doesnt evolve: “please more of the same!!!!” see how fast yooka&layle and ritual of blood or even Mighty numer9 have get the money while new IPs and ideas dont get the chance… But if something is much repeated people complain…

        1. While it is true that he wasn’t the creator, the direction the original was going, it wouldn’t have gotten released at all. Rainbow Kid, are you freaking kidding me? Plus, if it wasn’t for Inafune, Mega Man 2 would never have been made at all! Like it or not, Inafking is responsible for there even being a franchise to begin with. Not to mention a Capcom games as we know it, since they milked those eight bit games for all they were worth in order to fund their other projects. No Inafking, no Mega Man. No Mega Man, no Capcom as a HUGE developer/producer. At LEAST until the SNES, when Street Fighter MIGHT have been made, IF they had the money, which is doubtful without Mega Man to fund it.

    8. Well he does have a point when are we going to get a true Mega Man sequel that isn’t a spin off or successor?

    9. He’s definitely stupid. It’s an insult to us fans that they portrayed Megaman as a fat gwomp in SF x Tekken. It’s an insult that we haven’t gotten any original Megaman game for several years. It’s a fucking insult that they keep promising us shit and never abide by that promise. I’m sick and tired of capcom!

      1. You forget that it was Inafune’s idea to include Bad Box Art Megaman. Or maybe that’s what you meant?

        1. Explain how the money doesn’t go into the game. How much money do you think it costs to make a game?

          1. Clearly not enough for them because they asked 3x while other’s like shovel knight didn’t do this shit

    10. I thought the developer of Nine was the original Mega Man creator? So it wouldnt be copying anything if it was his design in the first place!

      Thats like saying Miyamoto copied a Zelda game….

      1. Anyone who points this fact out to Kamiya via Twitter, prepare to be blocked. The guy is incredibly block-happy.

            1. Search better or even better go through the games… He is credited in all of them as the PRODUCER. His only original work is ZERO’s design. Original megaman’s design was made by another dude whise name i cant remember and inafune “correct it” so no he didnt create.
              A producer is who put the money nothing more.

    11. To be honest, I half expected him to say something along the lines of “It’s a fucking insult to Capcom in general! Blocked.”

      But despite this, I really love the way Kamiya handles his more dedicated fans and trolls on Twitter.

    12. Apparently Kamiya has never heard of “spiritual successors”. And apparently Kamiya doesn’t know that it was actually Inafune who created Mega Man, not “Capcom”. How is it stealing when you take back an intelectual property that was originally yours to begin with?

      1. Inafune didn’t create megaman, he drew art for megaman. Kamiya lost Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Devil May Cry to capcom after he left

        1. That just makes me get his point even less. He, of all people, should know what it feels like to be the mastermind behind certain IPs and not be able to work on them anymore due to copyrights.

          1. Kamiya many times thanked capcom where he is at now, without them he never would have gotten this far. Inafune is trying recature megaman to spite

            1. He might have claimed that, but I’m not buying it at all. Capcom literally treated him and his IPs like shit. I personally think it’s a Japanese pride thing. He just doesn’t dare to say anything about the people who published his games.

              1. Kamiya is published by sega and nintendo now so he could freely insult capcom if he want to.
                Also inafune did NOT create megaman… Search before speak. He PRODUCE most of his tittles but he never design or pragram any of it. He also admit on an interview that he did not even create the original mega man design, other guy made it and he correct it.
                The onlu thing that inafune create by his own was zero’s design.

            2. No he is trying to RECAPTURE the spirit of megaman for the fans, fans kept asking and he caved in and decided to do something.
              It’s not like the dipshits at crapcom were listening.
              Too worried about chasing that call of doodie money.

              1. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                “Here’s Resident Evil 5: Call of Duty!” “Here’s Resident Evil 6: Call of Duty 2!” lol

      2. Nice to see that Akira Kitamura the man main who took part in creating and the major designer for megaman doesn’t get any credit. Inafune said it himself…megaman was already made before he even came to capcom.

          1. Yeah, I got that wrong. But my point was that Inafune has definitely done more for Mega Man that Capcom ever has and ever will. Just look at all the Mega Man games that where started and then cancelled again by Capcom in the recent years. For example: Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3. Inafune worked on both of these games and I think noone wanted to get Legends 3 developed more than himself. I can absolutely understand that he didn’t feel like putting up with Capcom’s shit anymore. Yet he still wanted to keep the spirit of Mega Man alive. Yeah, he might not be the creator of Mega Man, but he damn sure has done a lot for the Mega Man franchise and of all the people out there, he is the one who’d deserve more than anyone else to be able to work on another Mega Man game. I don’t consider the creation of Mighty No. 9 him stealing something, but I consider Capcom being stupid and stubborn directly leading to the creation of Mighty No. 9. It was just purely their own fault.

        1. Thank you man!! I have been saying that all over the comments section but i couldnt remember the name of the dude who created megaman! Thank you!!

    13. I agree with him. The mighty no 9 project is just a copy of megaman. It’s pretty uninspired. I think Inafune should have come up with something a little better instead of just copying the same design as if he has no more creativity left. ND besides that the way they handled the amount of money they received really did not sit well with me and showed how money hungry he really is

      1. The idea was to have it be like MM, because MM fans are wanting NEW MM installment.
        And Crapcom sits on their ass being fucktards, trying to get that call of doody money all the time rather than just making good games that at least make them SOME sort of a profit.

    14. Although I agree with him, this is coming from the guy who directed Wonderful 101. Which very much copied the style of Viewtiful Joe. Sure the gameplay is different, but it borrows many ideas. In a bad way. W101 is an insult to Viewtiful Joe.

    15. Clearly the whole point of the project just flew right over Kamiya’s head. Also, if he’s talking in regards to aesthetics than it’s particularly ironic coming from a guy who recycled the character designs from an IP he once worked on for Capcom for a game he has since worked on away from them… because W101 looks nothing like Viewtiful Joe…

      1. “because W101 looks nothing like Viewtiful Joe”
        And i am the rightful ruler of England!
        Seriously though, you’re right in your sarcasm.
        W101 does indeed look a LOT like VJ.

    16. This is an incredibly unfair statement on his end, since Bayonetta by that logic is just a copy of Devil May Cry. Even though he was the creator of Devil May Cry, just like Inafune was the creator for Megaman.

      1. Bayonetta was idea he had while at Clover was going to be part of DMC but…Clover got shut down

        1. Wouldn’t that make it an even bigger insult since it was meant to be a part of Capcom to begin with?

    17. What do they expect? Inafune was screwed from being able to make more Mega Man games (his own creation), so he has all the right in the world to make a spiritual successor.

    18. This Ass of a Nyigga Kamiya is a faggotaa for saying that lol

      Freaking Hypocritic…..

      BAYONETTA IS A INSULT TO CAPCOM and a Copy of Devil May Cry.

    19. Good ol’ Kamiya. Not sure he’s right here, but whatever. Maybe it is an insult to Capcom.

      So what? :3 They deserve it for letting Inafune and his team walk and make these games rather than just working with him and giving the fans what they want.

    20. It SHOULD be an insult, punch those Capcom dweebs in the mega-rock nuts. Wow, they should he insulted and embarrassed leaving us begging for megaman in all sorts of ways. GO MIGHTY NO. 9!

    21. Yooka layee must be a slap in the face to rare too right? Smh fuck capcom if they’re never gonna use MM again. We appreciate what inafune is doing for MM fans.

    22. Seriously. FUCK HIM AND FUCK CRACPCOM!!!!
      Maybe if Crapcom stop being Crapcom and went back to be Capcom and actually made new megaman games that were not a slap in the face of the fanbase, we would not have Mighty Number Nine!!
      It’s Crapcomes inept ability to make fans happy that have lead to this!
      Crapcom has NO ONE else to blame but themselves!!!
      And this guy from Platinum can fuck off!
      He should keep his god damn mouth shut about such things.
      Cause all it does, is make some people disgusted with Platinum.
      It’s making me disgusted, makes me no longer want another game from them.

    23. Somebody is jelly fuck this guy mighty no 9 looks awesome and the soundtrack is awesome to can’t wait to play this game this guy is just mad because his games suck

    24. LOL at people shitting Kamiya. He’s fucking right. Inafune created MN9 as a big “FUCK YOU” to Cacpcom, almost the same way Kamiya created Bayonetta (to Devil May Cry). But at least Bayonetta introduced so many new mechanics and gameplay that it can’t be hardly called a DMC clone. Mighty No 9 on the other hand… it IS a Megaman clone in every level.

    25. If Capcom feels insulted, good. They deserve for how they’ve been treating fans of all their IP’s. One of their main mans got sick of it and is doing this as a big middle finger towards them, and a huge gift to their fans. This is the ultimate to get back at companies doing the shady crap that they’ve been doing. Now if only we can have the same happen to Ubisoft…

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    27. Everyone that kickstart Might No 9 knew it was new a megaman game lol their not stupid but after Megaman Online,Megaman Universe,Megaman Legends 3 and the Maverick Hunter X reboot first person shooter game getting cancel. And we haven’t seen a new megaman game since! Not even a Megaman ZX 3. Insult it maybe but a insult gamers are delivering to Capcom for their bullshit.

    28. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

      Kamiya is spot on with this. It is a copy of Mega Man & it is an insult to Capcom. In fact, I gladly support what Inafune is doing. FUCK CAPCOM!!! THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKERS GET FOR IGNORING THE MEGA MAN FANS FOR SO FUCKING LONG!!!

      Get ready, Nintendo, as this will be happening to you eventually if you continue to fuck over the Metroid franchise! If I had a PS4, I’d buy Axiom Verge right now just to spite Nintendo because of Federation Farce!

        1. Sadly, the only game on the Vita I’m interested in is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, so I can’t just buy something I wouldn’t have much else need for just to spite Nintendo. I’m better off getting Axiom Verge on the PS4 since there are other games on that console I want to play incoming.

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