Konami Has Licensed Momotaro Dentetsu Franchise To Nintendo

NeoGAF user Hero of Legend is reporting that Japanese developer and publisher Konami has licensed the Momotaro Dentetsu franchise to Nintendo. No doubt the series is in safe hands with Nintendo, but it seems as though all Konami is interested in is the license fee according to reports. In case you are not aware Momotaro Dentetsu is a long-running board game video game series.

Thanks, Lumaparty



    1. Fuck yeah! I’ll buy Mystical Ninja 64 Starring Goemon on virtual console in a fucking heart beat! I fucking loved that game on the N64! The music & open worldness of it was spectacular. The graphics for it of the time were nothing to scoff at either.


    1. Probably because Konami won’t give up their flagship franchises to anyone that easily??
      Konami wants to run them to the ground before giving them up.

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  1. Such fucking sell outs. lol I hope those fuckers fall for disgracing themselves by disowning their fans like Capcom did and as for MGS5, I swear if that shit fails, it’s mostly Konami’s stupid ass fault.


  2. Never knew Konami had the rights on Momotaru Dentetsu.

    Probably Nintendo will release the next installment as a mobile title.

    Hudson Soft, you are truly missed.

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  3. New Momotaru Densetsu game? For the NX? For the New 3DS? In English? In 2017/2018? Those are plausible.

    And the actual source is the Nikkei report on Konami’s current working conditions, and the tidbit stating the Momotaro Densetsu rumor was translated by Japanese video game translator Thomas James (aka Pepsiman on NeoGAF and iiotenki on Twitter).


  4. Why doesn’t Nintendo just make its own cool IPs? All y’all ever talk about is how innovative and boundary-pushing Nintendo is.


      1. ..and I remember people moaning about Codename S.T.E.A.M because it wasn’t Majora’s Mask, even though it was pretty obvious that MM was coming.


  5. Of course Konami would fork over a low profile, obscure IP to Nintendo since they would rather drive their more popular series like Castlevania to the ground while it lasts.

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