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Minecraft Wii U Supports 4 Players Locally And Eight Players Online

The official Microsoft blog contains a few new details regarding the recently announced Minecraft for the Wii U. The blog states that the long-awaited title supports four players locally and up to eight players online. This means that the game will be on par with the other consoles versions which have proved to be extremely successful.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition will have full play on the GamePad controller’s screen and split-screen play. As with the rest of the versions in Minecraft: Console Edition, it will support four players locally and up to eight players online

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63 thoughts on “Minecraft Wii U Supports 4 Players Locally And Eight Players Online”

    1. Curious to see if Nintendo has asked Microsoft to unlock all the Minecraft features in waves like they did for Mario Maker, in order to avoid Wii U userbase get overwhelmed.

          1. You must not feel like a company you grew up with is treating you like a child who asks “What’s the ‘jump’ button?”.

            And not just you, but their entire user base. They think even those who grew up with the NES and SNES- those who mastered some of their classic games until their fingers bled- feel like they won’t at first know how to place Bowser in a level they create until they know how to place a Goomba.

            The hardcore supporters are getting tired of being treated like babies.

            1. Exactly. I wonder if most of people here skipped NES and SNES generations… There were a bunch of games at that day and age that were brutal — brutal is the word –, but so fun at the same time that made everyone go back to them and go through the learning curve by themselves, without YouTube, game FAQs on internet and etc. By that time, Gaming was so rewarding!

              1. Um The term you’re looking for is “poorly designed” and in some instances “poorly implemented”. Those games were not as difficult as they were (not always at least) out of pure design choice. That was back when they were learning what they could and couldn’t do and refining their craft. Giving an artist time to learn how to work their tools without over stuffing them with every tool possible is not holding your hand, it’s proper design whether you like the choice or not because you are given time to become wiser before you’re given more tools with which to craft your works.

                That is not to say I do not wish for ambiguity and such to return, but do not over romanticize NES games. They were excellent starts, but dear Lord where most of them a steaming pile of… well actually alot of problems we see in modern games today. Broken buggy glitches, some that kept you from finishing the game. SNES was better definitely, but giving players more information is not bad at all.

                1. So is that how kids these days sleep at night knowing they can’t beat the games we played on the NES and Super NES? Saying the games were poorly designed and such?
                  Well we ate those poorly designed games for breakfast and learned how to game when there were 2 buttons and a D pad.
                  Poorly designed… Pfft!!

                  1. Kids thes- Dude I’m 28. And a lot of those old games were genuinely badly designed. I didn’t say they were terrible, but that MOST (as in not all) of the games were unintentionally difficult due to errors than intended design.

                    Again, most of those games, not all of them. By the SNES and Genesis era designers got a way better grasp on what the hell they should be doing, but before then good games were few and far between. And no one ate Silver Surfer, Die Hard, Home Alone, or random game that is not remembered by the masses for good reason for breakfast. Either they played it over and over cause their parents only got them one game every once in a while, or put it down, only coming back to the functioning ones every once in a while to see if they could beat it now that they’re better at gaming in general.

                    1. I slap you in the face with a rubber chicken!
                      Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!
                      If you’re scared to dent your gauntlet in an NES game, get out of the fair!

                                    1. Exactly this.

                                      If things were unlocked via methods like “create a level using 10 Koopas and 3 Lakitus” or “finish 25 levels created by other users” to unlock more tools, THAT would have been entirely acceptable.

                                    2. great your here è.e , thought u were gone for good well anyways can’t take your opinion seriously since your the biggest complainer in this site. also u do realize u can just adjust the time and be done with it right?

                                          1. I find Minecraft extremely boring, but I’m guessing that the crafting will work really well with the gamepad.

                                          2. So let me get this straight….restricted online; so no custom game modes, payed skins and add-on packs, limited world sizes, and it costs more than the PC or Pocket edition that both have full fledged online capabilities, custom free additional content of all kinds and endless worlds?

                                            Why would anyone even bother with this?

                                              1. not everyone customizes their games to the nth degree… People like console gaming and the lack of customization is part of it. Also, people who don’t have gaming as their number one past time or kids who are just having fun with what they have and playing on the big screen don’t care about all that.

                                                1. Yeah. I just have too much to do to baby sit a computer. Maybe it’s not as bad as it used to be, but port-forwarding shit… That was the last straw for me. I could do it, I just didn’t want to.
                                                  I very much enjoy the convenience of funneling developers into a console with a set spec set, and let the manufacturer patch it for me. ;D Lazy? Maybe a little, but I got a life to live!

                                                  1. Agreed… I work in front of a computer all day, I don’t necessarily want to be tinkering around with it for fun as well. Console gaming is just where I am at right now…

                                                  2. While that may be true of some games, Minecraft can run on practically any computer. And I only say practically instead of any cause I’m sure some Dingdong would tell me it can’t run on an Apple 2 lol. There’s no reason for somebody interested to have not picked this up already.

                                                    Quick note on upgrading computers, I have a 5.5 year old non-gaming laptop with zero upgrades and it can run like anything other than AAA titles. Low to lowest quality for them big titles, but no problems with Indie games.

                                                2. I probably shouldn’t be saying this… but I have inside information on who the last 5 characters are, after Cloud’s inclusion.

                                                  “Due to fan demand and the upcoming release of Star Fox Zero on Wii U, Wolf will return as a veteran.”

                                                  “One of Sakurai’s personal favorites from Super Smash Bros. Melee will make a return as well. Young Link is back, and he’s based on his incarnation from Majora’s Mask 3D. His Final Smash is the Fierce Deity, but will retain most of his previous moveset from Melee.”

                                                  “The winner of the Smash Ballot is confirmed to be King K. Rool. Polls from both the West and Japan show that King K. Rool was in fact the leader for several months, way ahead of any other character voted for.”

                                                  “The new Nintendo IP, Splatoon, was so commercially successful worldwide, that Sakurai saw it fitting to include the Inklings while they’re still fresh and trending, as he doesn’t plan on developing a 5th installment for Smash Bros. any time soon, and really wanted to have the character within the game.”

                                                  “The final character to be announced is in fact another 3rd-party fighter. Master Chief from the Halo series makes his landfall onto the Smash battlefield! Nintendo and the team behind Smash Bros. came to an agreement with Microsoft to include their juggernaut mascot within the game. Sakurai’s ultimate wish for the current Smash installment was to include not only Nintendo’s all-stars, but also icons within the gaming industry. Cloud was deliberately revealed before the Smash Broadcast, because Sakurai knew Master Chief would have a bigger impact when finally announced.”

                                                  That’s the scoop. I’m guessing Snake isn’t in because of not only what Kojima said ages ago, but also because of how Konami’s been acting for the past couple of years. Master Chief wouldn’t surprise me to be honest, we’re getting Minecraft for Wii U finally, and I recall Phil Spencer of Xbox said he’d be down for Banjo & Kazooie to appear in Smash, but I guess Master Chief is more iconic over Banjo, so there you go.

                                                  1. If what you say is true, and Master Chef gets into Smash, Commander will not be happy! On the other hand, he could literally smash xbots then!

                                                    1. Young Link isn’t *that* much of a stretch. Personally, I’d prefer that version of Link over Toon Link any day.
                                                      But Master Chief? Heh. No, that won’t be happening. And last I checked, King K. Rool did not win the Smash ballot. Could be wrong, since there was a fan ballot going on around the same time and I could be thinking of the fan one. It’ll probably be either Shantae or Shovel Knight, both extremely popular votes.

                                                  2. A bit too late to capitalize on the hype for this DEAD console now. But hey, at least now those lying pricks making Ucraft ripoff/scam won’t be seeing it’s light of day now which reminds me: Are those scamming fuckers of Ucraft returning all of the money back since not only the game project was doomed from the start but they pretty much the exposed themselves of lying about Kickstarter’s “Wii U exclusive fund raising needs” lie?

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