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Recent Nintendo France Sales Data Published

We have finally received some sales data from Nintendo France regarding recent Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software that has been released in the region. What’s very interesting is Splatoon is the second most popular game on the Wii U and is just behind Mario Kart 8 with regards to sales. Here’s the sales data that has handily been provided

  • Splatoon: 280k (second most popular game on Wii U, behind MK8)
  • Super Mario Maker: 145k
  • Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward: 100k
  • Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer: 220k
  • Animal Crossing amiibo cards: ~200k
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X: 40k

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10 thoughts on “Recent Nintendo France Sales Data Published”

  1. considering the wii U is not well advertise in France and the price of the games are way more expensive than UK. The numbers don’t seems bad at all. Saying that I was expect the number to be around 300K-500K.

    1. Are you sure? Almost certain the UK is more expensive than France, as far as games go. Might be wrong though, of course, so feel free to correct me.

      1. From my experience the games are more expensive in France, games (new and not 2nd hand) in France are on average between 35€ (£25) to 70€ ( £52).

        In UK games are between 27€ (£19.99) and 60.75€ (£45). In general you save between 7€ to 10€ depend on the game and when you buy it.

        Saying I can give you an example where a game in UK is way more expensive than France. FF13-3 is 18€ in France whereas in UK you will pay 44.5€.

        1. Interesting! I just checked on Amazon France and UK, and it really seems to differ from game to game. Consoles seem to be cheaper in France though, from what I was able to tell.

  2. I see Happy Home Designer and Animal Crossing cards on the list. But no Amiibo Festival, which proves me right: Making that instead of another core AC game on Wii U is a hugely stupid ass move.

      1. Because that game sucks ass and it’s a huge waste of development money and time while they could’ve just make one new fucking AC game for the Wii U instead of making a “build-a-house” 3DS spin-off and a Mario Party 10 ripoff on Wii U.

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