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Video: Final Fight One Wii U Virtual Console Trailer

The GameBoy Advance remake of Capcom’s classic beat ’em up is available now on the North America Wii U eShop for $7.99. Originally released in 2001, Final Fight One includes stages from the original arcade version of Final Fight that were not in the SNES port, along with hidden playable characters based on the Street Fighter Alpha 3 renditions of Cody and Guy.

One draw back of the Virtual Console release is the absence of the two-player cooperative mode that was available via the GameBoy link cable. Still, the game is sure to deliver an exciting single-player experience, which you can get a glimpse at in the trailer below.


4 thoughts on “Video: Final Fight One Wii U Virtual Console Trailer”

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  2. I hate the US releases… they keep fucking changing Poison and Roxy into fucking dudes!
    I hate it!
    I rather keep playing the hacked rom i have that corrects this…. fucking NOA and it’s censorship bullshit!

  3. Another old game for Nintendo’s HD system!
    Kinda sad to see the comment section lose momentum. I hope it doesn’t directly represent traffic/ visits. Slow time maybe. Or blind fans decided to go yo a less objective site so they can prance around in ignorant bliss?

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