Sakurai Thought There Were Too Many Fire Emblem Characters In Smash Bros Even Before Corrin

If you think there are too many Fire Emblem characters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, you’re not the only one. The creator and director of the fighting game series himself, Masahiro Sakurai, thought that was the case even before he decided to add Corrin to the roster of playable characters. Corrin is the sixth Fire Emblem character to be featured in Super Smash Bros. – and he is considered the eighth by those who count his and Robin’s female versions. He will be available as paid downloadable content sometime in February 2016.



  1. You cannot count Robin and Corrin’s female versions as separate characters. They are literally the exact same character in the exact same character slot, they’re just costumes. And I agree with Sergio, you neglected to include the crucial detail of why Corrin made it in.

  2. People consider Corrin to be the eighth character?…

    Man, people sure are dense. I guess we technically have 2 Wario characters since he has two costumes.
    Oh, and we also have 2 Pikmin representatives. Because Olimar has an Alph costume.
    Same with Wii Fit Trainer, and Little Mac, and… gah.

    Yeah, sorry, that’s not how it works.
    Alt costumes don’t count as seperate characers.. *sigh*

    1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

      Fellow developers are apparently more important than the people actually paying for his product. I wonder if he’d add Ridley if someone in a high position in the Metroid franchise talked him into adding him. lol

    2. Sakurai is a self-entitled Fire Emblem fan, I very believe that this factor made him persist in Corrin.

      But you know what, I’m totally fine about all this question, yes, Fire Emblem has 6 characters now, but still is not overrepresented more than Pokémon and Zelda if we count the rest of the material such as stages, music, items, assist trophies and Smash Run enemies.

      About K. Rool and Krystal, they simply didn’t won the Ballot like Bayonetta did, in fact, Bayonetta was even more voted than fighters from previous games (which makes me extra happy, I would hate to see the Ballot putting an old character in this game after Mewtwo, Lucas and freaking Roy). I mean, the ballot was never an election but more a suggestion box, what happened is that Bayonetta became the most popular suggestion.

  3. And that goes to show it’s not always his decision which characters get added, im sure Nintendo forced him to do so to get people to acknowledge the new fire emblem game coming next year, it’s fine by me i wanted King K Rool to be added, but any addition is better than none….

  4. This article is small and pathetic. No quotes directly from Sakurai? A tweet as your main source? How lazy can you actually get? This comment actually has more sentences than the actual article. That’s just sad.

  5. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

    Come on, alba. We know you can do better than this. Where’s the other info others have said was left out of this article?

  6. I happen to agree. Honestly there are too many Fire Emblem characters in Smash now. Corrin isn’t even that well known compared to characters like K Rool or Star Wolf. Too much Fire Emblem and not enough (none) Banjo =(

    1. Are people really that innocent believing that Sakurai would manage to bring Banjo? I understand he was a huge deal, but now he is owned by Microsoft, which competes with Nintendo in the gaming hardware market. Even if possible, Microsoft indeed would establish some pretty crazy guidelines.

        1. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

          I’d love more sharing between Sony, Microsoft, & Nintendo when it comes to either software or sharing IPs for stuff like crossovers & DLC costumes/stages/characters. It would put a stop to some of the console warring bullshit. That & I’d love to see how Commander would flip out since he now has it in his head that Sony is just as bad as Microsoft over a little thing as the US military using some of Sony’s tech for stuff. lol

  7. Again, the real problem: Every one of them is a sword fighter.

    Are there ones that function in a distinct, cool way? Absolutely. Should their inclusion be outright banned in all future Smash games? Certainly not. However, any sword user from here on out should also represent a different character type that makes for new mechanics. I say keep Marth (Standard), Robin (Magic) and Corrin (Transformations) and introduce an axe wielder and lance wielder. That weapon trifecta is a key part of FE’s identity, so it’s odd that only swords have made it. I’m open to Ike, who’s just fun to use, but slimming the roster is our goal here.

    1. We are well past this point now, but, if Sakurai had put Chrom in like it was expected, he *could* have used lances and spears like he could as a great lord in Awakening. That also would have made him an FE fighter with a ranged attack, which so far only Robin has (unless I missed something from Corrin’s trailer).

      Too late now though- I don’t want Chrom anymore now that there are already 6 FE fighters while other franchises don’t even have a second or third fighter yet.

    2. Jaded Ridley X3 {I'm not whining, you suckers... *cough* ..poor souls! I've just been driven insane by Nintendo failing me one too many times this gen!} says:

      I’m a huge swordfighter fan & I don’t agree with the exaggeration that there are too many swordfighters, because there’s only around 10 out of a roster of nearly 60 characters, but you’re right. Why does every character from Fire Emblem have to use a bloody sword?

    1. The difference is that Mario Bros. is Nintendo’s flagship franchise in which nearly every character chosen for Smash is iconic. You can’t say that about Fire Emblem, a series that not only has games and characters that have never been released outside of Japan but was also on the verge of death until Awakening saved it.

      1. You can’t say the same about Daisy and freaking Waluigi, two character that only appear in spinoffs and people treating them as incredibly original characters. At least, Daisy debuted in Super Mario Land as the damsel in distress instead of Peach, sadly, Nintendo never thought about expanding Sarasaland. Waluigi is my most hated character in all video games history, a place holder character for Mario Tennis in N64 and somehow this bastard managed to become popular, but only because Nintendo shoveled him all over the place in Mario spinoffs.

        1. There’s more to Waluigi than him being a lanky Luigi wannabe, you know. Were you aware that, in Japanese, Waluigi literally translates as “someone who is bad” in English? His creators poured more thought into him than people give them credit for.

          1. So why the f*** he debuted as a place holder in Maio Tennis for N64? If his creators really poured this more into him, why he still is a character present in the spinoffs?

            In other hand, Daisy could be a better explored character, since he came from a canon Mario game, Super Mario Land, she has her own kingdom, with its own citizens and its own enemy force. Sadly, they never expanded this concept.

        2. Sadly, there are more people that hate Daisy more than Waluigi. Bring her up on sites like 4Chan or Reddit and you’ll be laughed at. And of course they put Waluigi on a high pedestal because he’s funny and “not as annoying” as Daisy.

      1. Mmmm not quite, good sir. Fire Emblem might not have been a heavy hitter at first, but it gets a lot of attention now. And it’s certainly not dead- it would have been if Awakening failed, though.

          1. I do not disagree on that at all. F-Zero NEEDS a new game. GX is my favorite game ever but it’s been 12 years going on 13. FAST Racing NEO is scratching that itch Nintendo has neglected all this time, but I would not hesitate to see that series have the glorious return it desperately deserves.

            Metroid’s situation requires a 5 page essay for me to explain, and frankly, I am tired of reiterating it.

  8. I mean, I have never played Fire Emblem myself, but I guess it must be a good game…

    I’ll be over here waiting for the next Smash Bros game where maybe they choose to add in characters that more people can connect with. I mean, some of Nintendo’s own franchises are only being represented by a single character.

  9. Well of course there is and quite frankly, not a majority of fans gives a fuck about FE. Where’s Krystal, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool, Paper Mario, Wolf, you know? Characters that actually fucking matter more throughout the years.

  10. I totally agree. They’re all swordsmen except Robin, who also has magic. How about more Sonic characters or Mega Man characters? Geez lol

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