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Alph Was Going To Be A Standalone Clone Character In Super Smash Bros

Alph was going to be a standalone clone character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Obviously, that idea didn’t make it into the released product. Instead, series director Masahiro Sakurai decided to make the Pikmin 3 explorer appear as a palette swap for Olimar in the fighting game, where he shares the same exact moveset as the captain. Both characters can pluck Pikmin creatures from the ground and attack by throwing them at opponents.


173 thoughts on “Alph Was Going To Be A Standalone Clone Character In Super Smash Bros”

  1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

    No one plays as the fucking pikmin character. That would have been the worst fucking idea ever.

    1. Olimar is a great character and pikmin is an incredibly original and fun series. More representation for it in smash would be great — not nevisarily in the form of characters but I would love to see Louie, president, and the 2 other pikmin 3 characters also become palette swaps, and an enemy should be an assist trophie. Also I wish they would add Rock pikmin into the rotation like originally planned.

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>Both myself and Boss Ass Bitch are good with Wii Fit, and why do you care? You are done with Nintendo, you don’t need to use them if you don’t want to and you no longer have a Wii U>>>

        1. Even its Final Smash is fucking pathetic. I have no problem kicking its ass like my other friend who claim to be pro with Wii fucking Fit and I beat its ass with Pac-Man who I hardly use but love.

          And I still have the 3DS fool. I said that’s my Nintendo final console that’s actually good, somehow better than Wii U (still don’t agree with that name)

          1. Says the kid who wasted his time looking for the tournament mode in thr 3ds version when it was announced it would be exclusive of the wii u. While you are at it, look for the youtube upload feature.

          2. Would you like to, you know, Fuck Off. Seriously, your comments have gone from Mildly Amuzing, to bone-headedly Annoying. Don’t you get it, you are not welcome here. You say your done with Nintendo? I say you have no reason to be on this site anymore, if that is the case.

              1. “Fandork” That’s real original. I hope you didn’t stay up all night think about that. Like I said, you say you’re done with Nintendo? I say you have no reason to be here at all. If that fact makes you extremely butthurt, then I can’t do anything for you.
                You, a winner? Don’t make me laugh little man.

                1. I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ve dealt with this many fanboys and foolish tools before. This is no different. They don’t wanna face the truth? Too bad because Nintendo has failed and pissed me off for the last time.

                  1. Not fanboy, just a fan, so shut your mouth and get your facts straight. At least I’m not blinded my love if the company, to realise when they screwed up, like the Wii U, piss poor marketing has been the Wii U’s undoing. For the third time, if Nintendo’s decisions and fails have pissed you off for the last time, then what are you doing on this site. You say I’m blinded by love for Nintendo, well you are blinded by you hate for Nintendo.

                    1. Actually, you are to not agree with the key facts that Nintendo is deliberately turning their backs on their hardcore audience and slowly phasing out of gaming because they’re too brainfucked to realize they are their own problem.

                    2. You are so stupid if you think MARKETING is the thing that makes wii u bad. Marketing is terrible, but marketing shouldn’t have anything to do with you liking it…unless you’re a casual fan who can’t decide for himself what you like. Claiming their marketing sucks as the reason why wii u failed shows you indeed are a fanboy. Marketing is only important to getting non fans on board. Fanboy. Embarassing Undertaker fan. Get that rey mysterio shit out of here.

                  2. For some reason, I can’t reply to the actual comment, so I’m replying to this onr, but it’s for your latest comment.
                    Let’s wait to see what business decisions the new Nintendo President makes, before saying if Nintendo is screwed.

                  3. I give up. There is just no reasoning with you, because you are just going to end up continuing your hateful ways. Congratulations.

              2. Agreed with shadowvegeta. Sure your comments come off as whiny but that doesn’t change the fact some of them hit the nail on the head.

                1. Complaining about things when Nintendo is in the wrong is justified, but complaining about these things, AFTER the fact that he says he is done with Nintendo? For me, that goes from pointing out flaws, to just being a hater. THAT is my problem with Stranga.

              3. OK, you have officially pissed me off. You don’t know anything about me, I don’t blindly support Nintendo. When I see they have done something wrong, I will call them out for it. I didn’t blindly enjoy Nintendo’s 2015 Digital Event, even before I saw comments on it on the internet, I stated to myself how I found it a little boring. Sorry if I’m trying to reason with a complete dumbass who’s only motive in life is to whine and bitch about everything. That last part kind of made me feel a little sad, because on Friday, was the last breath of one of my favourite Wrestlers of all time, Rowdy Roddy Piper. So that last part really got to me for that reason.

                  1. Yep. I read the news on Friday Night, about 20 minutes after it was reported on. I was shaking for quite a bit after that. First Dusty, now Rowdy. Raw is going to be really rough night.

                1. IDK what you’re trying to pull by playing nice & reasonable a second after you were calling me out on being a dumbass JUST because I disown Nintendo for the same reason that they shouldn’t be doing if they expect to stay alive especially when they’re already destroyed from GameCube and shot themselves in the foot and head with Wii U trying to repeat the success that no longer exists in their range.

                  So that explains why you suddenly raged. FYI, I wasn’t even directly relating what I last said (breathing part) about Rowdy passing away. It really sucks that he went like that but there’s in way in blue hell or high heaven that I would senselessly involve a dead person in any argument, especially if it’s irrelevant to gaming. Calm the fuck down because you reacted like I was talking shit about your recently passed family member heartlessly and knowingly. I’m not that kind of an asshole nor I am anyway. Can’t handle the fact that I quit Nintendo because of Nintendo losing themselves OBVIOUSLY, then don’t say shit to me PERIOD. “You quit Nintendo so why are you still here” because 1. I wanted to, 2. I have every right to be since it’s not illegal or hurting anymore and 3. I want to continue being properly informed of gaming news in case the very miracle day that Nintendo finally grows a pair plus a brain to finally learn the errors of their BS “cultural” ways and design a conventional console for EVERYONE with no BS attached. Either you finally get me or not, I certainly don’t care anymore so otherwise, STFU and step off bitch. Now YOU pissed me off. B(

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>Human rage is like my version of chocolate cookies, feed me more humans, not just you>>>

                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                        >>>I just said human rage is like chocolate cookies, whatever you and the rest of your misguided species rage about doesn’t matter>>>

                    1. I love (glancing) at these long-ass comment strings. Seeing the words “pathetic”, and “fanboy” being spewed out the ass of brain-dead, gamerfag degenerates, when I can only think of those two words (and more) as opposed to their direction. You, you, you. Me, me, me. An endless amount of “tard” being used at the end of another word. What a bunch of clowns.

                2. “Seems like I somehow hurt your fandork feelings. Looks like I’m winning” I think we can all agree here you’re doing anything but. All you do is whine and name call, and then throw tantrums when proven wrong. If anything, you don’t look like a winner, you look like a loser.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>Obviously you know nothing about skills and before the update, it was one of the more difficult characters to master>>>

              1. lol nope and if you need charts to tell you who is noob and who isn’t that shows what a noob you are. She is ridiculously easy to pick up and use. I don’t even use her yet when I do I wreck cause she takes no skill. Sorry dude but you’re not impressing anyone with wii fit.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>So many wrongs in that sentence, you lost on your last comment, everything you say is insignificant now>>>

        2. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

          Wii fit trainer has her fan base and is one of the most unique characters in the whole game. Especially after this recent update which gave her a Mega ton of buffs. Every time characters receive fucking buffs. Low fucking bandwagoning bitches will join in and start liking any character that gets a buff.

          The smash community is fucking disgusting. Nothing but a bunch of hypocritical bitches who contradict everything they say about a character. There’s many clones in the smash roster if you really think about it.

          Clones everyone loves so fucking dearly
          Link>Toon Link> Young Link
          Marth> Roy
          Captain Falcon> Ganondorf
          Fox> Falco> Wolf

          Unwanted clones
          Pit>Dark Pit
          Mario> Dr. Mario

          It pisses me of that almost half of the roster is already full of clones. Some of you bitches have the nerve to ask for characters like wolf and young link? Oh please. This ratchet fan base doesn’t know what the hell they want. I understand now why Sakurai doesn’t listen some of you dumb fucks.

          1. Yeah, loved by fat asses and casual douchebags from Wii days but still makes no fucking sense for a virtual health instructor THAT DOESNT FIGHT NOR TEACH SELF-DEFENSE, somehow gets a spot instead of the following: Krystal, Wolf, Paper Mario, Dixie, King K. Rool w/Kaptain alternate and more importantly; Dark Samus.

            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

              >>>It’s a game, not real life, there is no logic involved in games, that’s the reason to why today’s gamers are no real gamers, they want to have realism in gaming, get lost with that garbage>>>

              1. Did I ever say I wanted the same thing for all games? The only games I want realism in is GTA and some decent shooters that’s not plagued by broken spawns, camping 11 year old faggots and BS like 360 no scope cross-map kills and shit.

                  1. She is from the casual system and only casual fans play wii fit. Is this really hard to grasp? Casual dude.

                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                      >>>Such a stupid reason, gameplay has nothing to do with how it’s viewed, try harder next time slave>>>

                  1. “Then you seriously don’t know WTF casual looks like, let’s say..the fucking Wii”
                    Only a casual like you know about casuals

                    1. Of course I would WTF casual is because I study and work my ass off in life to know shit. But does that make me casual? No, just informed. IDK WTF you get your grade school diploma from but your tactics isn’t working.

                      1. “Of course I would WTF casual is because I study and work my ass off in life to know shit”
                        in ASStranga’s world: knowledge is shit

            2. Wii fit has been and always be a noob character and if she got buffs that means she’s even more of a noob character. Pit, sonic, villager, and a few others also fall into noob status so if you’re “great” with any of them just know that is not even close to impressive.

            3. Dude you ain’t even old enough to matter to the smash community and your opinion is invalid. The series is older than your life so you have no say.

            4. I could care less about buffs they don’t mean shit to me I will wreck you with who I’m gonna wreck you and there’s nothing any buff for anyone can do about it.

              1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

                You wonna go bitch? Or are you all talk and no fucking game? Nintendo ID is pokeswagg. I be waiting.

                1. I don’t play smash online lol lag ruined any chance it ever had like brawl. Played it for two weeks of that after release and never touched that trash again. I only play in person. I’ll fly to whatever country you live in and whoop yo ass in person. You in Europe by chance?

          2. Dr. Mario’s okay since there are quite a few differences between him and mario. I agree with you on Lucina and Dark Pit. Dark pit was literally already a palette swap in brawl. And Lucina could have been made a palette swap. Wii Fit trainer is okay, she’s not very good but at least she adds some variety. Better her than another fire emblem character.

            1. As for Wii Fit, I would’ve preferred Paper Mario as a semi-clone of Mr. Game & Watch over that POS “joke” of a character that doesn’t even fit in a fighting game since all it teaches it weight-loss exercises.

          1. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

            I Wasn’t crying I was only merely stating that obvious. That some of “this” blind fucks couldn’t handle.

            I’ve been doing some analyzing. But I’m going to keep that to myself until I have 100% concrete proof that my theory is true.

        3. Olimar and Alph (costume swap) are BEASTLY characters. You can take out many opponents easily with a dodge game.

          The Pikmin projectiles rack up incredible damage.

      2. Worst waste of a character slot in the entire series is Olimar. Nobody likes him, or the people who use him.

        1. Olimar is my best character. I wjipped a lot a ass with him. Too bad for some dumb reason Nintendo took away carrying 5 Pikmin. But Nintendo is stupid so….

          1. But, Lucina is better than Marth??? I like using her more.

            I also loved her in Awakening.

            I’m hurt by your comments. Lucina is great!

        1. I’d say Doc is forgivable. He has dozens of gameplay differences (like the tornado, drill kick, and different attack properties) that clones should have, but you can’t say the same for edge Pit and girl Marth.

                1. Go cry me a river. Because you clearly have more knowledge on Mathematics than anybody else on this site.

            1. Her purpose is trash if that’s your reasoning. A noob character that makes it so noobs don’t have to get better? Screw that let them suck and take their beatings like true gamers and learn to get better instead of having their hand held.

                1. You are a noob and calling random people gay tells me you’re like 15 tops so you’re laughable at best

          1. Dr. Mario SUCKS. His recovery is less than that of Mario’s and while his moves are more powerful, he is slower and it leaves him open for attack. Regular Mario is a beast, because he has fast movements, great priority, great range, stall tactics, air game, recovery ability and attack power.

            Dr. Mario loses almost ALL of that except for attack power, which he gains.

            Not a fair trade in my opinion.

      3. A shame this didn’t happen with Lucina, Doc, and Pittoo. I’m a little surprised Alph is even a swap, but hey! Pikmin 3 love.

        1. Hey i play as Olimar. And I’m a badass with him (:< . I just wish Olimar could use the rock pikmin too. That would be awesome!

        2. The doc is forgivable. He’s my main. I can’t stand regular Mario. They play completely different. He is the third most unique clone after Lucas and Falco.

          1. Regular Mario is so good how can you hate lol doc is good too of course but I don’t see how you can like one and hate the other.

        1. They could have with Dark Pit but Dr.Mario is a veteran, it would anger the Dr.Mario fans to see him JUST a palette swap. So no, Dr.Mario is out of question.

      4. Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario were all the same as Alph at some point (alts), but later they were all cloned and altered slightly, as confirmed by Sakurai. Supposedly, this is why they were at the end of the character roster for whatever reason. At the time of release, those three were the only clones we know of (Sakurai has not mentioned how the DLC characters were developed, whether they were made from scratch or using a previous character as a template, or “clone” / Note: I really hate the Smash community’s definition of clone and prefer to use the one more akin to game development). Shame Alph was left all alone in the “same character but different name/design” alts group.

        1. It’s even more of a shame how Alph could’ve used rock pikmin and Olimar’s current recovery while he keeps his one from Brawl.

      5. I’ve actually been playing Pikmin 3 with my niece lately (2nd time for me). And man, that game really IS short. I can’t understand why? We’ve only been playing it for 3 or 4 days now (real life days, not game days) and my niece has already collected all of the fruit. Next time playing will be the final most likely. I just can’t understand it. They even delayed the release, and yet it’s SO short. Shame. I hope Pikmin 4 is twice as big. Pikmin 2 is still the best.

          1. Well that is your opionion, I consider Pimin 2 to be the best game in the series,and one of my top 5 games to ever exist.

        1. Pikmin games are all short, they are design that way. They delayed the game because of not fully understanding HD development

            1. Pikmin 2 is an still be beaten is short time, it has a differnet idea going on the pikmin 1, and 3, where your trying to stay alive while two your trying toget money. Two good but at times it does stay around a bit longer then it should

      6. I see some good Olimar players online. People saying he sucks cant use him, i can’t use him myself but I don’t particularly have trouble with him and don’t mind him. Dark Pit is my only beef, and thats because he’s Pit, but dark? Hell just add Shadow the Hedgehog and Waluigi and dark link as characters too…

      7. Honestly, when the Smash website posted the first picture of Alph, I misunderstood it as him being a clone character (this was before alternate costumes like him and the Koopalings were confirmed). Glad they didn’t do that.

      8. Stop hating on Dark Pit you fucking faggots. He deserves to be his own character because that means he gets his amiibo. I honestly wish Alph was his own character too.

      9. Everyone on here are a bunch of ungrateful assholes. If you don’t like the characters than don’t play with them fucking retards

                1. Oh we have a tough guy here huh……. *unsheathes my twin katanas* Well, let’s see how tough you really are! *jumps into the air* TAAAAKE THIIIIIIIIIIIIS *spins around and slashes your face open* Not so tough now, huh????? *grabs you and throws you up* It’s time to finish this little charade *holds my katanas above my head* YOU ARE FINIIIIISHEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps upwards so that you get impaled on my swords* Heh…. easy…..

        1. Plus we can’t really say if it would have been a terrible idea because we never got to see what the developer would have done.

        1. Xbox is great man, I don’t know why you hate it so much. This is coming from a life long Nintendo fan.

          1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

            >>>You’ve asked me that same question some time ago and I explained it then, too tired explaining it again and again, if someone remembers what I’ve said about it then perhaps they can explain, in the end, I kind of gave them a “compliment”>>>

            1. Pre patch Diddy ain’t shit either. Brawl Diddy was way better. I don’t know why people have such a hard time with him especially the ones who complain about his banana game. His banana game in brawl was just nasty with two of them, and they lasted longer too. Just my opinion but yea I think even pre patch diddy was nothing compared to brawl diddy.

      10. I wish Dark Pit would have remained an alternate. Oh & I wish Lucina would have been an alternate of Marth, so they could have given us either Chrom, who works completely different from Marth AND Ike, or Tharja so we could have a character that isn’t a brawler or a swordfighter since we’ve got way too many brawlers. As for swordfighters, I feel we don’t have enough but that type can wait til we get some gunner types to even out the swordfighters. Characters that are known to use magic in their games could be gunners.

        1. Characters like Ganondorf. Hint, hint, Sakurai! -.- If you can’t get the hint, GIVE ME A FUCKING GANONDORF THAT ISN’T A GOD DAMN CAPTAIN FALCON CLONE!!!

      11. They should have thought about more stages when Smash was in R&D but Nintendo is stupid so……..

      12. So what I’m getting from this comment section is:
        -People who can’t bother to play Olimar dismiss him as useless because his down and neutral special don’t attack.
        -The smash community would prefer having 45 characters rather than 45 characters and 8 clones.

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