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Price And Details Revealed For Renegade Kid’s Dementium Remastered

How many horror games can you think of on Nintendo 3DS? None (unless you get spooked by Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon). Renegade Kid (Mutant Mudds, Moon, Xeodrifter) is hoping to change that by bringing their previous Nintendo DS title, Dementium: The Ward, to the 3DS eShop. NintendoLife caught up with Renegade Kid’s co-founder, who revealed a few details about the upcoming title:

Yes, I am extremely excited about Dementium Remastered. Feels great to have it wrapped up. Price wise, the game will be $14.99 and will release in North America as soon as it can!

Two of the most impactful changes that affect the gameplay experience are no respawning enemies and manual save spots. In hindsight, this was unintentional difficulty in the original release, and presented unfair difficulty – not something I am a fan of. As such, this makes the new experience a more digestible and balanced experience – but it also makes it easier. This is great news for most players, but the hardcore players out there who want something they can sink their teeth into will be happy to hear that we also added two difficulty settings above “Normal”, in the form of “Hard” and “Demented”.

The art has been completely overhauled. Renegade Kid’s art director, Gregg Hargrove, and our Technical Director, Bob Ives, have implemented a wealth of new tricks to our toolbox, which enable us to utilize such delights as normal maps and detail maps that were not possible on the original Nintendo DS. Much of the geometry in the blood-stained corridors and gnarled enemies has also been redone, with higher polygon counts to present more definition and character to the visual presentation. It is disgustingly beautiful.

Another area of gameplay that we have focused on is how the weapons handle in terms of ammo and reloading. The system in the original game was kinda of strange. We have modernized this aspect for Dementium Remastered. This is something that will feel natural to new players, and improved for fans of the original.

Dementium Remastered runs at 60 frames per second on the regular 3DS with 3D on. It also supports the Circle Pad Pro and second analog nub on the New 3DS. Much like Moon Chronicles, the game offers a wealth of control options, including different button configurations and aim sensitivity adjustments.

Are you going to be picking up the title?


13 thoughts on “Price And Details Revealed For Renegade Kid’s Dementium Remastered”

    1. Well I am. :) Day one for me. I can afford to buy it again and the changes will be great. I remember the issues they mentioned from the original, and I never finished it.

  1. I’ve played both of the Dememtium games on the Nintendo DS system. Horror games were never a game genre I immersed myself in, but I did find myself loving these two games nevertheless. The overall atmosphere gets to me and commonly made me hesitate on proceeding into the next room.

    I hope that, just like with Spike Chunsoft’s Zero Escape series, there’s a third title in the works.

  2. Hate to nit pick but:

    Resident Evil revelations
    Resident Evil mercenaries
    Spirit camera
    Blinding of issac

    There’s 4 right there.

    1. Binding of Isaac and Mercs. are really stretching it though, you’ve got to admit. lol

      But Spirit Camera and RE:R are apt examples.

  3. I found the first one to be pretty mediocre. The sequel, however, feels much more polished, even if the audio department is a bit hit-or-miss. If they manage to at least mitigate the problems the original one had, it could turn out to be pretty good. I hope the sequel gets the same treatment as well, I’d love to replay it again with improved features.

      1. It’s been a while since I last played it, but from what I recall:

        -Lack of enemy variety (improved in the sequel)
        -Simplistic or confusing scenarios and setpieces (I recall one corridor towards the end of the game, surrounded by darkness and filled with those flying enemies. I recall it being annoying to transverse and uninteresting in general)
        -Lack of an interesting story to tie the events up (again, much improved in the sequel)

        I’m speaking about my general feelings towards the game more than any concrete memories about it. I found it to be more of a budget title than anything else, similar to other horror games on the DS from that time (like Dead n’ Furious).

  4. Rogue Master XenoRidley X3

    Ooh! Well I’m interested! Better at least complete half of Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 first, though.

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