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Japan: Final Fantasy VI Advance Coming To Wii U Virtual Console

Japanese Wii U owners have something to be excited about this morning as the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy VI Advance for the Game Boy Advance is heading to the Wii U Virtual Console. The JRPG will launch on the service sometime next week and will cost 702 Yen.


13 thoughts on “Japan: Final Fantasy VI Advance Coming To Wii U Virtual Console”

          1. I played it at a friend’s house back in college. I put it in my to ten games probably. And wound buy it for sure. And I am hoping against hope that the remake comes to the Wii U or NX. ( I’m not a spec go so I don’t want any lectures on the Wii U not being able to handle it if it can’t, for those of you who might jump down my throat)

  1. I’ve tried it on many occasions, but I can never get over the intro. I’ve heard many say its the best (I still prefer 7) but I might give it a go again if it comes over (for Wii U)

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