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Checkpoint Exploit Found In Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker’s recent update finally introduced the checkpoint system that players have been asking for since the games launch. Unfortunately, it’s not without its faults, as users have already found ways of taking advantage of the mechanic.

United States user, Wave has created a level titled “The Wave Warp: Flag Glitch,” which exploits the fact that the checkpoint re-spawns Mario at the base of the flag. By placing the flag on bricks, above an otherwise unreachable area, Wave seemingly forces players to die before beating the level. You can check out the glitch in the video below. If you wanted to play the course yourself, the ID is F171-0000-00D6-D8E9.




1 thought on “Checkpoint Exploit Found In Super Mario Maker”

  1. I don’t see how this is a problem at all….
    Nintendo’s requirement to finish the level both from and without the checkpoint before uploading it saved the day here…. and trolls levels where you can’t win unless you find a super secret secret exist since forever.
    If anything, this exploit just opens the game to the new interesting possibility of creating a whole new (and beatable) level for those who succumbed once after the checkpoint.

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