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GameStop: New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Sold Out

Those hoping to get their hands on the standard New Nintendo 3DS from GameStop which comes pre-bundled with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer are out of luck as the product has already sold out. It just goes to show just how much demand there was in the United States for the original version which includes interchangeable face plates.

Thanks, David C

44 thoughts on “GameStop: New Nintendo 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Sold Out”

  1. Hopefully the XL model gets released in white. Does this mean that other faceplates are coming or is this just a one-time thing?

  2. Well DUH!!!
    It’s a 3DS!! Just like when Apple announces a new Iphone. They completely sell out!! Not to mention I’ve heard Happy Home Designer is a really good game.

    1. Except they don’t announce it every year which THIS one broke that streak and Apple, at least, doesn’t screw their one country of consumers of not getting a specific model while everyone else does.

      1. Yeah, but once Nintendo’s shit sells out, you’re fucked.
        You don’t have to buy an iPhone from scalpers, you just wait a few weeks.

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                      1. Yeah I didn’t preorder the bundle. I know like some people I’m waiting for the standalone, which should happen now if this bundle sold out shortly after the new gold New XL.

                      2. I never really cared for the standard sized 3ds, honestly. But I have to admit, some of those faceplates are pretty cool. If we get all the faceplates I might just have to pick one up…

                              1. Okay, thank you. How did you find out it was on sale at GameStop? Do you just buy all your games there? I looked and looked and couldn’t find it on presale anywhere. No articles mentioned it was available only there, either.

                                1. I actually found out about it on this site and went the next day. Apparently there was only 6 pre-orders per GameStop. But who knows, maybe they’ll be more available soon just like what happened with the Majora’s Mask edition. You just gotta stay alert. Good luck!

                                  1. Yeah, I was leaning towards that assumption too, but it seems like there is still hope– as only the HYRULE GOLD N3DS is exclusive (also, their preorder bonus poster that comes with the AC Bundle is an ex too.)

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                                2. So glad I got mine. I felt bad that others can’t get it but glad that I’ll be getting it and I got it mostly for the game lol.

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