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Tilmen Unboxes The Super Mario Maker Collector’s Amiibo Edition

A few of you may have already received your copy of Super Mario Maker today and are no doubt having some fun with it. Tilmen received his retail copy and as standard has produced an unboxing video showcasing the lovely packaging and also the special Super Mario amiibo contained inside. The video is in German so you may need to brush up on your language skills. Has your copy arrived?

16 thoughts on “Tilmen Unboxes The Super Mario Maker Collector’s Amiibo Edition”

  1. It’s coming out TOMORROW in Europe so most people should get theirs then. But many stores sell early in Europe, except in Sweden where Nintendo has hawk eyes on you at all times.

      1. Sickr nobody cares about unboxing videos, and you used “lucrative” inappropriately in the second post about the modern Mario amiibo.

    1. There are two versions of the game. The regular edition that comes with the game and idea book and the Amiibo edition with game, idea book and amiibo.

  2. I hope these pixel Mario amiibos are well stocked. Because I definitely want 2 of either this classic pixel Mario amiibo, or the modern pixel Mario amiibo. It looks SO cool!

  3. I’m I the only Mario fan here NOT buying this game? The game looks great but I feel I’d get bored of it quick enough as the New Super Mariw Bros series went downhill I think. I’ll save my money for Star Fox Zero and Project Zero :-D

    1. I’m not buying the game. Not right NOW, that is. My money is all going on wave 6 amiibos. Or whatever wave this is. It’s gonna kill me seeing the game in stores and not having enough money to buy it. But I can wait. I didn’t expect this to be a $60.00 game. And Yoshi’s Wooly World is out next month, so that’s probably going to stop me from buying SMM AGAIN.

  4. so the little fucking shitheads makes levels that are impossible to beat! yaaay. how fun ! if levels are impossible to beat! then nintendo should have the ranking system delete them if noone can beat it or barely anyone can beat it!

    my prediction came true. 80%(40 % unwinable) shit – 10 % good – 10% hardcore(which are actually doable) and 5% out of the 10 % hardcore are uber hardcore!

    1. and yes i realise they have to play through the level before they can upload! however they use dick moves! all around! here have some dick you too!

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