Check Out The New Video And (At Times, Racy) Screenshots Of Wii U’s Genei Ibun Roku #FE

We haven’t heard a ton about Wii U exclusive, Genei Ibun Roku #FE due for release in Japan on December 26th and in the West in 2016. However, if you wanted to take a peak at some a video and screenshots of the title, Nintendo released a batch (seen below). The video shows off the “Embodiment of Expressiveness” or the power of “Performa” wielded by the main characters. Okay, we are a little confused too, but everything looks interesting!



    1. Seconding that. They had this awesome idea for a crossover and they decided to drop it to make a Persona game with the fan service and moe shit up to 11, with just a tiny bit of Fire Emblem at all.

      It better be good, at least.

      1. And? Fatal Frame 5 was being made by the people that are obsessed with giant boobs & skimpy clothing yet here we are: it’s censored.

        1. Why does Nintendo always think they have to censor the American versions of racy games? Have they ever played the Witcher 3? Or the Witcher 2, or even the first Witcher? Have they played GTA? Any of them? Mass Effect? These games are not censored. In fact, no western developers censors their games. Nintendo is the only one. This idea that Nintendo has to censor American games is honestly insulting. Did they not learn anything from MK 2 on the SNES?

          1. >>>It’s mainly because American Human parents complained about this in the 90’s that it was bad for the children and so the empire took action, so in other words, blame the parents>>>

  1. Breaking News: Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE is being censored to hell & back because Nintendo of ‘Murica is afraid of seeing girls in bikinis! They also hate public pools & beaches while also screaming at people to “Put some god damn clothes on, you filthy fucking heathens!”

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