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Shulk, Greninja, And Lucario Appear On Best Buy System

It looks as though a few amiibo which were previously retailer exclusive in the United States have now appeared on Best Buy’s computer systems. Shulk, Greninja and Lucario were previously exclusive to Toys ‘R Us and GameStop. A recent post on Reddit suggests that these specific amiibo will no longer be retailer exclusive and will be available through other stores. Guess we shall have to wait and see!

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17 thoughts on “Shulk, Greninja, And Lucario Appear On Best Buy System”

  1. But will they actually be stocked? That’s what really matters.
    Ike isn’t an exclusive, and he’s impossible to find. Dr. Mario on the other hand is still fully stocked at my local target…

    1. Last wave was pretty excessively stocked. The full wave is still available at my local Ebgames and Toysrus…..amiibo cards on the other hand….I haven’t seen even a single pack in person, though it doesn’t help that people are buying entire stocks of stores in one visit with no remorse.

  2. Xenorogue Master Ridley X3

    If this is truly happening, good. Nintendo is finally learning. Or their initial releases were purposely made exclusive to create false demand. I wonder if the same is true of the stock issues that it was all just one big fat scam by Nintendo to create false high demand. Like the Wii when it first released.

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