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Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Website Says It Now Has “Three” New Characters

We reported earlier that the Nintendo of America website for Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash stated that there are five new characters. Well it has been updated once again and states that there are now three. As you know they have already revealed Rosalina, Toadette and Sprixie, so I guess that’s that. Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is due to be released on November 20th. Look out for our review shortly!

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7 thoughts on “Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Website Says It Now Has “Three” New Characters”

  1. If it’s three new characters than I’m sure they mean characters that have never been in a previous Mario Tennis game. Characters like Luma, the babies, and Diddy are possible, but I don’t think they’re included as “new” characters.

  2. It could very well be they didn’t want you to know that there were 5 new characters instead of 3 so they changed it until they announced the other characters.

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