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Best Buy Club: Super Mario Maker 7-Button Set When Order 2 Wii U, 3DS Games


Don’t forget that this is the last day you have the opportunity to get a limited edition 7-button set of Super Mario Maker buttons at Best Buy. To be eligible you need to be a My Best Buy member and pre-order and purchase two select Wii U or Nintendo 3DS titles. There’s plenty of games to choose from so take your pick.

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    1. I suggest that you go in when go to collect Mario Maker and take your Xenoblade and Starfox Receipts along with you, as proof. Then ask them if you are eligible for the offer. I think they should say yes, because you have more than 2 games from this list, already pre ordered.

  1. It says valid June 11 – July 11. Did they extend it? There’s no mention on the site about it, either. Granted this was posted late last night (PDT), but that may have already been Friday UK/Europe time, and the “11th” dates would seem today would be the last day if they did extend it. But I’m confused by the fine print.

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