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Nintendo Says It Will Never Rename Waluigi

If you’re for some reason not happy with Waluigi‘s name, don’t expect things to change. The official Twitter handle for Nintendo of America playfully replied to a recent @midnight with Chris Hardwick poll that asked if Waluigi should continue to exist in his current form. Nintendo’s response was, “Rename Waluigi? Never gonna happen!” The purple-clothed character debuted in the original Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64 in 2000. He is also featured in the upcoming Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, which hits Wii U on November 20.


69 thoughts on “Nintendo Says It Will Never Rename Waluigi”

    1. I’m happy about Nintendo’s responce but the original question was about his FORM, not his name. I don’t understand what was meant by that or why anyone would care to change his form, but Waluigi is perfect đź‘Ś

          1. The think with Waluigi that people doesn’t understand, its because of the japanese root of his name.
            In the case of Mario/Wario, is not only because the upside down M, its because Wario is a combination between WARUI (“evil” in japanese) and MARIO.
            The thing with Waluigi is actually more understandable when you know this, because Luigi is pronounced RUIGI in japan, WARUI + RUIGI gives WARUIGI.

              1. And never had its own solo game and still stuck on lame ass party games AND among one of the dumbest/worst character designs in video games. Yeah. He’s “popular” alright for the shit circus with idiot monkeys as the audience.

                1. Pointless comment is Pointless. Seriously, I don’t get your problem. You are angry with Nintendo about the Wii U, fine. But why let that anger, that you have for Nintendo as a whole, out on Waluigi? It would have been better, if you just didn’t comment at all…

              2. Here’s a better question, when will Waluigi be fleshed out? Wario has had a couple of his own games, Mario has his own games, Luigi has his own games, heck even Peach and Toad have their own games. Maybe I’m asking too much, but like Waluigi just seems like he’s there to meet status quo. I’d like it if I could have a reason to actually car about the character. He looks interesting enough, he just lacks any substance. He’s a mario character who hasn’t really been fleshed out. Heck we know more about some of the enemies than we do about Waluigi. Waluigi kind of seems like Big the Cat, in the sense that he isn’t really used for much other than side games and doesn’t serve a purpose in any of the main titles.

                  1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                    >>>If you feel you’ve trained hard enough then I can accept your challenge using my 5 weakest characters to test you sometime during Sunday if you want>>>

                    1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                      I’ve started playing regularly with my friend, he’s really good but I can beat him regularly.

                      I feel like you are some MLG smash player but that won’t intimidate me.

                            1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                              It means Major League Gaming. I’m basically trying to say that you are some really amazing smash player. Like Zero, I highly doubt that though.

                              1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                >>>No, I’m a veteran gamer but I’m not in their league, they are the empire’s assassins>>>

                                  1. The issue with Waluigi having his own game is that he has absolutely no backstory in the history of the Mario franchise.

                                    “Waluigi doesn’t care about riches, and joins alongside Wario just for the sake of causing mischief and mayhem.”
                                    Is that really the biography Nintendo decided to go with for him?
                                    Where did he come from?
                                    What is his relationship to Wario?
                                    Why does he choose to be chaotic?
                                    What are his goals and ambitions?

                                    Thousands of questions that have remained unanswered for how long? 15 years?

                                  2. Though he’s not my favorite Mario character, I still like him a lot! He seems like such a fun character and I hope we see a Wario and Waluigi game about the 2 of em that would be cool. And they should seriously make a Mario and Luigi game where both Wario and Waluigi are in them that would be amazing. Seriously don’t know why they didn’t do that yet

                                  3. What is this rename Waluigi name this is so stupid that name is kinda of cool, as Waluigi is an evil character his looks and his nose suppose to look like that just like Wario.
                                    This might sound stupid some people thought Wario is Mario they weren’t looking properly that there is “W” as the first letter and has yellow cap and strange looking moustache.

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                                        2. BTW everyone I hate Rosalina because while I was playing SMG my little sister decided that I HAD to read the book about Rosalina’s backstory, and I think I might have killed some brain cells while barfing. That and Rosalina is in EVERY. SINGLE. GAME. Just like Baby Mario except she has no excuse to be annoying.

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