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Here’s Some Metroid Series Development Insights Uncovered By Unseen64

Liam Robertson from Unseen64 is at it again uncovering information which may have only been shared by developers. This time around Robertson takes a look at the development of the Metroid series, specifically Metroid Prime Hunters for the Nintendo DS. There’s also information on the mysterious Metroid Dread that never saw the light of day. If you are a Metroid fan then it’s well worth watching.

  • Metroid Prime Hunters was supposed to have a fully-featured singe player campaign, but time and budget constraints forced them to scrap their original vision and focus on multiplayer.
  • The final game’s SP campaign was based on the multiplayer design and according to one source, “made at the last minute”.
  • NST was initially considered to assist with Metroid Dread, but it didn’t go further than that after Hunters was released.
  • Metroid Dread was prototyped and shown to other Nintendo development teams, including NST.
  • Dread used 2D graphics. One VIP described it as “looking like a port of Fusion”.
  • At that point of development, the game had dropped the “Dread” codename and was simply known as “Metroid”.

Thanks, Liam

26 thoughts on “Here’s Some Metroid Series Development Insights Uncovered By Unseen64”

  1. It’s a real shame they dropped that for Federation Force. Ah well. Always can wait for NX.

    1. It wasn’t “dropped” for federation force the two were obviously their own thing and the existence of one didn’t mean the other won’t exist

      1. It a massive shame that federation force got the rights to development and the support from the company, unlike metroid dread…sigh, if only Nintendo was run by people with brains!

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    3. Am I the only one skeptical about Unseen64?

      LOTS of information… No sources. And evidently the site can have ‘articles’ added by anyone, and they’re not too keen on deleting false ones but rather dubbing them ‘rumors’.

      All have you have to do is create a few screenshots (Then scale them down 75% and convert to JPEG), write up a story, and boom… Even if proven false, it stays up.

      1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

        Nope you’re not the only one who’s skeptical. Like seriously. Why the fuck would nintendo let a rat spill their deepest of secrets? Kinda of stupid and puts a bad image on the company.

        1. Yeah, I don’t trust their info. Like you said, no sources for most of their stuff. Anybody could make this crap up.

        2. Uh…? I think you’re thinking of the wrong site. That is not how Unseen64 works at all. All the articles on the site are written by approved contributors who have industry contacts. They don’t cite sources because their sources are often breaking NDA and don’t want to be sued. You can’t just upload an article on the site with no approval.

          Liam Robertson has a stellar track record of leaking things that were later proven to be true. It’s really not hard to believe at all that he could get a few of his contacts to talk about these things. He also has a number of videos where he shows assets (concept art, or full-blown cinematics) that aren’t publicly available, which seems fairly solid proof to me. This video in particular even has higher-res versions of the cutscenes from Hunters which prior to this were not publicly available.

            1. This Liam guy may be legitimate– but that doesn’t speak for the whole site. There’s some pretty cruddy garbage on there torn to shreds by commenters that are still up.

              I understand the ‘contact anonymity’ deal, but it’s an abused concept.

              Again, not in reference to this case exactly*, BUT I see some pretty pathetic lies fabricated for no reason on occasion (And they’re still up!)

              *Even then, if you desire to make your story realistic and earn money from it, what stops you from creating your own professional screenshots/cinematics? It’s not THAT hard, and I’m a bit skeptical that any ‘ole employee has access to this stuff and is willing to illegally sell it away/giveaway against the wishes on their multi-billon dollar organisation.

            2. Ugh… why would you drop it? It sounded like a continuation to fusion. I don’t care if looked like a fusion port, IT would have had attributes contrasting it from fusion

            3. I don’t think Metroid Dread was dropped, I think it was put on hold b/c of Other M’s development. Both games were headed by Sakamoto and at the time he didn’t have any ideas for the series future. Last year though it seems he finally has plans for Metroid 5, but I do not believe it will be made by his team. Going from that NLG leak back at this years e3 I think the 2d Metroid may be made by a second-party but with Sakamoto in charge.

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