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Professor Layton Rumored To Be Coming To Super Smash Bros

Professor Layton may eventually be making an appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. This rumor stems from voice actor Christopher Robin Miller’s IMDB page, which says he’s voiced lines for the professor in the English version of the fighting game. A fan chased Miller down on Twitter to ask whether the info on IMDB was accurate, and he responded in the affirmative. Before we jump to any conclusions, it might be a good idea to wait from an official confirmation from Nintendo or even Professor Layton developer Level-5.

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144 thoughts on “Professor Layton Rumored To Be Coming To Super Smash Bros”

  1. My dream is that someday Level 5 are willing to release games on home consoles. Their games are amazing. I can’t imagine a Layton games on Nintendo home consoles, it would be awesome.

      1. Yes, Dark Cloud was one of my favorite games growing up. Dark Cloud 2 as well, but I always personally liked the first one a little better. Most people feel the second one is the best. To each their own I suppose.

  2. If it’s true, nice.
    I’m not a layton fan but I always welcome a new chracter.
    Just wish it was Aeron (Pandoras Tower), Zael(The last story) or Lin(Advance Wars)

  3. Oh heck yes please Nintendo I am so ready I just happened to buy an eShop card today and still have $10 left let’s do this just give him to me now please oh yes

  4. I seriously don’t give a crap about any of these additional characters that keep coming to the already old and “yesterday’s news” game.

          1. Here’s my opinion
            *clears throat*
            N64: Best childhood memories
            Melee: most time spent on gamecube/ child hood settler
            Brawl: a game like no other………
            Project M: a time killer till 4 came out
            3ds: a good way to make friends/rivals
            I’m done here
            ( ‘-‘)/ -▪-▪

          2. Every time people puts down Brawl, I never understood why? It’s a great game, for what it’s worth. I never noticed anything bad about it when I played it. And it had a STORY MODE (Subspace Emissary). Something that these new versions desperately needs. These new versions feels like empty shells.

            1. the story mode was good, but brawl as a competitive game was shit, brawl had the random fking tripping which was annoying as hell, it was slow and it had a broken meta knight-pretty much character imbalance

        1. It’s actually better than melee and brawl both. Melee gets too much credit IMO. It was better than Brawl, but it’s a dated game. Smash 4 has better controls, 60 fps and the visuals are leagues better. Not to mention a bigger and constantly growing roster. Whoever thinks the other games are better are just lieing to themselves.

            1. Yeah, seriously, I grew up with Melee and it was frankly the pinnacle/highlight of my childhood, but even I’m not silly enough to suggest that it’s better than Wii U Smash.

          1. I would say that brawl is much better than melee (content wise). The combat was only different. And those that say that Melee is better because of wavedashing and other things, they really have to think that this was an exploit of the physics.

  5. I hope his Final Smash is that he whips off a rubber mask and reveals that he was Don Paolo the whole time, and brings out a giant death machine while hyper accordion music plays

  6. So smash has run out of significant characters and is desperately resorting to nobodies like shovel shit (nite) and whore prince-er shantae!

      1. Dude I’m fucking serious! Why’d you think they put all those fire emblem characters in? Because they ran out of good ones!

            1. Check how many units each game sold. He’s one of the most beloved characters of the DS’s catalog.
              And I was talking about Fire Emblem, but don’t worry. I wasn’t expecting someone who says “gayton” unironicaly to have any kind of common sense or basic reading comprehension.

                    1. LMFAO!!! I love how none of you fags reply because I rekt ur anus’ so hard it’s too painful for you to comment back! Lol I fucking owned you pathetic ninclowns XD

                    2. Actually I think it’s safe to say none of them replied because it’s embarrassing to communicate with trolls- for example, I feel gross by replying to you right now.

                    3. Jeeze, anonymous, like, calm down man. Like, I think anyone with half a brain thinks you’re just making a fool of yourself. Why even comment man?? What do you get out of it?

              1. Doesn’t matter. He’s no fucking Mario, why should a nobody like him have the right to be in smash. What’s next? LEL ASHLY (Assly) 4 SMASh GUYZ!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!

                1. You know, if you replace a character’s name with a swear word, it doesn’t make you look clever or smart. It makes you look like a little 8 year old who thinks he’s cool because he’s cussing behind his mother’s back.

        1. Well so big fucking deal if they are running out of characters. They have over fifty ffs. Why you gonna hate over that. They don’t have an infinite pool of characters to choose from. Why do you think they have been polling the fans? You trolls are silly.

    1. A nobody that released 5 games and one crossover with Phonix Wright. Yep, complete nobody indeed. I don’t think trolling harder is in you.

    1. I don’t see anyone of the Prime series getting in, with the possible exception of Dark Samus if she gets the Little Mac treatment in Smash 5.

      That said, I’d love to see U-Mos, but he’s too unimportant to be considered.

    2. For once I agree with you man. The Metroid series definitely needs some more representation. I would actually prefer Rundas or Gandrayda though. Though since Sylux is supposed play a bigger role in the next Prime game, I guess it would make sense to add him to the roster.

    3. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

      Right. Half of the smash community don’t even know who the fuck Layton is. That worthless bitch doesn’t need to be in smash. I’ll take shantae over that filthy rat.

      1. Ummm, you realize people didn’t know who half of the fighters were until Smash right? I think he’s popular enough and has a great history with Nintendo. Enough people want him in, so why not? Part of the reason why so many people love Smash is discovering all the older games they never heard of.

        1. Wouldn’t it take a bit too long. I thing the DLC they release in 2016 won’t really perform that good anymore. From the other side… Smash will be played till eternity ends…

          1. Depends on how they plan to distribute them. One new character each two months seems like good spacing when you take into account that we’re also getting other things in between. Assuming there’s at least 2 more characters to be added, more stages and a couple of costumes, they have enough content to keep the game fresh until 2016 at the very least.

        1. My personal bet is that we’re getting Wolf back, yes. Besides him, either K.Rool or Dixie (I’m hoping for K.Rool) and another Nintendo character, but I’m not sure which one. No Snake, third-party characters or indie reps.

          (Although Banjo has enough people backing him for Nintendo to consider his incursion, but I don’t know if it’d be worth the effort)

            1. I don’t know about that, never liked the series very much. All I know is, if we’re getting another third-party character, I’m glad it’s him instead of some retarded choice.

                1. I wouldn’t count on anything Konami-related making it to the game, honestly. They seem to be dropping support for consoles fast. I’d love Goemon or a Belmont (or Alucard, even), but I doubt it ever happens.

            1. Me too, I’d love to see him making it back (now beardless and with Big Boss as an alt). It’s extremely unlikely given recent developments with Konami and Kojima, but you never know.

        1. With her as your support, if anything. Wouldn’t it make sense for her to be an assist trophy, then?

          There are many more examples if you don’t like that one. What about ROB? Duck Hunt Duo? Wii Fit Trainer?
          There are many characters already in the game that are much more ‘out there’ than Layton, easily. I’m not even a big supporter of him, but let’s not discard potential newcomers for the most asinine reasons.

            1. You know damn well what I mean. They’re their own characters now, I’m talking about SSB4 Zelda, which is based on Twilight Princess Zelda, not Ocarina of Time. It never made any sense for them to be the same character, they’re not even the same Zelda.

              Besides that, you’re ignoring the point.

              1. That’s no excuse. The reason they did that because some players from Brawl thought that the changeable character feature within fighting felt inconvenient which is why they’re separated like Zero Suit Samus for example. Is she her own character outside of her Power Suit? No because Samus and Zero Suit are the same person but with different fighting styles. Sorry but your “logic” and gaming knowledge fell flat. I’ve been playing Nintendo way before you were even born.

                1. Ok, let’s back up a bit. A couple of things:

                  1- Sheik doesn’t fight in Ocarina of Time, which is her original game. Worse status than Layton, a character who actually fights in his games.

                  2-Samus and Zero Suit Samus are the same person, yes. Twilight Princess Zelda and Sheik aren’t, that’s the difference and why it was retarded to make her the same person in Brawl in the first place.

                  3- That last paragraph is just you trying to discredit my correct information after using Smash as canon information. You should be ashamed of even typing that.

                  4- You are still ignoring that characters who don’t even throw a punch in the original games made it into Smash, like Villager, Zelda, Duck Hunt Duo, Wii Fit Trainer, Roalina and the like, rending your original point moot.

                    1. As I said, support. Link’s doing the actual fighting there. And even if they’re the same person in that game (Zelda and Sheik, I mean), we’re talking about Smash characters. That Zelda isn’t in Smash, Sheik is. Twilight Princess Zelda is the Zelda in Smash. If I recall correctly, all she did in that game was giving Link similar support against Ganon, right?

                      And again, the original post was about Layton not fitting, and he still fits better than Zelda.

        1. Actually, Layton has proved himself a physically competent character and fits the requirements to become an able smash fighter. For one thing, he can swordfight; He’s shown his skills three times in his own series (Even being able to hold his ground while substituting a pipe for a sword in his own film,) and in the crossover with the Ace Attorney series. Also, he’s assembled an effective slot machine gun with leftover slot machine parts.

          That, and all of the main series games have been released exclusively on the Nintendo handhelds. Say what you like, but the image “just a detective” is what he appears on the cover of his franchise. You never judge a book by it’s cover. |D

    1. They made Phoenix Wright a character in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and he was “playable” I can’t see why not, also the Professor is a great fencer hand to hand combat specialist and his pointer finger could knock you out

      1. Why mention that BS game which can’t even hold its own ground to excuse itself for being worth the purchase when it’s a major downgrade from the second game; one of their better Crown Jewels of gaming.

    2. When he can assemble a slot machine gun from the fallen parts of a slot machine, and can legitimately hold his ground using a real sword and even a pipe to substitute for a sword /twice?/ Professor Layton clearly does not get as much publicity or acknowledgement in the western world as it does in Japan.

  7. I definitely voted for him, imagine the down B move as a counter..
    Layton: “Your fist reminds me of a puzzle…”
    Every character instantly kills themselves.

    1. The fact that he’s also a train fencer and has amazing athletic skills is also a winner for me, across B being a dash move like Fox, Up B an umbrella like Peach and normal B like Wii Fit Trainer’s down B, concentration or whatever
      Final Smash forces all characters into a puzzle that, if they can’t solve it in time, smashes them haha


  8. Mario, Pit and Luigi are engaged in an fierce anime-style battle on top of the Big Ben.
    Suddenly Mario is knocked of the scene; Luigi and Pit look at each other in disbelief.
    “I had some doubts from the beginning, but now I’m certain that the culprit was… YOU!”
    Professor Layton Solves the Puzzle!
    The graphics change from anime-style to Smash style during this pose.
    Layton points at something, but it’s neither Pit or Luigi.
    At the top of the tower an golden jigsaw puzzle piece illuminates.
    We hear a talon trot, something emerges from the other side of the top.
    The characters collect the piece.
    Banjo and Kazooie Collects the Puzzle!
    Banjo and Kazooie perform their victory dance, including Kazooie eating the puzzle piece.

  9. I love Layton, and if he’s in Smash it’ll be the time I finally purchase dlc for it. But Layton is so not a character for a fighting game.

    1. Duck Hunt Duo, Wii Fit Trainer, Villager and Rosalina are neither, right? I think it’s a nice way to say “Thank You” to Level 5 for the exclusiveness of the Layton franchise… at least for the first 6 games and the PW cross-over.

      1. Well it’s not fully exclusive

        A spin-off called Layton Brothers got released for Mobile devices (though Layton only got mentioned and doesn’t appear in the game itself)

  10. Okay, that’s the grip: if Nintendo keeps making Super Smash Bros U, Splatoon and Mario Maker as its only noteworthy titles for the Wii U, Nintendo will become quite irrelevant to the gaming industry.

    Heck, I’ve seen rehashed games, but Nintendo take it to the next level and now are creating a situation in which even news are rehashed: that sick Splatoon – SSBU – Mario Maker loop.

    Star Fox should be just around the corner. Have we heard about it lately? No. BIG NO.

    And Nintendo has been so lazy that even the Platinum Games partnership was completely overlooked during that horrid 2015 E3.

    That being said, I like the idea of having Layton in SSBU.

    1. While I agree with you about them needing to promote the rest of their games better, you have to take into account that Smash and Splatoon are that type of games that usually receive a lot of DLC, and Super Mario Maker is just around the corner. I’m sure we’ll get more info on Star Fox Zero once Super Mario Maker is released.

      “even the Platinum Games partnership was completely overlooked”
      If you mean Platinum co-developing SFZ, it really is not that big of a deal. Otherwise, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. Yes, I was talking about Star Fox. Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear enough.

        I understand your point on the DLC thing. But I’m about to throw the towel. I personally feel that Nintendo has chosen a dicky path to its business as a whole.

          1. You know, sometimes I feel myself pretty obnoxious. In 99% of the time here, I’m complaining about this or that. Really trying to get over the dissatisfaction on Nintendo I’ve been carrying with me over the recent years — I’m on the way to do so, but not 100% yet.

            I’m passionate about games. And I was, am and will be gateful to everything Nintendo did to my childhood. I own every Nintendo home console since the NES. On the handheld side, I used to have a GB, GBC and now I got a 3DS.

            The frustration I feel is more or less like losing a loved person to its wrong decisions. If there is a point of no returning in this situation, I’m afraid Nintendo is already miles away of that.

              1. I went multiplat last generation, although I loved the Wii — just wanted to diversify since I had a job which allowed me to afford more than one home console. But since then I’ve been gaming on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft.

                1. Hey do you think you could recommend some games to me? I’m a big fan of the metroid series, fire emblem and other RPGs. Currently I’m really bored with nothing to play. Do you think you could help me?

                    1. Besides the NES, SNES, N64 and GCN, I own all home consoles from the last and from the current generation.

                      I have a couple of recommendations for you, based on my personal experience — i.e., games that I played. Of course some of them you probably played already, and please note not all of them are exactly RPGs like Fire Emblem and shooting/action games like Metroid, but still. Also, there is much more worthwhile out there, but I hope you find something interesting below.

                      Fire Emblem Path of Radiance
                      Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
                      Beyond Good & Evil
                      Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
                      Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2
                      Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

                      The Last Story
                      Sin and Punishment
                      Conduit 2
                      Dead Space Extraction
                      Wario Land Shake It
                      Pandora’s Tower
                      Bit Trip Complete
                      Red Steel 2
                      Muramasa: The Demon Blade
                      Resident Evil 4
                      Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

                      Any Professor Layton (including vs. Phoenix Wright)
                      Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
                      Bravely Default
                      Chrono Trigger
                      Golden Sun: Dark Down

                      Ni no Kuni
                      Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX
                      Valkyria Chronicles
                      Mass Effect Trilogy
                      Eternal Sonata
                      Deus Ex: Human Revolution
                      Tales of Xillia 2
                      Darksiders II
                      Tales of Symphonia
                      Tales of Zestiria (this is an upcoming title, though)
                      Mirror’s Edge
                      Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES

                      PC: I don’t game on PC, sorry!

                      Good luck!

                  1. For gods sake don’t play golden sun dark dawn. Terrible terrible game. Download the originals from the wiiu eshop. Also skip red steel too, not worthwhile when there are tons of other games. Custom robo is a gem on GameCube, play it with your friends. Obviously super Mario Galaxy on the Wii, but I’m sure you’ve played that. No more heros on Wii is dated, but also a gem because of its zany style and hyper-violence. The world ends with you is the best ds game I’ve played, very awesome rpg with one-of-a-kind combat system. Ps3 little big planet is a great platformer, lots of good eshop games… Literally just Google search ps3 ges by genre and you will find good shit.

  11. I’m not playing any Smash game (Wii U or 3DS) but if they will release an Amiibo of the Prof. I’ll grab one for my collection.

  12. I just wonder how long Nintendo is going to continue milking this game? Or is that, ADDING milk? Hmm….
    It’s almost a year old now, and they still keep adding new characters and thinking that’s going to make it feel fresh. (- _ -)

    1. And that’s coming from a person who got tired of the game when it was still new. Partly due to the 3DS version burning me out before getting the Wii U version. But to be fair, I was never really that much of a fan of the Smash Bros. games in the first place. I just love the nostalgia of seeing all of Nintendo’s most famous characters in one game. Too bad it’s not an RPG instead.

      1. Same. I feel like not having a story mode in Smash really killed the game as well, at lesst for me. I’m not sure what it is, but compared to Brawl and Melee, despite all it’s amazing features and diverse characters, it doesn’t seem as thrilling. I’m glad others like it, as it sells units, but I listen to the soundtrack more than the game. XP

      2. The 3DS version could’ve easily been an RPG, and then this Ice Climber business wouldn’t be such an uproar. It also would’ve been a unique original title, instead of a watered-down version of a game meant for a console.

  13. Doesn’t IMBD let anyone contribute content like Wikipedia. The same thing happened with Brawl when Leon Kennedy was listed. It could have just been planted there by someone sure he is getting in. But if it is true then it doesn’t surprise anyone

  14. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

    The same fucking thing happened with shantae’s voice actor. Just give me a fucking new nintendo character that hasn’t been I’m the game yet. Stop putting out garbage that no one fucking asked for.

  15. HOLD IT!

    While I’d love layton in smash, I’d feel a bit bummed too, since I want Phoenix Wright really badly (it’d be awesome to get both though!).

    1. I hate to burst your bubble, but no Pheonix wright

      1. we already have 2 capcom reps.

      2.Pheonix is in a fighting game already. (thats also why in psasbr Raiden is there instead of Snake because Snake is in brawl)

      3. If Layton gets in, we don’t need another law related character

      1. 1. I’ll admit this is a valid reason why Wright isn’t too likely.

        2. I disagree with this. Just because Ryu and megaman are in other fighting games, that didn’t stop them from making it in smash.

        3. Layton is an archeoligist… He has nothing to do with law. Also, the reason having both of them would be epic to me is because how layton vs wright pretty much made the two destined to face each other (they were even supposed to go fencing against each other in that game.)

  16. WHO THE HELL IS PROFESSOR LAYTON? No, just kidding. I think a Nintendo Direct will come in early September or late August. I think they will announce him, but we would like to have Wolf aswell…….okay Nintendo????

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  19. So i have never played a Professor Layton game,but the games look very interesting. Regardless of what console the game is on, which Layton game would you guys recomend me to play first?

  20. I have nothing personal against Layton (since he IS a Nintendo character), but can we finish adding the remaining veterans first before worrying about any newcombers, who can easily wait for SSB5. We still need Popo and Wolf.

    1. Pichu, Wolf, and Young Link would be wasted slots since their movesets are in the game. I want new characters, not clones

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