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Nintendo Jokes About The Recent Super Blood Moon With A Zelda Reference

A super blood moon was spotted a few hours ago and it was truly a sight to behold. The rare phenomenon was seen by millions across the globe and took social media by storm. Among the most popular tweets about the topic was made by Nintendo of America, which naturally made a reference to the ominous moon found in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Consider yourself lucky if you saw the recent super blue moon, as another one isn’t expected to happen for more than a decade.


13 thoughts on “Nintendo Jokes About The Recent Super Blood Moon With A Zelda Reference”

  1. Funny i was making castlevania jokes all day about it.
    The moon turns blood red in Castlevania Bloodlines on the sega genesis towards the end of the game.

      1. I was also amazed how bigger and brighter the moon appeared to be hours after the eclipse. If only it was always like that….

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      3. Missed the eclipse because of the damn weather and same for the last solar eclipse in Florida. BUT I did manage to witness the super rare Winter Solstice “Blood Moon” Eclipse in 2013 which won’t occur again for another 130 years. ^_^

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