Pokken Tournament Isn’t For Children; Possible Western Release

Pokken Tournament, the Bandai Namco Tekken-Pokemon hybrid, is being made with adults in mind. This comes by way of interviews on Imagine-Nation with The Pokemon Company’s President Tsunskazy Ishihara and Namco’s Katsuhiro Harada.

Considering that many of the people in the generation who experienced Red and Green are now nearing their thirties, and those who were in elementary school then are now in university, we aimed to make a game for those who grew up playing Pokémon—rather than just target children, The bottom line is, we want to show adults that this is the new Pokémon, and get them to play.

Adding onto that comment, Ishihara let fans know that possibility exists that Pokken Tournament will have an overseas release. However, there is no word on whether the game will be making it to our home consoles, however the games hit arcades July 16th in Japan.

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  1. This game have to be on the Wii U arcades are die in the US so their no other way

    1. Some arcades are still alive outside of Japan, even in America. It will probably get a Wii U or possible NX release.

      1. …..IT’S GONNA DEBUT ON THE NX!!!

        I got a gut feeling about this ine guys. What better way to launch a new system with Pokemon meets Tekken style fighting. Now use your imsgination……..the NX RELEASES NEXT YEAR WITH POKKEN FIGHTING TOURNAMENT & THE LEGEND OF ZELDA AS LAUNCH TITLES!!!

        Not a bad way to kick off a new system for 2016.

  2. Great stuff, good to know it caters to us adults instead of being a button masher kid friendly game, that kid friendly stuff ruined too many good games. .

    1. The main series games were always fine. I’m 24. But the Rumble games for an example are fucking mindless poop.

    2. I’m not sure if you were talking about pokken potentially being a button basher or the main series pokemon games being a button basher. (Prior to the de-comfirmation)

  3. Just for the simple fact they are targeting adults would influence me to buy the game. It’s so damn refreshing to hear them say that.

    Now if Nintendo would start thinking that way, they could take back over the gaming market..

    1. I wish they were taking this stance with Metroid Prime: Federation Force. If they did, the game wouldn’t be getting nearly as much hate as it is right now from a lot of us true Metroid fans. In fact, it could have been the next Metroid Prime Hunters.

  4. This is good news. Not that childish = bad, but in a fighting game I enjoy a high skill ceiling. Also, it’s awesome to see Nintendo acknowledging their adult fan-base, especially with Pokemon – a series that, despite common belief, probably has more adult fans than child fans, for the reasons stated above.

    1. But…… It’s not Nintendo. Just because they own the Pokemon Company does not mean they are calling the shots here. It’s Bandai Namco. Nintendo doesn’t “target” the adult fanbase. They always say, “we make are games to please everyone”. And how does “not childish” equal Bad? That makes absolutely no sense.

  5. Eh… Again with your article titles… They do NOT say this game “isn’t for children”. Children are still a target audience, just not the only target audience. Stop trying rile your reads up.

  6. i cant wait until the Wii U gets hacked and we can play these arcade games on the Wii U

  7. So, does that mean the Pokémon are all naked, and the trainers use bad language? LOL!
    Seriously, how can a Pokémon be catered towards adults?

      1. Same difference as what I sarcastically said earlier. How can they target a Pokémon game towards the older audience/fans? Pokémon is Pokémon. Just the very concept, and Pokémon creatures themselves, are very childish (not insulting it. Just saying).

        Only thing I can think of is, maybe it means they won’t have any modes where you dress up your Pokémon, or join stupid fashion shows etc. The parts I hate the most about usual Pokémon games.

  8. Not the Pocket Monster game I’ve been waiting for. This just doesn’t make sense to me, as someone who’s been battling pokemon against eachother for YEARS, I feel like this is seriously wasted.

    A huge world. Set in the first 151 realm. Build on from there as an mmo. The game would be like WoW, a monster.

    1. A Pokemon MMO is never going to happen any time soon, so you might as well enjoy Pokken Tournament when it ever releases in the West. It might be the next Pokemon Snap & be loved by many many years later & wondering when they’ll release the fucking thing in Virtual Console. Just like some of us are wondering where the fuck Pokemon Snap for N64 VC is at right now!

  9. As a 24 year old who grew up with Red and Blue, I straight up reject the statement “This is the new Pokemon” I’ll stick with traditional Pokemon thank you very much, and I don’t care for Tekken with Pokemon textures slapped on.

  10. >>>Good, now apply a similar reasoning to Metroid and never make childish nonsense ever again>>>

    1. I agree. Metroid was their only major IP that was geared exclusively towards mature gamers. That’s why FF is such an insult.

      1. Sadly, the idiots defending Federation Force refuse to see this & are too busy kissing Nintendo’s ass. “Please, Nintendo… May I have some more..?” Ugh! I become more sick of brand loyalty every freaking time I read a comment that defends bullshit from these companies!

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  12. If the people hating on all of these crossover games with Nintendo franchises ruin future projects of crossovers, I will distance myself even further from the Nintendo “fanbase.” I’m 2 steps away from the exit already! lol

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